For all you Bugs Bunny fans out there, a treat awaits you. The Air Jordan 6 Hare is finally set to release on the 12th of June for $190. Keep reading to know all about its release and resale details!

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It’s not the first time Nike is making a sneaker with the theme of everyone’s favorite bunny. It may be a strange sneaker to some but for others, it may very well be a master piece.

As always, let’s get into a bit of history with the Air Jordan 6 to know what sets this sneaker apart.

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Air Jordan 6/History

Air Jordan 6 History


The Air Jordan 6 was a special sneaker especially to Michael Jordan himself. It was the sneaker he wore when he played for his first title and also when he first won the NBA MVP.

Once again, designed by Tinker Hatfield, he made sure this shoe was unique in its own way. Michael Jordan stated that he wanted a clean toe, thus Hatfield came up with a special design.

The surrounding toe area was reinforced, making the Air Jordan 6 one of a kind at the time. Also, MJ had problems fitting into the previous models so Hatfield made other adjustments as well.

He made a “Spoiler” which has extra holes on the tongue and a loop at the rear. It also had a clear rubber sole, being the second model to feature one. Finally, it also had a better sole with improved traction to prevent slips.

The Air Jordan 6 came out in 1991 with 5 original colorways and sold for $125. The Air Jordan 6 kept releasing every year including the defining moments pack in 2005 and then a Defining Moments pack 2020.

The legacy continues to this day, with some pairs being very profitable to resell.

Nike Hare/What’s up Doc?

Air Jordan 7 Hare Bugs Bunny


In 1996, the highly reviewed Space Jam movie released featuring the cartoon characters and Michael Jordan. The movie was about Bugs Bunny’s team beating the villains along with Michael Jordan.

The film was a hit and it gave Jordan brand the idea of making Bugs Bunny themed sneakers. They would usually call it “Hare” and it was received well by sneaker-heads and collectors alike.

Various Air Jordan silhouettes since have featured Bugs Bunny. Such as the air Jordan 1 Hare which released back in 2017. The OG however, was the Air Jordan 7 Hare (1992).

It retailed for $125 but now resales now for over $350. It rocks a very similar color tone (White/Light Silver/True Red) and has a very similar over all look.

Let’s look at a few similar sneakers to the Air Jordan 6 Hare to estimate its resale value.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Hare

Air Jordan 1 Retro Hare 2015Air Jordan 1 Retro Hare 2015

Retail Price: $125

Peak Resell: $347

Release Date: 04/04/2015

Colorway: White/True Red/Light Silver-Black

This sneaker rocks the same color tone as the Air Jordan 6 Hare. It has a White and light silver upper with red highlights along the collar. A white “Swoosh” and a “True-Red” tongue.

The sneaker also has a White mid-sole atop a red out-sole to finish off the design. Over-all, a pretty neat looking shoe.

According to StockX, the trade range is between $223-$227 with the average price being $203. That’s an average profit of $78 per pair before taxes and service fees.

Had you sold these at their peak resell values, profit would have been around $222. That’s decent over all resale value however, the Air Jordan 1s always resell well.

Let’s look at some more similar silhouettes to make a more accurate estimate.

Air Jordan 6 Retro Alternate Hare

Air Jordan 6 Retro Alternate HareAir Jordan 6 Retro Alternate Hare

Retail Price: $190

Peak Resell: $350

Release Date: 03/11/2017

Colorway: White/Gym Red/Pure Platinum

This sneaker also rocks a very similar tone to the Air Jordan 6 Hare however, with also a similar silhouette. The Red is also darker with an Air unit on the heel.

According to StockX, the trade range is between $222-$298 with the average price being $217. The pattern of sales shows that these sneakers have been increasing in value over time. Thus only recently being sold for profits.

Had you sold these at peak resale, profit would have been $160 before tax and service fee. That’s not too good resale value but it can earn you some lunch money.

Air Jordan 7 Retro Hare

Jordan 7 Retro Hare 2015Jordan 7 Retro Hare 2015

Retail Price: $190

Peak Resell: $399

Release Date: 05/16/2015

Colorway: White/True Red/Light Silver

Another very similar color tone and silhouette to the Air Jordan 6 Hare. This shares a similar design except for some minor differences such as the Air unit on the heel.

According to StockX trade range is between $267-$323 with the average price being $223. These sneakers have also seen an increase in value and have only just become profitable.

Had you sold these at peak resale value, profit would have been $209. On average, you’re still getting very small amounts of profits with these sneakers.

Air Jordan 6 Hare

Air Jordan 6 Hare 1Air Jordan 6 Hare 1

Via sneakerbardetroit

Retail Price: $190

Estimated Resell: $235+

Release Date: 06/12/2020

Colorway: Neutral Grey/ True Red/White

The Air Jordan 6 Hare comes in a very similar color tone and style to the Air Jordan 6 alternate Hare. The Hare first made its debut with the Air Jordan 7 along with their first ad with Bugs Bunny.

Firstly, the box it comes in is quite special. It’s an all-white box with “Jordan” branding on the side and other black hits all around. Most notably, there’s a Bugs Bunny themed carrot on the front side.

The Air Jordan 6 Hare features clean white overlays and light grey underlays. Similar to the previous models. It has a translucent tongue and also the famous “Hare” print.

The shoe also features white laces, a carrot themed lace lock, carrot lining and interior. Infrared accents throughout the rubber out-sole finishes off the design.

Air Jordan 6 Hare 2

Air Jordan 6 Hare 3

Air Jordan 6 Hare 4



Air Jordan 6 Hare 5 1

Air Jordan 6 Hare 6

Air Jordan 6 Hare 6

Resale Value

The Air Jordan “Hare” colorway hasn’t been doing too well on the resale side in the past. Recently however, hype and demand for them have finally increased which is reflected in their current resale values.

They won’t earn you sky high profits but you probably won’t lose money on them either. According to StockX, the average price is $260 which will likely drop to around $235 after release date.

Air Jordan 6 Hair StockX Resale


Via StockX

As you can see, they’ve been sold for as high as $575. That’s a profit of $385 before tax and service fees.

To get your money back after a standard tax rate and service fee, you’ll need to sell for around $227. Thus you’re looking at profits of around $10 which is just lunch money. Enough to buy some carrots maybe?

Where to Cop

You can cop these off select Jordan brand stores and for $190 on June 12th.

These may not be as hard to cop as say a Travis Scott collaboration. However, still be on you’re a game as they may sell out fast.

If you fail to cop, there’s always re-seller websites such as StockX.


Air Jordan 6 Hare

Retail Price: $190

Estimated Resell: $235+

Release date: 06/12/2020

Where to cop: (Retail) NIKE.COM, Select Jordan retailers

                          (Resale) STOCKX

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