Learn about the Nike Air Jordan Mushroom history, resale details, fake vs real, and more in this full guide.

The Nike Air Jordans exist because Michael Jordan refused to sign with Nike. Jordan was more interested in signing with Converse̵7;s Check Taylor since it was his favorite shoe, and this would’ve happened if Jordan’s family didn’t intervene.

We will be diving deep into Air Jordan 1 Mushroom that was released in 2019 at a retail price of  $145.

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Air Jordan x Nike History

Letter DunkCompetition
Jordan with his first AJ1 and the ban letter for AJ 1

Air Jordan 1’s are one of the most remarkable sneakers in history. Air Jordans wouldn’t exist if Michael Jordan didn’t refuse to sign the deal with Nike. Nike went the extra mile and approached Michael Jordan’s parents who then dragged Michael Jordon to Nike’s campus in Beaverton, Oregon.

Nike was ready with a presentation and they planned a whole brand around Jordan, but Jordan was not convinced because he thought the soles are too thick and that he can’t feel the court.  It was a minor adjustment for Nike to make and then the Air Jordan 1 was born.

The legendary Peter C. Moore was given the task to design the first Air Jordan 1 and the rookie also gave some directions to Peter Moore that the shoe needs to be “different” and “Exciting”.

The first Air Jordan 1 was featured in red and black and were also known as the “Banned” colorway. They were called banned because they broke the NBA league uniform rules. The ban led to a $5000 fine per game.

Air Jordan 1 High Mushroom

Retail Price: $145

Resell Value: $450

Release Date: Tuesday, July 29th, 2019

Colorway: Black/Fossil-Pale Ivory-Mushroom

Nike Air Jordan 1
Nike Air Jordan 1 Mushroom

The Nike Air Jordan 1 High Mushroom was released in 2019 with neutral, earthly tones with some classic touch from the 1985 model. This sneaker was a two-pack deal that also included the Air Jordan’s 4 with the same colorway. Reviving the 80’s.

The AJ 1 Mushroom is a soft and smoother take on the Jumpman’s iconic sneaker. The upper is constructed with beige leather panels with contrasting black accents on the toe box, heels, tongue, and the swoosh.

Below we find the iconic Air midsole perfectly fitted for comfort and an ice blue rubber outsole that completes the look giving it a very summerish touch.

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Jordan 1 High Mushroom AH7389 003 w900.jpg
AJ 1 Mushroom Side View – Nike
Jordan 1 High Mushroom AH7389 003 middle w900.jpg
AJ 1 Mushroom Top View – Nike
Jordan 1 High Mushroom AH7389 003 back w900.jpg
AJ 1 Mushroom Back View – Nike

Estimated Resell value

The Air Jordan Mushroom was loved by many sneakerheads and still has good resell price. If we head over to StockX, we can see that AJ1 Mushroom is still going for $400+ on average.

Screen Shot 2021 10 23 at 11.50.55 PM
AJ 1 Mushroom current resale price is around $400+

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the Air Jordon 1 from the aftermarket like StockX and Goat.

For the latest releases of Air Jordan 1, you can check out the Nike SNRKS app.

Real vs Fake

shape air jordan 1 real vs fake
Bulkiness difference – Via Legit checking app

It is incredibly easy to copy items and manufacture false replicas in today’s period, and sometimes they are so brilliant that you can rarely tell the difference. The same may be said about sneakers and especially about big brands like Nike. Everybody wants to replicate big brands products because they always sell.

How check if your Air Jordan’s are original?

  • Keep an eye out for minute features and compare them to authentic pictures.
  • Make sure the AirJordan 1 have an Hour Glass shape from the back
  • Make sure the printing and sewing are of good quality.
  • Look for genuine materials in the footwear.
  • Check for bulkiness. As shown in the picture above.

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