Discover the hottest Purple Jordan 11 sneakers throughout the brand’s history, a future potential hit, and their resale values

The Air Jordan 11 was released as one of the most hyped Air Jordans ever, following the 1, 3, and 4. The Purple Jordan 11 colorways are possibly one of the most sought after and today, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular purple concept/future and current colorways of the Air Jordan 11!

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Before we take a closer look at these Air Jordan 11s, let me walk you through a bit of the silhouette’s history.

Air Jordan 11 History

Michael Jordan in 1996 During the All-Star Game
Michael Jordan during the All-Star Game of 1996 wearing a pair of Air Jordan 11

The Air Jordan 11, although 10 sneakers away from being the original, has quite a bit of history behind it.

They were released in 1995 after Michael Jordan returned from his first retirement. The sneaker was also worn when MJ won his 4th championship in the NBA.

Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan 11 was inspired by the shape and body of a shiny car. This is reflected onto the lux patent leather seen on most Jordan 11s.

Today, the sneaker is quite popular and frequently sells out as well, not to mention that it also resells for decent profits for resellers.

One of the most hyped iterations are the purple Air Jordan 11s but unfortunately, a pure ‘Court Purple’ colorway is yet to be released.

Air Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet

  • Retail Price: $190
  • Estimated Resell: $270+
  • Release Date: April 2022
  • Colorway: White/Pure Violet-White
  • Style Code: AH7860-101
air jordan 11 pure violet purple jordan 11
Air Jordan 11 Pure Violet Mock Up

Releasing in 2022, this Air Jordan 11 features pastel hues that are likely fitting of a women’s exclusive, and very well might be.

The upper is expected to feature white leather with ropey laces and light violet sock liners that complement the patent leather mudguards.

White midsoles and matching “Pure Violet” outsoles finish off the look.

I expect decent resale for these sneakers, likely close to $70 in profits.

Purple Air Jordan 11 Little Flex Court Purple (TD)

  • Retail Price: $55
  • Average Resell: $65
  • Release Date: Saturday, 12th January 2019
  • Style Code: BQ7102-005
Purple Jordan 11 TD and PS Sizes
Purple Air Jordan 11 Little Flex Side View

There really aren’t many, if any, Purple Air Jordan 11s, however, there is one in TD and PS sizes known as the Jordan 11 Little Flex Court Purple.

This sneaker features a black upper with patent leather court purple mudguards, white Jump-Man branding, white midsoles, and outsoles.

These are reselling for around $10 over their resale prices. It’s unfortunate that nothing like this is actually on the market.

However, there are plenty of concepts out there that really make us wish that they were real.

Court Purple Jordan 11 Concept

air jordan 11 court purple concept house of heat min 1 min purple jordan 11
Air Jordan 11 Court Purple Concept

From the House of Heat, this Air Jordan 11 features an iconic ‘Court Purple’ colorway that looks good on any Air Jordan sneaker. This one in particular features an all-purple design with mesh/canvas on the upper half of the side panels.

Heel overlays feature a darker leather, not quite patent but still pretty smooth. This region is contrasted by a white Jump-Man logo as well as some additional branding on the heels that are barely visible.

Mudguards feature a darker purple patent leather while matching laces and contrasting white outsoles finish off the design.

Hopefully, Jordan Brand notices this and implements it very soon, we’re sure it’s going to fly off shelves if they do.

Real Vs Fake | Air Jordan 11

Just to be sure in case you don’t know, there are no Court Purple Air Jordan 11s, nor are there any pure purple Air Jordan 11s out there…yet.

So if you spot a pair, they’re most likely fake. For other signs on whether a Jordan 11 is fake or not, check the following:

  • Inspect the Jump-Man logo on the side for discrepancies
  • Check the print behind the shoelaces. A red flag is when they’re colored differently on each sneaker
  • Assess the shape and compare it with an original from the rear. If it’s too thick, it might be a fake
  • Fakes either have overinflated or underinflated toe boxes (Too big or too small).
  • Authentic Jordan 11s have a lower shine than fake ones on their patent leather material

For now, a purely Purple Air Jordan 11 is fiction, but let’s not let that stop us from hoping that one day Jordan Brand likely will release a pair.

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Mohammad Yousaf

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