Welcome to our latest article, where we explore the top 5 most expensive Nike SB sneakers ever. For sneaker resellers, staying updated on market values is key. These five sneakers have consistently fetched high prices and offered substantial profits. Whether you̵7;re a collector or a reseller in search of your next big opportunity, keep an eye on these sneakers.

History of Expensive Nike SB

In 2002, Nike introduced Nike SB, or Nike Skateboarding, in response to the surging popularity of skateboarding. This sub-brand was dedicated to offering skateboarders durable and fashionable high-performance footwear, reflecting the sport’s significance in both athletic and cultural realms.

The inaugural Nike SB release was the Dunk SB, an adaptation of the 1985 Nike Dunk. This revamped version featured a Zoom Air insole for enhanced cushioning and a sturdier construction to withstand the demands of skateboarding.

Over the years, Nike SB continued to innovate and collaborate with prominent skateboarders, artists, and brands. Significant releases include the Koston, Janoski, Blazer low, and Paul Rodriguez signature lines. These sneakers gained rapid popularity among sneaker enthusiasts, collectors, and the skateboarding community due to their combination of performance and style.

History Of Expensive Nike SB

Nike SB also ventured into limited-edition collaborations with businesses and artists, resulting in highly sought-after releases like the Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low and the Diamond Supply Co x Nike Dunk SB “Tiffany.” Beyond sneakers, Nike SB expanded its offerings to include apparel and accessories, often featuring bold graphics and colors influenced by skateboarding culture.

Overall, Nike SB has left a significant imprint on skate boarding’s culture and aesthetics. Its commitment to crafting high-performance footwear and partnerships with influential figures in the skateboarding world has earned it a dedicated following among skateboarders and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

Diamond Supply Co x Nike Dunk SB “Tiffany”

  • Retail Price: $65
  • Average Resell Price: $2,721
  • Colorway: Aqua, Chrome
  • Release Date: Monday, August 1, 2005
  • Style Code: 304292-402
Diamond Supply Co X Nike Dunk SB _Tiffany

Along with Stüssy, Real Skateboards, Alien Workshop, and Hunter Muraira, Nike SB recruited Nick Tershay, nicknamed Nicky Diamonds, of Diamond Supply Co. to be a part of the “Team Manager” series in 2005. Tershay was commissioned to create an SB Dunk Low by Diamond Supply in 2005 after the company had already established itself as a top skate and lifestyle brand. The outcome: a classic pair that some people consider to be the most gorgeous Nike SB Dunk Lows ever.

Tershay referred to his SB Dunk as the most touted and opulent sneaker at the time since it was covered in crocodile embossed leather and had colorful panels reminiscent of Tiffany Blue. A glossy silver Swoosh stands out against the blue panels and black crocodile trim. The Diamond Supply Co. diamond emblem is also shown on the tongue tag. The pair had an impact on Nike SB enough for them to collaborate with Tershay again in 2013 on a high-top version of the same “Tiffany” Dunk, and again in 2018 on three new colors with the same patterns.

Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Black Cement (2002)

  • Retail Price: $65
  • Average Resell Price: $4,574
  • Colorway: Black, Black Cement Gray
  • Release Date: Sunday, September 1, 2002
  • Style Code: 304292-131
Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Black Cement 2002

No store does it better than New York’s Supreme when it comes to generating demand for items, yet when the Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low “Black Cement” launched, there wasn’t any public outrage or events involving the police. Releases of sneakers were significantly easier in 2002. In reality, because they weren’t as popular, collaborations like the Supreme Nike SB Dunks weren’t as prevalent. Because Tokyo and New York City were the only places where Supreme had stores at the time, the 500 pairs that were produced there could only be found there.

It goes without saying that the Air Jordan 3 served as inspiration for Supreme’s rendition of the Nike Dunk Low. In retrospect, it’s not surprising that the “Black Cement” Supreme Dunk Low is one of the most sought-after shoes to ever come from Nike Skateboarding because of the iconic elements strikingly similar to the AJ3—the black leather upper wrapped in Elephant Print and accented in red, along with the Black/Black-Cement Grey official colorway.

The SB Dunk collaboration with Nike SB was the first time Supreme officially collaborated on a shoe, and at the time, Nike SB Dunks were beneath the radar of most sneakerheads because they were designed for skating, even if Supreme may be renowned today for their extravagant and hyped collaborations. Due to their restricted availability and the fact that many were worn and skated, the Supreme x Nike Dunk SB Low “Black Cement” is out of reach for many collectors.

Nike Dunk SB “Freddy Krueger”

  • Retail Price: N/A
  • Average Resell Price: $23,500
  • Colorway: Taupe, Chrome
  • Release Date: Monday, January 1, 2007
  • Style Code: 313170-202
Nike Dunk SB Freddy Krueger

With the Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Freddy Krueger,’ Nike pays tribute to the villain that haunts the Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise. Freddy’s signature striped sweater is replicated on the low-tops two-tone textile base, while blood splatters stain the beige leather overlays. A metallic silver Swoosh gives the nod to the razor-sharp blades that extend from Freddy’s leather glove. This Dunk was never officially released to the public and only existed in sample form.

One of the reasons the “Freddy Krueger” Dunk SBs are so expensive is because of their limited release. Only 5,000 pairs were made, making them highly sought-after by collectors. Additionally, the shoe was a part of the “Horror Pack” which also included the “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Jason Voorhees” Dunk SBs, all three shoes were highly limited and all three shoes are now considered highly valuable and rare.

The “Freddy Krueger” Dunk SB’s steep price is driven by its cultural significance. Launched during the peak of the early 2000s “sneakerhead” trend, it’s now an icon of that era, cherished by sneaker enthusiasts willing to pay a premium for this piece of history. In summary, the Nike Dunk SB “Freddy Krueger” is a coveted, limited-release shoe, celebrated for its cultural importance and rarity, which ultimately justifies its high price and status as a top skate shoe.

Nike SB Dunk Low Staple NYC “Pigeon”

  • Retail Price: $200
  • Average Resell Price: ~$10,000+ (very few sales)
  • Colorway: Medium Gray, White, Dark Gray
  • Release Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2005
  • Style Code: 304292-011
Nike SB Dunk Low Staple NYC _Pigeon

The Jeff Staple-designed Nike SB Dunk Low NYC Pigeon ranks among the wackiest sneaker launches. Back in 2005, when the Pigeon Dunks first became available, Jeff Staple’s Lower East Side store Reed Space saw queues forming outside.

The gathering had become so large by the time release day arrived that New York City police had to be sent in to maintain order and make sure those who had purchased could travel home safely. The Pigeon Dunk release was featured on the first page of the New York Daily News the next day as a result of all the attention.

The Pigeon SB Dunk is one of the most well-known Nike SB releases ever, and even without the exclusivity, the colorway is one of the greatest. There were only 150 pairs made. The Dunk Low, which was designed to resemble the bird that is most frequently spotted in New York City, is officially described as Medium Grey/White-Dark Grey.

However, the combination of grey on the upper, a white Swoosh, an orange outsole resembling a pigeon’s foot, and the stitched-in pigeon on the heel make this colorway one that every sneaker enthusiast would like to own. The Nike SB Dunk Low NYC Pigeon launched a lengthy series of prosperous sneakers by NYC’s Jeff Staple that were inspired by pigeons and not only helped revitalize Nike Skateboarding in 2005.

Nike Dunk SB “Paris”

  • Retail Price: $60
  • Average Resell Price: $19,835
  • Colorway: Rope, Special Cardinal
  • Release Date: Friday, March 1, 2002
  • Style Code: 308270-111
Nike Dunk SB _Paris

In 2003, Nike SB produced a series of highly limited Dunk colors for the tour’s host cities as part of the company’s touring White Dunk Exhibition. With a brown suede base and canvas overlays printed with the artwork of French painter Bernard Buffet, this pair pays homage to Paris. The ‘Paris’ Dunk is unique in that no two pairs are precisely the same in addition to a supposed manufacturing run cap of 202 pairs.

The Nike Dunk SB “Paris” is a highly sought-after and expensive sneaker that was released in 2005 as part of a collaboration between Nike and French sneaker and streetwear boutique La MJC. The shoe features a black and gold colorway inspired by the city of Paris and was made available in limited quantities.

One of the reasons that the “Paris” Dunk SB is so expensive is its limited release. As a collaboration with a boutique, only a small number of pairs were made available to the public, making it highly desirable for sneaker collectors and resellers. Additionally, its European influence – being designed by a French boutique- and the cultural significance of Paris made it a unique and exclusive release.

Another reason for its expense is the shoes’ colorway; the black and gold colors give it a luxurious look and feel, making it highly desirable. The materials used to construct the Nike SB shoes are of premium quality and durability, which also adds to its value.

In summary, the “Paris” Dunk SB’s limited release, cultural significance, premium materials, and unique colorway are some of the reasons why it is considered one of the most expensive and sought-after Nike SB sneakers ever. Its value is likely to continue to increase over time as it becomes rare and harder to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a regular Nike shoe and one made for skateboarding?

The primary distinction lies in the construction of a skateboarding shoe, designed to endure the demands of the sport. These shoes often incorporate features like a Zoom Air insole for enhanced cushioning.

How can I tell if a shoe is a limited edition release?

Limited edition shoes will often have a lower release quantity and may have special branding or collaborations with artists or other brands. They can also have unique colorways or materials.

Can I wear these shoes for activities other than skateboarding?

While these shoes are designed with Skateboarding in mind, they can also be worn for casual or fashion purposes.

How can I tell if a shoe is authentic?

You can check for certain details such as correct branding, packaging, and any holographic authenticity stickers. You can also purchase from authorized retailers.

How do I properly care for my shoes?

Proper care includes keeping them clean, avoiding excessive wear and tear, and storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You should also rotate them with other shoes to prevent overuse.

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