The CLOT x Nike Dunk High promises to make your ensemble shine, quite literally! While winter months are on their way, these glitzy and gleaming shoes are prepping us for some festivities. December is the month to shine and sparkle; with these metallic silver sneakers, you are ready to up your sneaker game.

Nike is no stranger to Edison Chen’s CLOT; this time, they are back together for an exciting sneaker release. The duo has hit some jazz and glitter; we are not complaining. Fans are elated, and you’ll soon know why. The two fashion icons released the dominant shoe on March 18th, 2022, for a retail price of $150. The weekend elevated the party mode with a tinge of flash and allowed the ensembles to sass up.

Our sneaker connoisseur is here with all deets of the shoe and how it faired in the secondary market. Stick around to know it all.

The history of CLOT x Nike Dunk High:

Fashion label CLOT was founded in 2003 and, since then, has believed in pushing creativity and testing limitations. The brainchild of Edison Chen led the brand to become the most revered streetwear. A fashion mogul focused on unique packaging, which cropped up as an added advantage to sneakerheads.

CLOT collaborated with Nike multiple times in 2021, flaunting some intricate design ethos and swiftly bridging the street fashion culture of East and West across the globe. In 2022, CLOT collaborated with Nike for a Dunk High iteration paying homage to the philosophy of harmony.

Before getting into the details of CLOT x Nike Dunk High, let’s look into some bits of CLOT x Nike Air Force 1.

CLOT x Air Force 1 ‘Royal University Blue Silk’

Retail Price: $100
Average Resell: $290
Release Date: November 11th, 2019
Colorway: Royal Blue University Blue Silk
Style Code: CJ5290-400

CLOT x Nike Air Force 1

A Closer Look at the University Blue Silk:

The Edison Chen label presents this royal blue hue that makes the shoe look extravagant at first glance. The CLOT x Air Force 1 ‘Royal University Blue Silk’ is greatly inspired by the Yin and Yang concept; it also features different layers on the sneaker upper.

A globally recognized Swoosh trademark is stamped on the side of the shoe. Layered beautifully with luxe silk and leather to strike a balance between internalism and externalism. CLOT signals a message ‘beauty can be found on the inside and outside’. The tearaway upper can peel away to reveal a grey layer underneath, which is hidden from the surface.

Nike x CLOT Air Force 1 Blue Silk

The shoe construction includes a white air sole unit that contrasts a gum outsole, giving out a contrasting touch. While the sneaker is wrapped in bright blue overall, it etches an all-over print which is noticeable even from afar.

Banked a fairly reasonable resale value, the shoe deserved more with its shiny and unique materials. The shoes’ radiant aesthetics are marked by a remarkable retro basketball sneaker.

CLOT x Nike Dunk High ‘Flux’

Retail Price: $150
Average Resell: $150
Release Date: March 18th, 2022
Colorway: Metallic Silver/White
Style Code: DH4444-900

clot x nike dunk high flux sneaker for resale with high value
clot x nike dunk high flux

A Closer Look at the CLOT x Nike Dunk High ‘Flux.’

CLOT discards traditional leather elements we’re all habitual to in lifestyle silhouettes. The sneaks adopt a twist with out-of-the-norm aesthetics, like spotting a lenticular fabric in a dynamic frame.

The pair features a futuristic holographic design and is contrasted with intricate detailing like white laces, cushioned midsoles, icy-blue interior lining, heavy-duty outsoles, and padded ankles. The sneakers spot some co-branding on the insole and tongue tag. The exterior panel is dressed in chrome melding, featuring some exposed stitches.

The CLOT x Nike Dunk High Flux is infused with the Yin and Yang philosophy of black and white. Although the shoe is predominantly metallic silver, it comes from a blend of black and white, which are the end of spectrums. Some of the construction details also include heel overlays, scuff guards, Swooshed, and a darker perforated toe box.

CLOT x Nike Dunk High Flux Dunk Front View
CLOT x Nike Dunk High Flux Dunk Front View

While they have resulted in phenomenon-looking kicks, the hype was seen crumbling down with the release. On the secondary market, the sneakers were a rather disappointment. CLOT enthusiasts grabbed their pair, but the shoes were not a hit in the sneaker folklore.

The CLOT x Nike Dunk High ‘Flux’ just about scrapped through with the retail price.

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hypemeter retail 1 clot x nike dunk high
Resale Value

CLOT x Nike Dunk High ‘Flux’

Retail Price: $150
Average Resell: $150
Release Date: March 18th, 2022
Colorway: Metallic Silver/White
Style Code: DH4444-900

Where to Buy (Retail)

Finish Line (Check Site)
JD Sports (Check Site)
Foot Locker (Check Site)
Champs (Check Site)

Are Nike Dunks skate shoes?

Released in 1985, originally, Nike Dunks were regarded as exclusive basketball shoes. However, its particularity in ankle support and traction established them as skate shoes with a new division in the 2000s.

Are Nike Dunks true to size?

They are absolutely true to size. So without any second thoughts, choose your actual size.

Do Nike SB Dunks have a higher resale value?

The retail of Nike SB Dunks is not high, so they sell out instantly. This is a major reason why resellers sell them at a premium price.

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