After various rumors of the Nike Dunk High Top’s latest addition, we finally get a set release date. The Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson on July the 4th (Korea) for $100 (TBC).

This may not be the low top that’s dominating 2020 in terms of popularity. However, it is a Nike Dunk regardless and there is some money to be made here. Stick around to know all about it!

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The Nike Dunks as we’ve seen previously are doing tremendously well. The Nike Dunk University Red and Nike Dunk Champ Colors are a few that come to mind which have crazy resale values and very high profit margins.

The Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson may not be as hyped but it does show some potential. Let’s get right to it!

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Nike Dunk/From Basketball to Skateboards

Nike Dunk High Logo
From Footwear News

The Nike Dunk was a product of inspiration from a lot of previous Nike sneakers.

Peter Moor whom also designed other popular Nike sneakers such as the Air Jordan 1 and the Terminator, took inspiration from those sneakers and came up with the Nike Dunk.

Initially, they only wanted the Dunk to be a basketball sneaker with no idea of an entirely new untapped market with a lot of potential.

The realization came when they made too many of the Air Jordan 1s which started sitting on shelves collecting dust. Due to lack of demand, it saw various price cuts that attracted a different consumer base.

Skateboarders that wanted a low cost sneaker with good traction and ankle support, saw the Air Jordan as the perfect sneaker and started to adopt it as their primary skateboarding shoes.

The Nike Dunk launched in 1985 with a more advanced design than its predecessors. It came at an ideal time and reinvigorated basketball culture for many. The SB dunk however, was officially released 2002.

It was slightly different in terms of design and support as the original dunks already served skateboarders well. During 1998-2002, the Dunk started featuring nylon tongues which improved their image with skateboarders even further.

Nike SB Dunk/Performance & Profits

Nike Dunk High Design WearTesters
From Wear Testers

The Nike Dunks did receive alterations for a slightly different performance requirement. Originally, the out-sole was inspired by the Air Jordan 1’s traction while the upper was inspired by the AJ1 and the Terminator.

After introducing the nylon tongue after 1998, the SB division further modified the design. It had improved traction features to help you stick better to skateboards and also special padding that just made skateboarding much more of a pleasure.

It later became an icon for sneaker-heads and skateboarders alike in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Today, after transcending decades, the Nike Dunk is as popular as ever with special editions such as the Nike Dunk High Strawberry Cough and many other limited editions. Most of which are super profitable because of the low retail prices of around $100.

To estimate the resale value of the Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson, let’s asses a few similar colorways. That way we could get a pretty good estimate.

Nike Dunk High Premier Win Some Lose Some

Nike Dunk High Premier Win Some Lose Some
Via StockX

Retail Price: $110

Peak Resell: $314

Release Date: 08/18/2018

Colorway: Vachetta Tan/White-Jersey Gold

This sneaker was part of the Nike and “Premier” retailer’s collaboration which sold pretty well. They were first sold at Premier’s stores then later on the SNKRS app as well.

They sport a pretty similar color tone to the Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson. Except with a tanner and lighter leather upper which is made up of premium materials.

A special gold speckled tan out-sole and dual branding on the in-soles and tongue tags finish off the design. The resale for these did fairly well according to StockX.

The trade range is between $120-$220 with the average price being $175. That’s a pretty good gross profit margin of $65 on average. At peak resale, profit before tax and service fees are around $204 per pair.

Nike SB Dunk High Khaki

Nike SB Dunk High Khaki 1
Via StockX

Retail Price: $70

Peak Resell: $425

Release Date: 05/01/2006

Colorway: White/Khaki

This sneaker was designed by the rock band “Creed” and are very popular among many sneaker-heads. It sports a very similar color tone to the Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson with a light tan and white upper.

The upper is mostly leather except for the light tan sued on the toe cap. A white mid-sole and a light tan out-sole finishes off the design.

On StockX, profits are pretty good. The trade range currently is $266-$414 with the average price being $317. Due to the low retail, these are very profitable with profits on average of over $200.

Had you sold these at peak resale, profits would have been over $380.

Nike SB Dunk High Cigar City

Nike Dunk High Cigar City
Via StockX

Retail Price: $108

Peak Resell: $490

Release Date: 09/17/2011

Colorway: Dark Oak/Team Red-LT BRTSH TN-MTLLC

The Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson is believed to be a lighter version of this sneaker. With materials and other variables remaining exactly the same.

It features a dark oak leather upper with a sued collar and toe box. A red Nike “swoosh” and grey sole finishes off the design.

These also have good resale as the average price on StockX is $324. That’s an average profit before tax and service fees of $216. At peak resale, profits are around $380.

Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson

Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson 1
Via sneakerbardetroit

Retail Price: 112900 KRW ($95)

Estimated Resale: $150

Release Date: (Korea) 07/04/2020

                          (Global) TBC      

Colorway: Sail/Bright Crimson

The Nike Dunk has really taken off in terms of popularity this year. However, mostly the Dunk lows have been getting all the love with very few major Dunk High releases.

The Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson could be what a lot of you have been waiting for. It’s also known as “Phillies Blunt” and is a lighter take on the 2011 colorway known as “Cigar City”.

An interesting choice of colors and materials embellish the upper. A white tumbled leather upper with sail over lay radiates a soft vibe. A bold crimson Nike “Swoosh” provides contrast to the otherwise very clean colorway.

The sneaker also features chestnut interior, a striking white mid-sole and a matching crimson out-sole to finish off the design. Take a closer look with the official Nike images.


Resale Value

Usually you would expect the Nike SB Dunk High to do a bit better during this renaissance period of the Nike Dunk. The profits aren’t expected to be bad, just not up to the mark of its low top counterparts.

To earn your money back on StockX after using a standard tax rate and service fee. You’ll need to sell for around $120. Thus by using my estimated resell value, you’re looking at average profits of around $30 per pair.

That’s pretty good lunch money I’d say. If you can sell on eBay, profits might even be higher to around $50.

From StockX

As you can see, they’ve recently been sold for as high as $320 so I wouldn’t sleep on these sneakers.

Where to Cop

The Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson is set to release in Korea at select retailers and the Nike SNKRS Korea app on July 4th. Nike Dunks don’t really have strict release date so you could expect a global release a couple of weeks later.

For resale prices today, you could pick one up from StockX and GOAT.


Nike SB Dunk High Team Crimson

Retail Price: 112900 KRW ($95)

Estimated Resell: $150

Release Date: (Korea) 07/04/2020

                          (Global) TBC

Where to Cop: (Retail) Nike SNKRS App

                           (Resale) StockX, GOAT

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