Nike Dunk are still all the rage and people are buying them left and right. This article reviews the top 5 Nike Dunks for the easiest $100 flip this 2023. In other words, we’ll be covering the most profitable releases that have been and will release this 2023.

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The Nike Dunks have had a rough few couples of years as original colorways struggle to break even. However, you can still make a profit from some very high-profile releases. But keep them for too long and you may be in trouble.

That’s what happened with the Panda Dunk.  

Before we get into our list, let me walk you over the state of Nike Dunks throughout its history.

Nike Dunk: Through the ages

The Air Force 1, the Terminator, the Air Jordan 1, and the Legend were all used to create the Nike Dunk High, a high-top basketball shoe that was introduced in August 1985.

The Legend assisted in the creation of the Dunk’s molds, while the AJ-1 and Terminator were combined to make the upper.

The AF-1 served as the inspiration for the Dunk’s general design and the outsole.

The Nike Dunk’s forerunners contributed to the ultimate design of the silhouette, but the history of the shoe’s first introduction is what gives it its special appeal.

Nike‘s first Nike Dunk campaign, “Be True To Your School,” was a smart marketing scheme. It provided a method for Division I college basketball team supporters to wear their team’s colors.

The Swoosh previously reached agreements with the University of Iowa, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, Georgetown, St. John’s, UNLV, and Syracuse to officially recognize the Dunk High as each school’s official sneakers.

Each Dunk iteration focused on a specific color treatment for the team in question.

The sneakers were a hit with these schools but not on the grand scale they are today.

The 1990s-2020

Skaters turned to the Nike Dunks when they were no longer in style elsewhere. The Dunks were being sold at bargain retailers and left in shabby attics by the early 1990s.

Due to this, the model was able to develop its own personality and locate itself in the New York skate scene.

The Nike Dunk was a favorite among skateboarders since it was affordable, and supplied the necessary support, cushioning, and traction for the sport.

Because of their strength, cup-sole form, and overall design, they were taken.

They were also simple to style, which was a significant plus for the community that was interested in both the activity and the clothing that went with it.

The sneakers, after the release of the Nike SB Dunk started gaining more traction.

It was almost like after every year, the Nike Dunks became more and more popular with more people wanting a pair not just for basketball or skateboarding but just to dress up.

Collaborations were especially popular and that’s when the silhouette started to skyrocket and popularity and worth.

During the early 2000s, the resale culture also started to gain popularity with the Air Jordan and Nike SB Dunks and Dunks taking the lead. Resale became the main hustle for many and the Nike Dunks were an important part of it.

Post 2018

In 2020, however, the Nike Dunks hit their peak and were one of the most profitable non-collaborative shoes you could buy that pretty much guaranteed a decent profit.

The main reason was how limited the stock was compared to demand. Then, everything changed when Nike decided to make them a lot more accessible like with the Panda Dunk.


Nike started releasing way too many Dunks (In the opinion of resellers) which did a lot to diminish the resale value of each release.

When supply is high, the price usually falls in a free market which is exactly what happened with the Nike Dunks.

The Panda Dunk, for example, had a decent resale when it was first released but over time as they restocked, their resale value fell substantially.

Luckily in 2023, there still are decent Nike Dunks to buy. Without further adieu, let’s get right into the top 5 Nike Dunks for the easiest $100 Flip this 2023.

Nike Dunk Low Jackie Robinson

  • Retail Price: $130
  • Average Resale: $390
  • Release Date: April 15th, 2023
  • Style Code: DV2122-400
Nike Dunk Low Jackie Robinson Quarter View
Nike Dunk Low Jackie Robinson Quarter View

When Jackie Robinson took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers in his Major League Baseball debut in 1948, he broke the color barrier in baseball.

The Nike Dunk Low Jackie Robinson pays homage to the legendary baseball player and civil rights campaigner.

The Jackie Robinson Dunks was one of the most sought-after shoe releases of the year and served a charity purpose by donating the revenues to the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Nike will once again honor Jackie Robinson with the Air Force 1 Low, as a follow-up to that historic release.

The club emblem on the tongue and Jackie’s #42 stitched on the heel give the shoes a nod to the vintage Brooklyn Dodgers jerseys.

The shiny bronze lace dubrae honors the years that Jackie broke the color barrier (1947) and that he retired (1956), and the laces have the slogan “Change The World” written on them. The toe and lace collar of the top is made of tumbled leather, while the toe box, mid-panel, and heel are made of smooth white leather.

Royal blue flecks run the length of the gum sole, and the heels have red baseball stitching.

Nike Dunk Low Jarritos

  • Retail Price: $130
  • Average Resell: $420
  • Release Date: 05/06/2023
  • Style Code: FD0860-001
Nike Dunk Low Jarritos Top 5 Nike Dunks
Nike Dunk Low Jarritos Quarter View

On-foot images of the first Nike collaboration with the Mexican beverage brand have emerged, with early pairs currently in circulation.

Its intricacy starts with a foundation made of light grey leather and hemp overlays.

As a result of the collaboration, Jarritos’ distinctive green can be seen at the Swooshes, co-branding, and rubber outsole, while the matching orange is employed as contrast stitching at the midsole and appears on branding materials, a tiny section of the outsole, and branding components.

Beginning with a Jarritos jug spilling down its traditional Mandarin flavor towards the heel, branding details include a tongue design that incorporates both brands and branding on the heel that says “NIKE” and “JARRITOS” across the two shoes.

The pair is completed with tear-away layers that expose an orange foundation behind the Swooshes and overlays.

Nike SB Dunk Low ProFly Streetwear Gardenia

  • Retail Price: $120
  • Average Resell: $240
  • Release Date: 03/25/2023
  • Style Code: DQ5130-400
Top 5 Nike Dunks Fly Streetwear X Nike Sb Dunk Low Gardenia Quarter View
Fly Streetwear X Nike Sb Dunk Low Gardenia Quarter View

For their next shoe collaboration, Nike partnered with Shanghai, China-based skate company Fly Streetwear. The gardenia blooms that are often offered in Shanghai marketplaces served as the inspiration for the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Fly Streetwear.

The first sneaker collaboration from Fly Streetwear has lengthy blue suede that goes well with the white leather uppers and superior materials throughout.

The embroidered Swoosh emblem, which was designed by Nike and is inspired by the Gardenia flower, has a midsole that is cream in color. The insoles and tongue of the shoes include branding for Fly Streetwear Skate Shop.

For the right shoe, a profit of over $100 is easy to make as these are one of the most hyped SB Dunk releases of this year.

Nike SB Dunk Low Run The Jewels

  • Retail Price: $120
  • Average Resell: $230
  • Release Date: April 20th, 2023
  • Style Code: DO9404-400
Run The Jewels Nike Sb Dunk Low Quarter View
Run The Jewels Nike Sb Dunk Low Quarter View

Nike is expected to introduce a number of new items and work with companies, athletes, and artists.

It’s hardly surprising that Nike selected the hip-hop duo Run the Jewels for their own SB release since the Swoosh company has already worked with musicians like Travis Scott, Drake, and many more.

The Run the Jewels x Nike SB Dunk Low has smooth suede panels in a range of vibrant blue hues that contrast with the pony hair structure of its counterpart.

Diverse blue shades glide from the toe to the heel. Vibrant “Active Pink” medial Swooshes provide a pop of color, while the tongue and rear tabs have gilded branding.

The look of the shoes is finished by the ice-blue sole pieces.

The Run The Jewels collaboration also has a High top variant which is just as profitable and for the popular sizes such as the larger ones, making $100 in profit is fairly easy.

Both sneakers sold out in a matter of minutes everywhere and now resell for decent prices.

Nike Dunk Low Off-White Futura

  • Retail Price: $N/A
  • Average Resell: $30,000+
  • Release Date: 04/05/2023
  • Style Code: DD0856-801
Off White Futura Nike Dunk Syracuse Side View
Off White Futura Nike Dunk Syracuse Side View

Virgil Abloh collaborated with the Swoosh on a number of projects during his distinguished career, some of which were exclusive to the designer’s “Figures of Speech” exhibition.

Despite rumors that the Futura x Off-White x Nike Dunk Low, which has been teased repeatedly since 2019, was made available to the general public on the late designer’s birthday, the shoe was first believed to be similarly mythological.

As it turns out, this information was inaccurate since eight pairs were scheduled to be put up for sale via Sotheby’s in April.

The ‘Virgil Abloh™ x Futura Laboratories’ Dunks were so special to Virgil, not only for their role as an anchor piece of the SS20 collection but as a symbol of collaboration and creativity, two principles he always prioritized.” Shannon Abloh states. “The Dunks represent Virgil’s unique lens on art and culture, and this auction with Sotheby’s further aids in keeping his legacy alive.

The Futura x Off-White x Nike Dunk Low, which was first seen at Paris Fashion Week four years ago, was a standout of the Off-White Spring/Summer ’20 show, complimenting a collection of clothes also personalized by the renowned artist.

The collaboration’s two distinct preparation methods tell two very different color stories: on one end, the shoes pay homage to the legendary “Be True To Your School” pack, referencing the famed Tar Heels signature; on the other end, the pair conveys Futura’s love for the New York Mets while making reference to the Nike SB Dunk Low “Danny Supa.”

It’s amazing to finally see the ‘Virgil Abloh™ x Futura Laboratories’ arriving in this fashion,” Futura comments. “I hope to honor my friendship with Virgil and our creative collaborative work. Thank you SOTHEBY’s for hosting this charitable event. And most

importantly, thank you SHANNON for moving this project forward. VIRGIL FOREVER!!”

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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