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Reebok introduced their much anticipated collaboration with the all-time famous and loved cartoon series, Tom & Jerry. When it comes to Tom & Jerry no other cartoon deserves recognition more than them, therefore Reebok decided to pay homage to Tom & Jerry by releasing Insta Pump Fury and Club C inspired by the cartoon show.

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Reebok x tom & jerry

Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerry Collection By Reebok

Reebok unveiled their much anticipated collaboration with the famous television cartoon series Tom & Jerry, in collaboration with Warner Bros.

The collaboration also included Tom & Jerry inspired Padded woven jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters. A colorful range of unisex gear with matching footwear for kids and adults who loved the cartoon and grew up with them.

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Insta Pump Fury Tom & Jerry

Retail Price: $200

Estimated Resell: $120

Release Date: Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Colorway: Cold Grey 6/Hero Yello-Black

Reebok Instapump Fury Tom & Jerry

The Instapump Fury x Tom is designed with cold grey fleece upper material to pay homage to Tom. The sneaker also features Reebok’s iconic Pump technology with hits of bright yellow accents and Tom & Jerry’s image on the pump button. A similar colorway is also available in the Versa pump silhouette for toddlers.

Reebok x Tom & Jerry Club C Revenge

Retail Price: $100

Estimated Resell: $70

Release Date: Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Colorway: Bold Brass/Quiet Pink

reebok tom jerry sneakers 2
Reebok x Tom & Jerry Club C Revenge

The top of this silhouette is constructed with soft suede with pink and yellow accents and overall the sneaker has a fuzzy texture that pays homage to Jerry. We can also see Jerry’s image embossed on the tongue and for toddlers, we can see it’s more of a picture stitched on the tongue with a more flat version of suede.

Reebok x Tom & Jerry Club C Revenge

Retail Price: $100

Estimated Resell: $90 – $80

Release Date: Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Colorway: Chalk/Quiet Pink – Chalk/Paperwhite

Tom & Jerry
Reebok x Tom & Jerry Club C Revenge Chalk / Quiet Pink
reebok club c tom jerry release date info 1 1
Reebok x Tom & Jerry Club C Revenge Chalk/Paper White


Reebok dressed these two silhouettes for people who don’t want to pick sides and have a soft corner for both of them. The Club C on the left is dressed in Chalk white and pink colorway with some animations and sound FX graphics on each heel and with Tom and Jerry Branding on the side panel.

The Club C on the right has a paperwhite upper like a canvas with Tom and Jerry sketch graphics from the cartoons with Reebok branding in the window box on the side of the sneaker and the sole.

Where To Buy Tom & Jerry Shoes?

You can purchase the Reebok Tom and Jerry collection from aftermarkets like StockX and GOAT where you can find used or new pairs of the versions mentioned above.

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Real VS Fake

tom and jerry reebok release info
Reebok x Tom & Jerry Real

In today’s era thanks to modern technology, it’s very easy to replicate things and make fake copies, and sometimes they are so good that you can barely tell the difference. The same is the case with sneakers. Don’t let them fool you!

How to make sure you got the original pair?

  • Keep an eye for minor details and always compare them with authentic images. (Fake copies don’t give much attention to detail)
  • Check for printing and stitching quality. Replicas often have bad printing and stitching quality.
  • Check for authentic materials used in the sneaker
  • Check for authentic Reebok brand labels and tags

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