August 2019 will go down in sneaker history as 9">one of the biggest months in sneaker restock history.

Although have already gone through the bulk of them at the time of this writing, we are still awaiting one of the most expected restocks of August: the resurgence of 2017 OG Yeezy 700 Wave Runner.

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Let’s have a look at why this release is so highly anticipated, and how you can buy them.

The Yeezy 700

Ever since its debut in late 2017, the Yeezy 700 has been a favorite to wear among fans of Kanye west.

A model to regularly appear on our monthly shoe drop lists, including the June Yeezy Releases overview, we mentioned the Yeezy 700 v2 “Vanta” as one of the first models hitting in June.

Those in the self made sneaker reseller community will know that the very first model to start it all was the Yeezy 700 OG Wave Runner Light Grey.

With its retail price of $300, the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner managed to hit a reselling price of $1200 back in 2017 when it was first released.

After some models of 350 v2’s that dropped with mixed opinions, the 700s stood out as an overall hit among sneakerheads, with an initial pre order release selling out super quickly.

Over the following years with Kanye continuing to make controversial moves in both music and fashion, the prices have dropped.

Monday, August 12th : A Surprise Restock for the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner

yeezy 700 restock august 12th picture shock surprise
A shock drop of the Yeezy 700 “Wave Runners” happened on Yeezy Supply on August 12th 2019.

Second chances: Restock date- August 17th 2019

on feet yeezy 700 wave runner light grey og hypebeast
An on foot look at these classics from Hypebeast.

Yeezy supply has announced that the 700’s will be available yet again on this Saturday, August 17th 2019.

To have 3 chances at such a historic model in 1 month, first with Yeezy Day, then with a surprise, and finally another date you can prepare for, is surely along the lines of Kanye’s initial wish of “Yeezys for Everyone”, which is a blessing for his fans but also a curse for those who just want to make money as this is undoubtedly increasing supply and thus decreasing the resale price.

We are happy either way that Kanye’s giving us the chance to catch a W with his shoes, because even though the resale value might not be much, getting them for retail still proves more difficult than easy.

When, where, and how to buy the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner Restock?

yeezy 700 run restock adidas official august 2019
Official image from Adidas, the restock is including sizes for adults, children and infants.

First off, you should know that the scheduled release date is Saturday August 17th, 2019. When the clock strikes midnight, the Wave Runners will be back in stock and you will be racing against thousands of Kanye fans to get this esteemed model. 

Thanks to the aforementioned Yeezy Day, tons of other Yeezy models are available, both brand-new and restocked on the official Yeezy Adidas page. So, that’s the first place I’d be looking if I wanted to be among the first people who get their hands on these amazing sneakers.

Follow Twitter accounts to be Notified Live for When to Buy

For example, Yeezy Mafia has been almost a hundred percent accurate when predicting new models and releases. Sometimes even months before official news! If you want to get all that sweet latest info, make sure to follow the Yeezy Mafia Twitter account as it’s where they post their updates.

If you are interested in the latest news and rumors about all the valuable sneakers available, not just the Yeezy’s, we recommend you check our twitter @sfshcookgroup, which is always on the pulse of these drops as well so be sure to follow us as well as we update our info regularly.

Where to Buy the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner: A Store List

If you’re maybe looking to get your Yeezy kicks by physically entering the shop and buying them, here’s the store list for the August 17th re-release for all major cities that Adidas and Kanye operate in. 

Next, you can be smart and do what the professional sneaker resellers are doing. Follow these insider tips and check out the best practices on how people are winning in the sneaker game either manually or using highly-sophisticated sneaker bots

Of course, you can try your luck on Yeezy Supply which oddly is producing more wins than L’s lately, but no promises of course.

Resale Price: Yeezy 700 Wave Runner

If you’re wondering if restocks affect resale price, the answer is a strong yes in the case of the Yeezy 700.

Following price highs of over $1000 during the time of their first drop at the end of 2017, roughly half a year later in summer 2018 we saw a price decrease of about 30-40%.

ebay yeezy 700 wave runner 2018 sales
Historic sold listings from the middle of 2018 for the $300 Yeezy Wave Runner 700 “Grey”

Prices today reflect quite a drop: although Flight Club still commands about $500 for a pair, StockX prices have fallen to below $400, for not much of a profit after shipping and fees on their platform on top of the retail price of $300.

flight club price august 2019 yeezy 700 wave runner

$485 for size 9  Yeezy 700 Wave Runner OG on Flight Club.

stockx prices yeezy 700 wave runner august 2019
Falling prices and a potential low for the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner in August 2019.


An Investment Opportunity?

An alternative to going after these at retail is to play a riskier game of investing, regardless of whether or not you get these for retail.

For this release, you can make a bit of sacrifice and get the model for the aftermarket price and then hold to when the shoes eventually (ideally) increase in value.

This method gets you the least guaranteed value per investment and opens you up to the risk of a potential loss, but it’s not a bad choice if you haven’t managed to grab a pair of kicks for their retail price and you still want to exercise your sneaker reselling muscle.

We talk about making money investing in sneakers in depth in this post where you should be able to pick up some basics of how to direct your decision making in this world especially if you’re starting as a beginner.

Yeezy’s: History in the Making

yeezy day kanye yeezy season restock 2019
Image from Forbes

One can never know when the next bout of Kanye’s signature sneaker magic is going to surprise us or be respected in the near or distant future, but it’s awesome to see that we’re actually witnessing history in the making right now with these various shoe models, regardless whether or not they resell or if you personally like them, it’s great to watch Ye do his thing.


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