Shoes can be expensive, but how expensive can they be? Turns out, a single pair of sneakers can be worth much more than you think.

Of the items you can buy in the six figure realm, the things that often come to mind are lower end exotic sports cars like Porsche 911s or Corvette ZR1’s, and for those who are more reasonable with their money, this range often brings to mind a house, perhaps a sensible investment property in the midwest.

Personal valuables like fine jewelry and rare watches also appear in this party of things that ordinary people simply cannot afford.

You may be surprised to learn that in at least 5 instances, a single pair of shoes fell into this range.

There is a huge market in the sneaker resale aftermarket due to a large fanbase that was curated over time by brands like Nike and Adidas who became embedded in popular culture and in the psyche of many city slickers and fashion icons alike.

Inevitably, a couple of these shoes are affiliated with the name that began the trend of ordinary athletic sneakers vastly eclipsing prices of luxury brands: that name can only be Michael Jordan.

Since its debut in 1984, the Jordan brand single handedly has drawn countless billions of consumer dollars towards adorning that which is between the feet and the ground, creating a religious frenzy that only brands like Supreme can replicate.

Nike, the proud carrier of the Jordan brand, has become an absolute mammoth in the field of footwear, taking a market share that is over one third of all shoes in existence.

Not surprisingly, 4 of these 5 shoes are Nike shoes, with 2 of them being Jordan related. The following prices are sure to generate quite the shock, given that upon first glance, absolutely none of these shoes look as valuable as they are.

Be sure to read to the very end where you’ll find the most surprising pair, not only because of the price but because they would look equally at home on the feet of a homeless man or being given away at a yard sale. Talk about low key flexing!

Here’s a list of those 5 shoes.

1, Michael Jordan “Flu Game”: $104,765

The flu game Jordan 12’s are absolutely legendary. The name is literal: Michael Jordan played a game in these signature red and black kicks while he had the flu. Sickness didn’t stop him at all: not only did Jordan lead his team to a NBA Finals victory against the Utah Jazz, he scored an astronomical 38 points that game. Not surprisingly, the actual shoes that Michael Jordan wore during the game and signed went for a six figure price tag in an auction. A lucky ball boy who was a teenager at the time of acquiring this pair of shoes auctioned them off at a record price via

2. Nike MAG: $104,267These shoes were made iconic in the 80’s movie cult classic Back to the Future. Movie fans were delighted with the design that remains futuristic up to this day, over 30 years later.

In 2011, the first version of the Nike Air mag debuted, and although it commanded prices pushing the five figures, it did not have self lacing technology like in the movie.

A few years later, Nike announced that it would make a version of the Air Mags like they would in the movies, with laces that were automatic. At first, it appeared that Nike was going to release the shoes on the 30th anniversary of the Back to the Future movie in 2015, the year that Marty McFly time travelled to.

Finally, in 2016, they were given the self lacing technology that appeared in the film. A handful of pairs of these valuable were auctioned off at record prices, with a pair going for over $100,000 in a Hong Kong auction in 2016.

3. Nike Air Yeezy 2: $90,300

2014 was undoubtedly the year of Yeezy, Kanye West’s brand. This Nike Air Yeezy 2 in Platinum with a cool glow in the dark sole was so sought after that people were willing to pay absurd amounts of money for the sneaker.

Not a surprise for one of the original Yeezys to end up on this list of the most expensive shoes, here is a pair that sold as a preorder for over $90,000 to a crazy Kanye West fan. At least he had a role in making shoe history!

4. Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon: $96,000

At the end of 2017, 30 lucky sneakerheads were able to get their hands on what would be the most expensive shoes to be auctioned off for the year.

The Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97s came out with much hype, and as the masses awaited the general release, some impatient individuals were willing to fork up large amounts of cash to get the shoes before anyone else.

A small store in Richmond, VA called Need Supply Co. released these shoes early, and serious collectors were quick to hop on to this pricey opportunity to own this highly coveted pair of shoes.

5. Michael Jordan’s 1984 Olympic Converse: $190,372.80

And you thought we had forgotten about Michael Jordan!

Fear not, the most shocking pair on the list has arrived, which are not high end Nikes but the every day man’s Chuck Taylor brand, and they look so ordinary that a thief breaking into the home of the owner of these shoes would overlook them in favor of something less than 1% of the value such as a laptop.

The shocking price of nearly $200,000 totally dwarves every other pair on the list.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on shoes. Some have learned how to capitalize on this market as an exciting way to make income, with a handful earning yearly incomes that match or surpass the price of the shoes on this list.

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