Welcome back everyone, after a long March filled with plenty of sneaker releases (and many world issues), I̵7;m back again to let you know the best shoes to cop this month.

If you’re looking for April 2021’s best sneakers for resell, check out our up to date list here.

Now, more than ever, you need to be making as much cash on the side during these uncertain times.

Members of the SFSH Cook Group and readers of the highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook are prepared already for this month, with plenty of early links and detailed guides so they’re ready to cook this month. Enough talking, let’s get down to business


1. Nike SB Dunk Mid Griffey – April 1st 2020

sneakernews 2
image from sneakernews.com


Retail: $115

Peak Resell: $200

Potential Profit: $85

The first drop of the month comes on the first day of the month – April Fool’s day, and you would be a fool to sleep on these. Easy money to be made on these shoes, and shouldn’t be too hard to cop. Make sure to go for sizes 7-9, these generally perform the best


2. Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Stussy – April 3rd 2020

image from freshnessmag.com

Retail: $160

Peak Resell: $350

Potential Profit: $190

After an initial release on stussy.com/.co.uk and Dover Street Market (which was cooked by our members of course), there will be another small drop of these exclusive sneakers on the 3rd of this month.

Go for any size in either colourway of these shoes and you are guaranteed to make some good money


3. Air Jordan 1 High Court Purple – April 4th/11th 2020

image from justfreshkicks.comRetail: $170

Peak Resell: $300

Potential Profit: $130

Another great Jordan 1 colourway, the ‘Court Purple’ colour always seems to be a hit among sneakerheads worldwide. Release date is still uncertain for these, with some sources saying the 4th, and some saying the 11th, so make sure to stay tuned to this article to make sure you are kept up to date.

Easy money to be made in all sizes, but I recommend going for sizes 7-9.5 for peak profit.


4. adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Cinder Reflective – April 6th 2020

Air Jordan 1 High Court Purple

Retail: $250

Peak Resell: $600

Potential Profit: $350

After a decent release for the non-reflective version of these black yeezys, Kanye has made a hit this time with this reflective twist on an already good colourway.

Prices are definitely going to be high, demand is definitely going to be high, and stock is certain to below. Make sure to try cop these, as they will make you quite a lot of money.


5. adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v3 Alvah – April 11th 2020

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v3 Alvah

Retail: $200

Peak Resell: $450

Potential Profit: $250

One of the newer silhouettes of the Yeezy brand, it is definitely already a favourite for some. The 700 v3 not only looks unique and is ultra comfortable, but also boasts a lower retail price of $200 compared to the $300 price tag on the usual 700 model.

They, unfortunately, are quite limited, and will be tough to cop. Stock is about 15k on adidas EU, and 25k on adidas US


6. Nike x Fear of God Air FOG 1 Triple Noir – April 25th 2020

image from justfreshkicks.com

Retail: $350

Peak Resell: $600

Potential Profit: $250

After rumours of a potential split between Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo and Nike, it seems like they are still creating more colourways of the futuristic Air FOG 1. This triple black colourway is sure to be a hit among most sneakerheads, and although it has quite a high retail, it will definitely fetch a healthy profit. The stock is rumoured to be extrememly low.

If you copped just one pair of each sneaker in the list, it would cost you $1245, and if you sell each pair at their peak resell value, you can make $1255 (more than double your money) in pure profit.

During these uncertain economic times, it would be a great idea to start reselling if you haven’t already.

Readers of the Hypemaster Playbook and members of the SFSH cook group made thousands during the month of March, securing hundreds of pairs between them, and April will be the same. Every month we cop thousands of dollars worth of sneakers and make great profit, so don’t sleep!


Good luck and take care!


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Alex W. Smith

Alex is a sneaker collector turned reseller. As a reseller he has supplied some of the top stores in Europe with sought after shoes. He is the leader of Winner's Circle and has taught hundreds of people how to begin and scale their reselling business.


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