Hey guys, and welcome back to the monthly article on which sneakers will be the best to resell to make yourself some money!

These past few months have been pretty crazy, and honestly, October might just outdo them all!

So much money to be made this month, and members of Six Figure Sneakerhead̵7;s own Private Cook Group will be eating good this month, just like they did last month.

Not only did they receive the best information on how to cop every sneaker release, but they also received free slots on every release. One of the highlights was certainly hitting 50 pairs of Yeezy Citrins with these FREE slots!

We also cooked some lowkey drops such as Palace and Kith x Nobu, netting our members thousands of dollars of profit. Not too bad for just $40 a month (special deal for Hypemaster Playbook buyers as well)! There’s no more time to waste, let’s get to it!

1.Air Force 1 Low “What the LA”- Release date : Tuesday, October 1st 2019 (UPDATE: November 1)

Nike official image

Retail: $130

Peak Projected Resell: $400

Potential Profit: $350

Kicking off the month with a loud and limited drop, the Air Force 1 Low is getting an eye catching treatment of a complete palatte of Los Angeles team colors from the Lakers to the Clippers and more.

These are already going for $500 on StockX for preorders, but will likely settle a bit lower after the drop–definitely still worth getting (here’s our free release guide on these shoes).

UPDATE: After the first tease of an October drop, we’re now looking forward to a release date of November 1 2019.

2. Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid – Release Date: Thursday, October 10th 2019


Image courtsey of sikinzerotenbai.com

Retail: $140

Peak Projected Resell: $500

Potential Profit: $360

Nike and Japanese fashion brand Sacai can not stop pumping out the highest hype shoes on the planet each month. Every single model of the sacai Waffles and the sacai Blazers has done crazy numbers, with every one netting over 100% profit per pair minimum. These will be hard to cop, but if you do, I recommend using long term sneaker investment methods to make the best profits as they will certainly rise over time.


3. Nike x Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 –Release Date: Saturday, October 12th 2019

complex.com2 e1569886454900
Image courtesy of complex.com

Retail: $250

Peak Projected Resell: $1000

Potential Profit: $750

Probably one of the main reasons you’re reading this article, one of the most hyped shoes of the year seems to finally be releasing this month.

After months and months of speculation, the release date was finally leaked when Footlocker EU accidentally loaded the Grade School versions for a release on the 12th.

These will be incredibly hard to cop, and will net incredible profit margins for the lucky few that do. Your best chance as a manual user will be on Nike SNKRS, which, if it follows the same pattern as past Travis Scott releases, will probably crash for 20 minutes once the shoe releases.


4. Nike x Off-White ZoomVapor –Release Date: Saturday, October 12th 2019 (UPDATE: Delayed for Thursday, Nov 14th)

image courtesy of sneakernews.com

Retail: $190

Peak Projected Resell: $400

Potential Profit: $210

Although ‘The Ten’ has officially finished, Virgil Abloh and his Off-White brand still seems to love designing shoes with Nike, as seen with the past Kiger 5 release.

Although they are not the typical silhouettes like ‘The Ten’ once was, as Off-White is incredibly hyped, they still perform great in the resell market. Personally I think this shoe will do numbers, and should definitely outperform the slightly disappointing Kiger 5s.

UPDATE: We just got word that these are now dropping in November, on Thursday the 14th, which may have a positive impact on hype/resale value.


5. Converse Chuck 70 x Tyler The Creator –Release Date: Saturday, October 12th 2019

collateral e1569887690326
image courtesy of collater.al

Retail: $100

Peak Resell: $220

Potential Profit: $120

Converse have had a pretty decent year, between the Nike x Off-White collabs and the Chinatown collabs, although they may not be the hottest silhouette out there, it is still a staple for streetwear enthusiasts worldwide. This ‘Flames’ colourway is one of the most unique colourways I’ve seen for a while, and will be releasing exclusively on Golf Wang and Nike.com. Expect the smaller sizes to do better numbers


6. Nike x Off-White Waffle Racer – Release Date: Thursday, October 24th

off white nike waffle racer 4 e1569887718183
image courtesy of kicksonfire.com

Retail: $150

Peak Resell: $450

Potential Profit: $300

As I said before, it seems like Virgil Abloh can’t stop creating new designs with Nike, even though he should be busy designing for Louis Vuitton and Off-White! This is another unique shoe, which without the off-white branding, would not perform well, but hype is a strange thing, so these will certainly be worth going for to resell.


7. Nike Air Force 1 Skeleton – Release Date: Friday, October 25th 2019

sneakerworld.dk e1569886629182
image courtesy of sneakerworld.dk

Retail: $130

Peak Resell: $250

Potential Profit: $120

It’s that time of the year again, Hallowe’en is coming soon! At a cheap retail price of $130, this colourway will certainly be worth quite a bit directly after it’s release. In my opinion, this is either a quick flip before hallowe’en, or hold for a year and sell next year at possibly a crazy margin. They should be easy enough to buy in bulk, so make sure to try grab a few!


8. Nike Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 – Release Date: Saturday, October 26th 2019

Image courtesy of houseofheat.co

Retail: $160

Peak Resell: $450

Potential Profit: $290

Rounding off a crazy month, we have a classic Jordan colourway, with the shattered backboards being released once again. This orange and black colourway is almost certain to do numbers, and you can check out it’s past releases prices now, and that should prove my point. This is certain to do great in the usual Jordan reselling sizes of 7-9.5.

This month is definitely shaping up to be a fantastic month of reselling, and of course members of the SFSH cook group and owners of the HypeMaster Playbook are certain to have all the inside info on how to cop these shoes this month.

If you manage to cop just one pair of each release this month, you would be looking at roughly a $1250 investment, which could return you around $3500, which is a net profit of roughly $2250. Not too bad for copping a few pairs of sneakers!

Good luck to everyone, and I hope you all have a great month filled with plenty of cops!

Till next time,


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Alex W. Smith

Alex is a sneaker collector turned reseller. As a reseller he has supplied some of the top stores in Europe with sought after shoes. He is the leader of Winner's Circle and has taught hundreds of people how to begin and scale their reselling business.

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  1. Kyle Benjis

    How you feel about the yeezy soft visions coming out? Do you think yeezys are losing some of their resell value since theyre releasing so many and not really changing up the colorways? Also you heard anything on the “what the ny”

  2. Cary Woody

    So what does anyone think the resell value of the Jordan 9 Retro White Gym Red is going to be?

    1. Anthony Crager

      Don’t look like they are doing very well right now. I was going for Travis Scott’s (of course) Converse 70s, and Nightmare Before Christmas Vans, whiffed on all three. I need some help lol

  3. Anthony Crager

    Dang man, I was at golf Wang and viciously was trying to get a pair of those new converse 70s. I was there before they release and kept getting an error when I tried to purchase. I kept trying for 30 minutes. Finally it just took me back to the merchandise page only to find out their all sold out. What a bummer…

  4. Raied Rana

    Used the wrong image for the shattered backboards

    1. JVG

      You’re right. Fixed.