Footsites are different websites or brands that come under the company known as Footlocker. These are retail websites that deal in goods like sneakers and sports gear. These websites have more stocks than other retailers, so if you’re looking forward to cop some sneakers, you have a better chance of copping them from footsites.


Footsites brands
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Every device that is connected to the internet has its own Internet Protocol (IP) address. This basically tells the website where you’re located and what data to send to every user. Proxies work as a mask and protect against this which means you’ll be able to make multiple purchases from one place, and websites won’t be able to restrict you to a single purchase.

If you’re in this to make some money, you’ll need to get your hands on those exclusive sneakers that will generate you profit. For that, you’ll need 0k-sneaker-workbook/">sneakerbots, a good sneaker server and to further increase your chances of multiple purchases and avoid ban you’ll need proxies.

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When there is a limited edition sneaker about to drop, each user is limited to one pair, and to bypass that, you use proxies! With proxies, you’ll be able to change your location every time you make a purchase which means you can cop more than one exclusive sneakers. You can choose from two different proxies, which are discussed below:


Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are like real addresses, which means they are linked to real IP addresses that exist in real life, which fools the websites into thinking that you’re making a purchase from a different IP address every time. These are less likely to get banned by footsites as they think these are authentic IPs.

These proxies are comparatively slower than the Data Center proxies and are of less help if the website operates on a first-come, first-served basis or if the stock is extremely low.

data center proxy network

Data Center Proxies

Data Center proxies are fast and offer Internet Service Providers (ISPs) type of proxies which, due to its more generic nature, can be caught and banned easily since they can be easily identified.

Here is the list of some of the best proxies that you can use:

Best Residential Proxies


1 – Smartproxy  

Smartproxy is one of the best residential service providers out there in the market and has good experience in the sneaker proxy market. They have good location coverage at affordable prices and support major sneaker bots like Supreme Bot, Another Nike Bot, Better Nike Bot, AIO Bots, and Nike Slayer.

smartproxy best datacenter https static proxy providers for web scraping
Via Smartproxy

Number Of IP Provided: Over 40 Million 

Bandwidth: Starting at 5GB

Locations: 190+ locations around the world

Cost: Starting at $75


2 – Microleaves 

Microleaves has been operating since 2012 and has over 26 million IPs. The best feature that Microleaves offers is that it changes its proxy every 10 minutes, which makes it perfect for footsites and sneakerbots.

top dedicated shared virgin proxy provider microleaves
Via Microleave

Number Of IP Provided: Over 26 Million 

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Locations: Multiple locations worldwide

Cost: Starting at $129 for 10 ports/mo


3 – GeoSurf 

GeoSurf Is tested by the sneakerheads for copping sneakers. Even though GeoSurf is expensive, it will get the job done without getting banned, and it’s also supported with many bots like AIO bots, Another Nike Bot, Supreme Bot, and many others.

GeoSurf Overview
Via GeoSurf

Number Of IP Provided: Over 2.5 Million 

Bandwidth: Starts at 35GB

Locations: Multiple locations worldwide

Cost: Starting at $450 per month


Best Datacenter Proxies


1 – IcedOut Proxies

IcedOut Proxies might not be a popular proxy, but it still has managed to make some name for itself because of its reliability, speed, and security. This is one of the best proxies that you can use for copping on footsites and other websites.

icedoutproxies to avoid subnet bans.jpg
Via Icedoutproxies

Protocol: HTTP(s)

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Locations: Chicago, Virginia, New York

Cost: Starting at $10 / week 


2 – My Private Proxy

As the name suggests, they offer private and shared proxies located in 16 major cities of the United States and 8 more countries towards the European side. They also use the IPs that are non-sequential so that you can use multiple proxies simultaneously.

My Private Proxy website homepage

Protocol: HTTP(s)

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Locations: USA and EU

Cost: Starting at $2.49 / Month


3 – Ace Proxies

Ace Proxies provides up to 1Gbps speed and supports multiple protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS which means you can use any bot for copping on footsites or other websites.

pres 1
Via Aceproxies

Protocol: HTTP(s) and SOCKS

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Locations: New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, New Jersey

Cost: Starting at $4.49 / Month


Which Type Of Proxies Should You Use?

Both types of proxies have their own benefits. We recommend you to use both of these when you’re planning on copping some exclusive sneakers. For instance, if one of your proxies gets banned, you should have backup proxies to fall on. These proxies are not only limited to footsites. You can also use them on other websites as well. Good luck!

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