The sneakers reselling business is huge, but if you’re a sneaker retailer, you must be already aware of the sneaker bot problem. Bots are just unwelcomed traffic for the retailers that beat the shoppers to the checkout button because they are fast and get their hands on the limited sneaker supply first.

But, from a reseller̵7;s point of view, bots are important because they help them cop limited edition sneakers and beat many consumers who are trying to purchase as well. This helps them earn thousands of profits.

So if you’re in the sneaker reselling business, you’ll need bots, and they can be expensive. So, in this article, we will cover some of the best bots that will deliver the best performance without breaking the bank.

What are sneaker bots?

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A sneaker bot is a program that automates the purchasing of limited-edition sneakers. Sneaker bots have a major speed advantage over human buyers, and to make it even better, you can use sneaker servers to further increase your chances of copping.

When a famous and a hyped sneaker is launched for sale, it will sell out in minutes, if not seconds. Snatching a pair of one of these is almost impossible without bots these days.

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budget friendly yet effective sneaker bots

#1 — Sole AIO (All in One Bot)

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SoleAIO is the all-in-one bot that operates with many big stores like Adidas, Supreme, Footlocker, Magneto, Shopify, and many more. SoleAIO has a very simple interface that makes it very simple to use, and this gives it a competitive edge over other bots.

SoleAIO bot has been a reliable performer, particularly when it comes to Adidas releases, and with the right proxies and servers, you can cop almost every release.

SoleAIO costs £300 and needs a £125 renewal fee per six months. A resale version of lifetime copies can be bought anywhere from $500 to $1000. You can also rent out their bot for £75 on their website. Overall, SoleAIO is a great bot considering its track record of success and price.

#2 — Project Destroyer

PD Success 4
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Project Destroyer is one of the best all-in-one bot available for its price. Supreme, Shopify, footsites, and many other websites are supported by PD. With its solid track record and some of the fastest speed among competitors, PD stands out compared to other bots in this price range.

PD, Like any other bot, has its advantage and disadvantages. Consistency is something the PD lacks sometimes, but most of the time, it’s very competitive. PD is available at $200 with a monthly fee of $35, and due to its success, they get out of stock very quickly; therefore keep an eye for when they restock!

#3 — NikeShoeBot

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NikeShoeBot is the best all-in-one bot that offers a high level of consistency. Shopify, Supreme, and footsites are only a few of the sites it offers. Although NSB is not the most user-friendly bot, but it’s still one of the most effective ones on the market.

NBS might be a little costly compared to other bots, but it’s worth every penny and is never out of stock. NSB costs $499 a year, and due to its all-time availability, many customers own it and are even willing to resell it for a cheaper price.


These are some of the best cheapest bots that you can find on the market, which will help you cop your limited-edition sneakers. However, they are cheaper bots available on the market, but those are mostly inconsistent and don’t deliver desired results.

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