If you want to know how to make money on eBay or how to sell on Amazon, it comes down to the old saying that you do not try to sell a product, you find a product that sells. Every day, people around the world are trying to start up their own online businesses with the intention of making money. Unfortunately, most will not succeed, but their failure will not be due to their lack of drive, persistence, or desire to make it big, it will be because they lack the education and direction to reach their goals.

">The good news is that the platform for selling is already in place, thanks to sites such as Amazon and eBay. This means that you do not have to start from the ground-up, but rather can take advantage of the established platforms provided by both companies. By having the reputation of either company at your side, you can sell with greater confidence. However, the trick is finding something that really sells.

How to Sell on Amazon or eBay

Understanding how to make money on Amazon or eBay means becoming a good reseller of products that people want. In addition, you’ll need to follow a few guidelines to ensure that your efforts pay off in sizable profits.

  • Choose a Popular Item
  • Obtain It for the Lowest Price Possible
  • Wait for Its Popularity to Peak
  • Resell it for Maximum Profit Potential

It sounds simple enough, but too many sellers either wait too long or not long enough to maximize their profits when obtaining valuable items such as sneakers.

Of course, you’ll have to find a source that sells top of the line products at low prices, such as wholesale distributors or items sold at special events. While buying wholesale means purchasing in bulk which can cost a considerable amount, going to special events which offer the items you want can be less expensive. However, you will have to pay for travel expenses and the like, so bear that in mind when you go to these events.

Once you find a source, you will now have to purchase enough of the items, so you can sell them at a reasonable profit. The good news is that you can usually research the prices and trends to see if their popularity is going up or down. If you do the research right, you can sell on eBay or Amazon at the right price which will attract potential customers.

Now that you are an eBay reseller, Amazon FBA, or both, the next step is gearing up to sell on either service. What follows are a few reseller tips when it comes to how to resell on Amazon or eBay. Remember, the mow you know about how a reseller works, the more likely you are to enjoy success quicker and easier.

First, you must get approved in the fashion category to sell shoes on Amazon. For this reason, it may be best for beginners to stick with eBay.

The first piece of advice is that you should consider sneakers as the product which will help launch your reselling efforts. For decades, sneakers have been the casual shoe of choice for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Going along with the ebbs and flows of fashion, sneakers go through phases of brands being more popular than others which means that demand is high if you know which ones to sell. This alone qualifies sneakers as a product that sells, so all you must do is offer them at an attractive price. But there are other reasons to sell this product as well.

Why Sell Sneakers?

There are good reasons why sneakers are one of the prime items that sell on Amazon, StockX or eBay, starting with the fact that virtually everyone owns at least one pair of sneakers and when they wear out, they’ll want to buy another pair and another from you which will help boost your business efforts.

Image on Amazon eBay and StockX together
Image of Amazon, eBay, and StockX together

Repeat Business: Sneakers do not last forever, which means that at some point the person you impressed enough with the previous sale will be back to buy again. Keep in mind that customers are creatures of habit and feel more comfortable buying from a source they have already bought from before, especially if that experience was a good one. It will not be long before the backbone of your sales comes from established customers.

Word of Mouth: The best advertising your sneaker reseller business will ever have is from the customers who purchase your shoes. When the friends and family of customers see the limited sneakers that they purchased, they’ll want to know who they got them from and that leads to your business.

Profit Margin: Arguably the best reason sneakers should be your product in how to sell on Amazon is the profit potential when you choose the right brands. For example, the Air Jordan “Off White” Retro 1 retailed at $1000 when at their peak popularity. Resellers were able to get the shoes for just $160 a pair, meaning that the profit potential after putting in the world was a remarkable $750+.

While not all reseller opportunities carry that much profit potential, the truth is that many do which means even just selling one or two pairs of sneakers a day creates a considerable profit opportunity.

However, you will need to be diligent, honest, and above-board in your sales because the sneaker reseller industry does have issues with fraud. Misrepresentation is quite pronounced in this field with making money off what are clearly cheap knockoffs rather than the real deal. So, you will need to be direct and represent what you are selling honestly. Otherwise, your reputation will suffer considerably as you might get lumped into the same group that resells fraudulent knock-offs.

To understand more about how to sell on eBay with sneakers, the Six Figure Sneakerhead: Hypemaster Playbook offers the answers. You will get the latest reselling tips, understand what to sell on Amazon and eBay, and why sneakers provide the answer. 

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