Here is a much requested post, which is an answer to many emails that I’ve been getting as an experienced shoe reseller. I can̵7;t answer them all individually, so I am writing a post listing FAQ’s that come up for those curious about making money reselling shoes.

For those who want an in depth answer to these and more questions, I encourage you to check out the highly reviewed 5 Part Hypemaster Playbook that is over 150 pages long packed with valuable insider information about selling shoes profitably.

Without further ado, let’s begin:

What’s the best way to price my sneakers for sale?

This common question for beginner shoe resellers. It’s hard to know when there are so many prices out there, and you see highs and lows, and you don’t want to sell for too little or price to high and lose out on a fast sale.

One way to answer this question is to go on eBay and toggle its filters to select “Sold” and “Completed” listings to see the frequency and prices that the shoes are selling at.

ebay sold completed items tool filter
How to use eBay’s filters to see what items have sold based on your search.

You can do this the day before the release and search “Preorder (X Shoe Model)” to see what kind of prices to expect on the higher end. The day of the release has the most hype and therefore the highest prices. Price towards the lower end of the sold/completed listings you’re seeing as it’s critical to sell the shoes as soon as possible, ideally on the release day for the best price. eBay is a good metric especially when you’re using it as your sales channel. GOAT and StockX will give you detailed pricing history as well as suggested pricing. Check out this post for advanced pricing strategies and a good comparison of eBay, GOAT, and StockX. You can also keep reading to the end of this post to see a short answer to this common question.

What are the best ways to GET sneakers?

I’ve tried online, through raffles, and in-store, but there might be other ways, and how do you be the most efficient with all that?

The best way to get sneakers is to keep doing what you’re doing, but to do it from various retailers. Sites like ours will unveil a lot of websites that you may not have heard of that sell sneakers with great resale value. Getting shoes in store is great too, check for boutique stores in your local city or consignment shops some have first come first serve releases on rare sneakers that you can’t get otherwise (you may have to get there 4+ hours before the store open, but if it’s a shoe worth flipping you may triple your money.)Basically, hedge the odds in your favor by using as many methods as possible to get a pair and you’ll end up with a pair over time.

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Retro OG Colorways Shoe reseller
From: SSwagger

Oh and of course, there are sneaker bots, that’s a whole beast in itself, I write an intro in the post here and go in depth in the field guide. We also offer a book called Shoe Bot Secrets, tailored for you who want to reach the bottom of the botting sea.

A complete step-by-step HOW-TO guide for beginners, detailing each step.

The field guide is the best resource, going through an extensive history of valuable models that you need to know and how to identify and acquire them using multiple methods, including online and sneaker bots as well as an actionable business plan for reselling shoes and reaching higher levels and becoming a plug. There’s also a post that includes a step-by-step guide on packing shoes including materials needed, which is a common question for a lot of people who don’t have a process in place for this necessary step in selling shoes.

What are the best ways to market your selling?

How do I show I’m legit and credible?

eBay sell shoes feedback
If your eBay feedback looks like this, you’ll greatly increase your chances for new and repeat customers

Many platforms, but for every single one of them, having a reputation, whether it’s the in house reviews you get from the platform itself, or references who will vouch for you on social media…reputation is key, and once you’ve built it, you’re good. Basically be prompt with communication, take clear pictures, especially if the shoe is used, give clear descriptions, and ship absolutely as quickly as possible while being sure to double box your sneakers, this last part about shipping & packing is the quickest way to get positive reviews/references.

Your business will grow as your customer service stays consistent and your reputation remains spotless. You’ll get references and get plugged up for new release customers.

Your business will grow as your customer service stays consistent and your reputation remains spotless. You’ll get references and get plugged up for new release customers.

How do I avoid getting scammed?

It happens, but you can take precautions to greatly lower your chances. A lot of times, scamming victims are buyers not sellers, although with PayPal’s buyer protection, sometimes sellers are scammed.

yeezy zebra money cash resell
Yeezy’s go for serious money. Pictured are the Zebras, which went for nearly $2,000 upon the first release in February of 2017

To buy safely, deal only with sellers who have great feedback as a seller (eBay will show someone to have feedback even if they’ve only had feedback as a buyer, if they have flawless feedback as a buyer but none as a seller, avoid).

Only buy brand new shoes that include a shoe receipt, there’s no excuse to not have one, a common excuse for scammers who won’t include receipts is that they have to keep for tax purposes, but they could just make a photocopy.

Once you have good knowledge and have handled many shoes, enough to tell real vs fake, you can dive in to used shoes, but beginners should stick to new shoes if they don’t want to get scammed.

If you’re selling and you’re afraid of getting scammed by the buyer saying that the shoes are fake, again, just deal with buyers who have solid feedback as a buyer and a history of buying expensive shoes.

Best outlet to re-sell. StockX? eBay? Others?

You might be asking, what are the benefits of each? Let’s talk about it.

GOAT, an App that is becoming popular amongst shoe resellers.
GOAT, an App that is becoming popular amongst shoe resellers.

eBay is still great for a decent price and building a good reputation as a source for individual buyers, it’s best for selling preorders or within close proximity of the release day. GOAT (app) is great for selling quickly and is better for selling if you have a pair of shoes you’d like to sell some time after its release date, as there are no fakes on the app, they take the same precautions as StockX. However, StockX is a great resource and is valid today, even though they had their fair share of setbacks. You can read more about StockX here. Grailed you can sell on for rare older models, but make sure your feedback and reputation are on point before you hop on the platform. If you want to hear of many more platforms including some that you don’t have to pay fees to sell on and to answer all of these questions more in-depth, have a look at the best resource there is for a beginner who wants to resell shoes.

FAQ’s on Sneaker Reselling

What is the average salary for a sneaker reseller?

There is no average salary for a sneaker reseller as there are many factors involved. You work for yourself, meaning the more work you put in, the more results will show. If you are buying sneakers manually, your chances of profit are slimmer compared to someone who is using a bot.

Do I need a license to resell Nike shoes?

You do not need a license to resell Nike shoes or any branded shoe. There is nothing illegal about reselling shoes. Think like you are selling your old TV, no license is needed there, same rules apply for sneakers.

What shoes should I buy right now to resell?

There are no defined shoes that you should buy right now. Look at different reselling blogs/sites and scope out what is popular and how much you can resell each sneaker for.

What size sneakers should I buy to resell?

Different sneakers resell higher at different sizes. While there is no “best size”, it’s best to look at StockX and compare previous drops of similar shoes and see what sizes sold for the most and try to buy your sneakers in the same size to maximize profits.

Take your reselling game to the next level




JV was inspired to start Six Figure Sneakerhead after having more people asking questions than he could answer about sneaker reselling when they saw the success he was having. His intention is to create the top resource for sneaker resale education worldwide and loves to see when customers succeed, and he's always accepting feedback for all offerings which are constantly updated to suit the customer needs and the current times.

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  1. Joey Hughes

    Does using a bot to get Nike and Adidas shoes still work even when they use the SNRKS and Confirmed app??

    1. JVG

      Yes, you can use bots on and, they’re easier to use on Also there are bots for the SNKRS app too even though you can cop on the app without a bot

  2. Vic

    What do you think about the YEEZY BOOST 700
    Multi Solid Grey / Chalk White / Core Black?
    Thank you!

    1. jvg

      Definitely go for those, they’re actually restocking this Saturday, read up on the guide specifically in the Adidas/Yeezy Supply section to learn how to get them.

      1. Vic

        Will do, by the way, great guide thanks, man!

  3. Jay

    Found someone that is selling 50% off codes for adidas online (works on entire cart) and a resller account for 50k with 28k in merchandise. I entered a code to see and it works (havent purchased yet) Just wondering how people get these? Can someone with a resller account get these? Are you allowed to resell adidas without permission? Havent seen this discussed anywhere.

    1. JVG

      Those with reseller accounts get exclusive discounts on wholesale for them to retail at their store exclusively.

      The 50% off code is separate from a reseller account and is likely someone associated with the company as an employee.

      If you’re buying a reseller account, be sure to get a lawyer and read the paperwork–the reseller account is specifically for them and/or their store, so make sure that it can actually transfer ownership to you without changing anything. Legit opportunities for buying a reseller account are slim so make sure you don’t get screwed if you do decide to take this guy up on the offer.

      Reselling adidas is fine as an independent seller but acquiring adidas wholesale is something that the public cannot do without the right connections and permission even if they have money.

  4. Eric

    Thanks for the great and informative article! As far as being a newbie without reviews and selling on eBay, do you have tips to prevent holding on to a pair for a long time? My fear is that I’ll have a pair to sell, and the resale value will drop because they’ve been on page 12 for 2 weeks. Thanks for any answer!

    1. JVG

      Do you have the guide? Goes over these tips in depth about hacks how to build eBay feedback quickly, and yes price does go down over time for most shoes although some historic models go up in price which is why the knowledge foundation laid out in the guide is important too.

      The only tip to prevent from holding on for a long time is to have solid eBay feedback, as they rank you higher based on that. Sorry there isn’t a better answer here!

  5. Terrance

    What are the best sizes to buy first that sell quickly? I don’t believe I caught that in the guide. I could be wrong though. I have to read it again.

    1. JVG

      8 and 12 are my best historically. Thanks for getting the guide, hope you find it both helpful and motivating and here is to your success !!

  6. Nardelin

    Hi! Great article! I bought a pair of bronze Nike shoes at a thrift store, they’re in a really good condition, but I don’t know anything about them and I couldn’t find any information either, and believe me, I tried on eBay, Google even CamFind and nothing, can you recommend some App or something that can help me? Thanks!

    1. JVG

      Check the 9 digit style code, the hypemaster playbook also gives you extensive history of the most relevant shoes to get. You can get the guide right here

      Thanks and good luck w the journey !

  7. GuruGod

    Why would a shoe go down in price at all? I know multiple factors take place, but what are those factors?

  8. Rob

    I see sneakers being bought and sold on StockX before the release date. How is that possible?

    1. Alex W. Smith

      Some stores backdoor pairs before the release, and these can be resold on StockX and other resell platforms.

  9. Scott

    I am providing a receipt for proof of purchase for a sneaker purchased through sneakers app. What information do You suggest grossing out on the receipt? Credit card information, address, confirmation and or tracking number, price?

  10. Calvin

    Should I flip shoes quickly or wait and see if they go up?