Everybody wants to get their hands on the limited-edition sneakers first, but there is always someone on the internet that will beat you to it, leaving you empty-handed. Companies like Supreme, Nike and Adidas release only a limited number of pairs of their special edition sneakers and they get sold out within minutes.

People who mostly beat you to it use sneaker bots for copping sneakers, giving them an unfair advantage over other buyers. You might be using sneaker bots too, but I believe sneaker bots work best with sneaker servers. So if you’re about to cop some limited edition sneakers, the combo of bots and sneaker servers will improve your chances and even help you make multiple purchases. Check out 0k-sneaker-workbook/">The Shoe Bot Secret for a deeper understanding of bots.



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In simple language, the sneaker server is like every other server but faster and more powerful. It’s like using a super-powered computer with massive RAM power and super-fast internet bandwidth, and you remotely control this network from your PC or laptop. With sneaker servers, your chance of copping multiple sneakers increases because your bots can work faster and purchase faster with the better speed.

Advantages Of Sneaker Servers (Why Do You Need Them)

Blazing Speed – Some of the websites like Supreme are very competitive, and the only way to cop your sneakers is with the fastest internet speed. You may have 500 Mbps, and it still won’t be enough; therefore, sneaker servers are important because they can provide you with speed up to 10Gbps, and you should always try to get the server that’s closest to the website because this will increase your chances of getting those limited edition sneakers.

Speed Up The Bots – Sneaker bots can use a lot of computer memory, especially if your bots are running more than one task. This can slow down your PC or laptop, and the bots won’t be able to function efficiently, which might lead to a missed opportunity; therefore, sneaker servers are more powerful than your laptop and PC, and with these servers, you’ll be able to run more tasks on your bots and increase your chances of purchasing.

Interruption Free Internet – As we have discussed above that fast speed both for the computer and the Internet is the key to make successful purchases; therefore, if you don’t have a stable connection, you’ll be left behind, but with sneaker servers, you’ll have uninterrupted internet to increase your chances of copping sneakers.


How To Setup a Sneaker Server?

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Some of the best sneaker servers you can use are Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. Both of these services are charged per hour, but Amazon AWS is considered the best amongst them all because of its speed and is recommended if you’re planning on copping sneakers from a website like Supreme.

Setting up a sneaker server is not as technical as it sounds, especially if you’re using Google Cloud and Amazon AWS. You will start with creating a virtual machine server and then connect it through your Microsoft Remote Desktop. You can also use this desktop app on your IOS and Android phones but don’t expect the same user experience.

You’ll need a server with a minimum of 8 Gbs of RAM and 4CPU cores for a regular day at the office, but if you’re looking forward to using multiple bots with hundreds of tasks, you’ll need a better-powered server.


Bots and Sneaker Servers On macOS and Linux

Almost all sneaker bots are compatible with Windows OS only. So if you’re using macOS or Linux, you won’t be able to run these bots, but with the sneaker server, you can run them as efficiently as you would on your Windows OS even though famous bots like Nike Shoe Bot, Supreme Pro Bot and AIO X are available for macOS, Full list here.

To learn how to set up bots, check out The Bot Guide, where we’ll teach you everything about bots and how you can use them to your advantage.


Setting Server Location and Sneaker Proxies

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It is important to locate your server as close to the website’s server because this will give you better speed and a stable connection. If you are located in the US, locations like New York, Virginia and Chicago can be a good option. Still, if you’re not located in the US, you should choose the server where the website server is located and use sneaker proxies for the same location for improved speed to help you copping.

Some Good Sneaker Proxies are:


Is It Mandatory To Use A Sneaker Server For Copping Sneakers?

We now know what the sneaker server is capable of, and it totally depends on your needs. Whether you need a sneaker server or not, you should consider a few things like; many websites have now started a raffle system where customers are selected randomly on a first-come, first-serve basis. This eliminates the need for fast internet, and you might not need a sneaker server for that, but if you’re looking for multiple purchases or using macOS or Linux, you’ll probably need a server.



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With increased competition, copping sneakers is not an easy task anymore. You need to be efficient and be prepared with your tools, and do almost everything right. Bots and sneaker servers might give an advantage for copping sneakers, but they don’t always succeed, so be prepared for a set back once in a while and don’t lose hope!

You should also check out our guide, Shoe Bot Secrets, where we discuss in detail how bots work and how they can be used through the servers. With this guide,  you can learn from real case studies and a step-by-step guide on how to run bots. This will reduce your chances of failure and help you cop more sneakers for profits!


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