Cybersole AIO is one of the top sneaker bots in the market. It has been active for around 5 years now, with constant updates coming every week as sites change protection. It̵7;s one of the most well-known and expensive bots due to its consistent success since its inception.

Let’s check out what makes Cyber one of the most well-known and most expensive high-tier bots in the game.


Cybersole’s Features

Cyber website home page bot for sale
Cybersole’s website boasts the “Fastest” AIO Bot and is virtually always sold out.

Cybersole is known as an All-in-One bot, hence the associated acronym AIO.

Its hefty site list of over 270 stores worldwide makes it one of the most extensively applicable sneaker bots on the market today.

Some of its best modules include Footsites (Footlocker, Champs, Footaction, Eastbay), Footlocker EU, Shopify, and its latest addition, Yeezy Supply.

Free updates are given to owners who have their unique and valid license keys.

Cyber AIO has a slick UI where it’s easy to view how successful your cook session was. Below is a screenshot of 26 successful checkouts, something that’s totally possible if you know what you’re doing.

Cyber Bot AIO User Interface Checkout
Successful checkouts on Cyber’s slick user interface. From Alex Smith/ Shoe Bot Secrets

They also have a web dashboard where you can reset your key or control active tasks. You can also view your purchases on this dashboard. A mobile companion app has also been released, consisting of the same features plus more than the web dashboard.

Screenshot 2021 09 14 at 14.28.10 cybersole
Cyber’s Success + App – @zoe880611 Twitter


Is Cybersole Legit?

Cybersole, as one of the oldest and most well-respected bots, is one hundred percent legit. However, you must take precautions whilst buying Cyber, as it is not available through their website most of the time. Usually, you must buy from the secondary market, quite like how you would purchase a pair of hyped sneakers from Goat. A good site to purchase Cyber on is BotBroker. If you are looking to purchase Cyber, and you’re being offered a price that seems too good to be true, it most likely is.


Screenshot 2021 09 14 at 14.35.07 e1631662786622 cybersole
Cybersole Price Trend –

How much is Cyber AIO Bot ?

The price for Cybersole reflects its high-end performance, and it is far from cheap.

Its retail price of £300, or approximately $410, is already expensive enough that a lot of people need to save up to buy it.

You’ll have to pay a renewal fee every 6 months of £50 or around $69 to keep up with all the latest updates to make your software current.

On top of the high retail, Cyber retains a sky-high resale value of a whopping $5,000 on average due to the fact that it is almost always sold out and there is a very small number of copies out in circulation (maybe only 100 or so maximum legit copies with valid license keys available on the market at any moment). The resale value is even higher for Lifetime license keys, where we’ve seen highs in the $8,000 range consistently in 2020.

Keep an eye out on the markets where you can see the price action of Cyber.

One reason the price will fluctuate is the correlation of the success rate that Cyber has had on certain drops. If it does well on a drop, the price will rise, if for some reason a drop proves difficult, you’ll likely see a decline in the resale value of Cyber.


What is Six Figure Sneakerhead?

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Cyber Bot Guide
An extensive walk through of Cyber in the Shoe Bot Secrets guide

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How can I get to the top level of reselling?

There’s a lot of work involved in getting to the top level, but luckily for you at Six Figure Sneakerhead, we combine everything into one easy access website.

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Thanks for checking out this article on one of the best AIO bots on the market, Cybersole, and we hope you have learned some more about botting after reading. Good luck on your journey!

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