Kodai might not be the most popular bot on the market but it’s definitely a very effective one. Kodai is an all-in-one bot (AIO) which is also very cost-effective and could be your number one choice if you̵7;re on a tight budget and want to enter the game of copping.

Due to its high efficiency and success Kodai is always in high demand and gets out of stock really quickly but you can always purchase it on the aftermarket although you might have to pay a higher price.


  • High Success Rate

Kodai is known for its high success rate and it supports multiples websites like Adidas, Footlocker, Supreme, Shopify stores, and many others.

Thanks to its great team of developers they are always pushing updates to make Kodai a better bot. Kodai has been consistently dominating its competitors on every hot release and is one of the most successful bots on the market.

Kodai bot was one of the most successful bot on Yeezy day where large number of Yeezys are restocked.

Kodai bot supported websites
Kodai Bot Supported Websites
  • Supports Both Mac and Windows

Unlike other bots, Kodai is supported on both Mac and Windows. This means no more restrictions and you can use Kodai on a Mac without a virtual machine! Simply install on your Mac or Windows and start copping!

Kodai bot
Cross-Platform Support -Via Kodai
  • Automated Captcha Solver 

Kodai also offers an Automated captcha solver that will help you bypass captcha on sneaker websites and cop sneakers more efficiently. You can assign and apply different captcha profiles for different websites considering their requirements including checkout captcha.

captcha kodai
Captcha Harvester Option In Dashboard – Via Kodai
  • Multi-threaded 

Kodai bot is a multi-threaded bot, which means you can run multiple tasks simultaneously without interfering with each other. The more tasks you run the greater the chances of copping sneakers. Don’t forget to have delay time for your tasks because that will reduce the chances of orders being canceled.

Multi threaded task.jpg kodai
Multi threaded tasks being performed on Kodai bot
  • User-Friendly Dashboard 

Kodai comes with a free dashboard where users can get valuable information like new updates, setup guidelines, and upcoming sneaker releases. You can also easily set up your proxies and captchas through the dashboard this makes it an easy to use experience for the users.

With Kodai you will also be up to date with the latest releases and market trends which will give you an edge over other bot users and help you cop your favorite sneakers if you know how to use them correctly that is.

Kodai Bot Dashboard

Kodai Bot Pricing

Kodai bot is one of the cheapest bot on the market! You can get Kodai bot for $175 for the initial two months and then pay $59.99 per month from the third month. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s less effective. It beats many costly bots out in the market when it comes to effectiveness and copping success.

Kodai Bot Pricing.jpg kodai
Kodai Bot Pricing

Mostly Out Of Stock

Kodai’s popularity increased due to its affordability and great results which is why Kdoai is mostly out of stock. You can keep checking their Twitter for restocking updates and try to grab your Kodai bot before it’s sold out.

Screen Shot 2021 09 30 at 2.50.33 AM kodai
We can see Kodai is currently sold out

If you’re unable to get your hands on Kodai bot you can always try to buy it from someone else on the aftermarket or rent it from Tidal Rentals. Tidal Rentals has a list of bots that you can rent from them making your life easier so the copping never stops!

Should You Purchase Kodai?

Kodai is without a doubt a good investment which is also very price friendly and easy to use. Users trust Kodai bot because of its success and effectiveness therefore it’s mostly out of stock. But if you’re doing it right then you’re in for a big treat because you’ll receive a greater value for your investment when you successfully cop sneakers with Kodai.

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