If you’re looking to invest in the sneaker market then the Nike Shoe Bot is the right option for you. This isn’t just any other bot, it is one of the most advanced bots that uses state-of-the-art algorithms to get the job done.

Now, what would that job be? The job for this bot like any other sneaker bot would be to cop sneaker pairs. If you’re new to the sneaker market, just know, this is easier said than done. You need to be aware of all the trends on which sneaker would be in value and where the sneaker would be available at the best price, and that is exactly what we at Six Figure Sneakerhead specializes in.

Nike Shoe Bot Supports?

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Via Nikeshoebot

The Nike Shoe Bot is built on the AIO platform which stands for All-in-One Bot. The bot deals in over a hundred Shopify-supported websites. The bot is designed to cop brands such as Adidas, Yeezy Supply, and Supreme.

It also works with foot sites such as Footlocker, EastBay, ChampsSports, and Footaction.

Now you might be wondering one thing, why doesn’t this bot deal in Nike? That’s the irony of it, considering the name of the bot Nike isn’t officially available as of now, but sources say that Nike would be soon available.

Why Nike Shoe Bot? Speed & Multitasking.

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Nikeshoebot interface running multiple tasks via NikeShoeBot

There is no questioning the fact that the Nike Shoe Bot is a terrific performer. Always remember, that when it comes to getting hands-on limited-edition, one of a kind, sneakers on released dates, speed is the most important and crucial factor.

If you’re on time, you’ve hit the bullseye. One of the features of the bot is speed. It is designed to be super-fast and reliable.

Now, what if you wanted to cop out two sneakers at the same time? The Nike Shoe Bot also has the ability to multitask. Yes, you read that right. Even with multiple tasks at hand, the speed of the bot doesn’t get compromised.

This means you can create a decent number of tasks that will run independently and with their own strategy without conflicting with one another and without compromising the most important element in this game, “speed”.

Cross Platform Support

Another best thing about this is that the Nike Shoe Bot runs smoothly on both Windows and Mac. If you inspect the sneaker bot market, the majority of them run only on Windows and have no cross-platform support.

Now the main thing in mind that the developers had while making the Nike Shoe Bot was that it should be easy to use. Even if somebody who knows nothing about tech decides to invest in it, it should be super easy for him or her to use.

If you’re new to botting and want to learn more about it check out this guide with lifetime updates so you’re never outdated.

Nike Shoe Bot Cons – Pricing

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Official Pricing of NikeShoeBot

There aren’t many cons of the bot but nothing in this world is perfect. Pricing is one of the biggest cons that this bot can have. The high price of $499/year can be heavy on the pockets.

But this is just for short-term use. For long-term use, it’s worth the money because the amount of profit you’ll generate with this bot will be nothing compared to its price.

The second and final con of the bot is that the customer support offered by the company is a bit slow and the late response time can really get frustrating.

You can purchase the Nike Shoe Bot here.

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