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Sneaker started back in 2016 as a side hustle when JV Ortiz decided to he wanted to teach others how he was making 6 figures a year reselling collectible sneakers.

By this year, we came to a final decision to change our brand name from Six Figure Sneakerhead (Sneaker to Sneaker Flippers (

Six Figure Sneakerhead is now Sneaker Flippers
Six Figure Sneakerhead is now Sneaker Flippers

Sneaker ➡️

We felt our old name Six Figure Sneakerhead was too long and didn’t give a clear understanding of what we do. Sneaker Flippers is our new brand name that reflects our core mission to educate people on how to become a fully fledged reseller on the sneaker market. One thing to remember, we’re not just here to educate people on how to become successful resellers, but here to educate anyone who is into sneakers by giving them the most up to date information in our books and articles.

Here are five educational books that will help your resale career :

These books will give you insights in all aspects of sneaker reselling such as identifying profitable sneakers, identifying fakes, how to use bots, and much more.

Become a reseller today and join our group! See your potential on how success you can be in reselling sneakers journey with Sneaker Flippers!

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Charline Yuan

Charline has had an interest in streetwear since a young age. Her reselling interest peaked when she heard about how much her friend bought the Air Jordan 1 for on the secondary market and got instantly hooked.


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