It is very important to check the fees, delivery charges and other benefits when you choose a reselling platform. Today, we̵7;ll explore the top sneaker apps for buying and reselling.

However, it’s not just about delivery and fees. You should also assess your product and competitors. For instance, second-hand shoes are best suited for platforms like eBay, while deadstock sneakers are thriving on sites like GOAT or StockX. If you want to understand sneaker terminology better, check out our article!

We have quite a few ones to cover, so without further adieu, let’s get right to it.



Customers and resellers may utilize StockX’s user-friendly platform with ease. Buyers may submit an offer that any reseller will accept when they see a shoe model they want, or they can buy it right away at the lowest advertised asking price.

The seller sends the shoes to StockX after the sale, where they are validated to make sure they are genuine. The client receives their shoes after they have been checked.

For resellers, listing shoes on StockX or selling them right away to the highest bidder are also options. You send the shoes to StockX for authentication after a sale. The money for the transaction is provided to you after the shoes have been authenticated.

Checking out the current portfolios of sellers with six-figure shoe collections and making your own to assist you in carefully watching the sneaker industry are two more intriguing research features.


Sneaker Info is available on StockX.

  • Resellers are not required to post shoe descriptions or photographs since all shoes sold on StockX are deadstock.
  • All shoe-related details, such as shoe model, colorway, release date, and retail costs, are already available on StockX’s website.
  • It takes time for resellers to have to photograph all of their footwear and write descriptions. StockX is simpler to use than other selling platforms since you don’t have to do all that labor.

The Authentication Process at StockX

  • For both sellers and buyers, StockX’s verification procedure may be the finest feature. Many customers are anxious when purchasing shoes online because they are unsure whether they will get a genuine article or a copy.
  • Resellers are aware that offering high-quality goods is key to building their reputation. Your whole resale company might be destroyed by the sale of one bogus pair of shoes. Shoes are transported immediately to them once a transaction is completed on StockX so that devoted staff members may inspect them.
  • To ensure that shoes are 100 percent authentic, StockX personnel examines every single detail. Shoes are supplied to the purchaser with a green verification tag when that has been decided.
  • StockX is a great place to sell Air Maxs, Jordans, and Yeezys since there are so many fakes out there.

Privacy of StockX

  • Similar to the stock market, both buyers and sellers stay anonymous during the transaction, which is one aspect that sets StockX apart from its rivals.
  • The shoes are the main focus. Numerous sneaker transactions are advertised on websites like eBay, but you have no clue whom you are dealing with or if the shoes are authentic. There is no danger for clients since StockX authenticates each pair of shoes.


In addition to the numerous beneficial features that StockX provides via its platform, there are certain elements that sellers don’t like. Due to this, many resellers choose to sell on other platforms and just utilize StockX for its analytical data.

  • Free Market

Because StockX supports a free market, consumers decide how much shoes are worth. The ability of customers to submit bids below the average market value, which can reduce a shoe’s worth on the website, irks many resellers.

  • High Fees

Sellers must pay a fee to use any online resale platform. That shouldn’t be shocking, considering how they generate revenue. The costs for StockX, however, are more than average.

Selling on StockX is charged a 9.5% seller’s fee; however, this might decrease as you sell more pairs of shoes. Additionally, StockX has raised shipping costs over the years and now charges a processing fee for payments.

Less money in your pocket after the sale results from higher fees. Wouldn’t it be sad to get your hands on that limited Jordan just for the service fees to take a huge chunk of the sale?

For more information, see our article on whether StockX sells fake sneakers.


Goat 1

According to research and feedback, selling on GOAT is preferable to STOCKX since you can sell worn shoes there, and there is a reduced seller charge. StockX solely concentrates on new items.

In the end, GOAT and StockX provide services that elevate them among those who purchase and sell shoes and other products.

Overall, depending on pricing reviews, delivery choices, etc., you can decide if you prefer GOAT or StockX to sell those fire pairs of Nike Dunks you just copped.


  • You can sell used shoes.

Selling old shoes has the benefit that GOAT outperforms STOCKX as a superior seller site. Selling new products may be profitable in and of itself, but selling worn shoes is a way to make money quickly.

When it comes to selling old goods or determining the resale worth of brand-new, hyped footwear, you face fewer rivals.

  • Low selling fees

As a seller of largely used products, your major objective is to make money. Therefore, cutting costs is something you’ll constantly be concerned about, and utilizing the GOAT platform would allow you to sell on a reduced seller fee compared to STOCKX, which charges between 9% and 12% of the price of the stock.

  • Inventories for storage of your items

You may keep your products with GOAT in their storage facilities, which is an added benefit. Sellers must submit GOAT their whole merchandise for storage and protection in order for this to happen. This ensures that after a purchase has been completed, things will be delivered promptly to clients. This solution is appropriate for individuals with a large inventory and sufficient selling requests.

  • GOAT provides quicker delivery

Customers and buyers alike like receiving their purchases—in this example, sneakers—quickly at their doorsteps. Whether the sneaker is new or used, quick shipment is really appreciated. For your bought products, both platforms provide a 6–10 day shipping schedule; however, the GOAT website also includes an “instant ship” option. The products will be delivered to you straight from the GOAT storage facility after you pay a nominal charge that many customers find to be extremely useful and wait for 3 to 5 days for delivery.

  • A seller’s market

You as a seller have the authority to choose your pricing on the GOAT marketplace. On STOCKX, the prices are established by the consumers, not the sellers. Many clients can’t afford to buy a new pair of shoes or just need to purchase a pair in excellent shape and part of a classic collection, giving used shoes tremendous market opportunities.


  • One of the major cons is that consumers are not able to bid, so you may find that it takes a bit longer to sell the sneakers. With StockX, a consumer sets the bid, and you can tell the product pretty much instantly.
  • Another con is that your competitors will be setting above-market prices, which will entice you to do the same. This can lower the sales for you as you attempt to match the competition’s prices.

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eBay is the original sneaker resale website, despite the fact that it may seem like the kind of place you’d use to auction off any junk from your garage.  eBay was the place to go for all the most recent sneaker launches long before there was StockX or GOAT.

When fresh competitors entered the market with a clearer perspective, it began to disappear. However, eBay is beginning to understand that if they do not encourage sneaker resale, they will lose out on big earnings. You may be wondering whether there are any further significant reasons why eBay is a superior resale platform. Let’s go through some of the more important ones now.


  • Payment Security

PayPal is integrated into the eBay website. Because of its escrow protection, Paypal is predominantly utilized by company owners worldwide.

Escrow: What does it mean? It implies that before you even give the goods to the customer, your money is in “safe hands.” As a result, you do not need to be concerned about being duped as a vendor.

  • Auction your sneakers

Most of the time, vendors, particularly new ones, are unsure of how much to charge for their footwear. They often overcharge, which results in no one purchasing them. Or they drastically underprice them, which results in a loss of revenue.

 eBay is lobbying for an incentive for auctions. 2020 saw the return of eBay auctions with Sole Supremacy.

If you’ve been in this situation before, eBay enables you to let the buyers battle it out, with the highest bidder taking the prize.

You may establish a minimum auction price and let the purchasers pay the remaining amount. The next step is to relax and appreciate the shoe.

  • Develop your company

If you’re a new shoe resale entrepreneur, you should know that having a good reputation is essential to success. You can do just that on eBay. Customers may see the reviews others have written about your prior sales after they click on your listing.

  •  Favorable reviews

Your sales and brand will grow as a result of feedback. As a consequence, you must ensure that you satisfy every conceivable whim of the customer and under no circumstances engage in fraudulent advertising of your products.

For instance, if the shoes have been worn, don’t say they haven’t. Customers are quite wary and will complain to eBay if they believe they weren’t given their money’s value. Be careful since eBay sides with the buyer 90% of the time.


  • eBay is Known for Selling Counterfeit Goods

Since there isn’t yet an authentication method, selling shoes on eBay has its drawbacks. eBay is looking towards including this on their website in the future. Due to this, a lot of fake and unauthenticated shoes are offered for sale on eBay.

Due to this, many prospective buyers are hesitant to purchase shoes on eBay. However, there are a few strategies to gain buyers’ confidence on eBay. Customers may submit reviews of your narrative as the first method.

Many clients look to social evidence to determine whether or not they can trust a business.

You may also get over this issue by having your footwear personally certified. Sending your footwear to sites like StockX for verification is one way to do this. Additionally, you can have your shoes validated for free at events like SneakerCon.

  • As an eBay seller, You May Fall Victim to Scams

A few scams are now aimed at eBay merchants as of the time of this writing. Customers may attempt to defraud vendors by claiming that they never got your footwear.

They may assert this in a claim. I would advise asking the purchaser to sign for the box upon delivery if you sell via eBay. While it can cost a little bit extra, it protects you against fraud.

Customers returning a phony or used pair of the identical pair you sold is another method I’ve seen merchants conned. If this occurs, there is basically no way for you, as a seller, to complain to eBay.

One approach to avoid this is to label the interior of the box or add a subtle sticker that the con artist would miss. In this manner, you might demonstrate your pictures with the blemishes and contrast them to the finest item that they returned if they complain to eBay.

If interested, check out our article on whether eBay sells fake sneakers here. If you are interested in starting your very own reselling empire, read the Hypemaster Playbook!

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

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