The Aglet App is the latest installment of digital collectible technology in the sneaker world. Built by the former Adidas director of future trends, Ryan Mullins, and graphic designer Dan Freebairn, the app is regarded as the Sneakerheads version of the hit game Pokemon Go.

STEPN might seem like it is directly competing with this, which it is to an extent. Let̵7;s dive in deeper so we can differentiate the two.

Official Aglet App logo. Image via Business Wire.
Official Aglet App logo. Image via Business Wire.

What is the Aglet App?

Mirrored after the massive online game Pokemon Go, Aglet is a digital game that allows players to wear digital sneakers and earn digital currency by walking outside.

Essentially, you download the app, spend time walking outside, and you will acquire digital currency which you can then use to purchase rare sneakers. As you get more steps, you acquire more digital currency, and you can add more grails to your collection.

What’s interesting about Aglet is that your sneakers will actually wear down in the game, just as they would if you were actually wearing them outside.

The development team has created repair stations that will make your worn-down (digital) sneakers look like they were just purchased again. There are also secret locations around cities all over the world where players can unbox more currency, digital sneakers, or even physical sneakers.

As the app is still in its early phase, the goal is just to focus on digital sneakers and allow people to grow their digital collections. But as the app grows older, the focus will switch to including physical sneakers as rewards. More on the impact of physical sneakers with Metaverse technology later.

Official interface of the app. Image via Aglet Blog.
The official interface of the app. Image via Aglet Blog.

Messages From the Founders

As noted earlier, this app was founded by the former Adidas director of future trends and an expert graphic designer. A perfect match made in heaven when it comes to a digital app about online collectibles.

There is no doubt that this app will play a huge role in the future of metaverse sneakers, here’s what Mullins said:

Given that we take an L on like 99% of the sneakers we’re going after, we decided that a game for virtual sneakers is the remedy, the idea is to build a “game layer” on top of the sneaker industry.

His idea is interesting in that you actually take the chance out of it. People now have a totally fair playing ground to go out and earn their digital sneakers, not have to hope that they get chosen.

This app will really be an advantage for those who are really motivated to grow their digital collections because they will have the chance to go outside and earn it.

The second founder, Freebairn, had this to say about the app:

Unlike real sneaker purchasing of entering raffles and the luck of the draw. I can browse the Aglet Sneaker Shop for what I want to cop next, knowing I’ll need to put a bit of work in to get ‘em and feel that sense of achievement.

This app really is changing the way we view sneaker releases and actually allowing you to have some input into whether or not you get a pair. Imagine the possibilities when physical sneakers become a real portion of this business.

Aglet CEO Ryan Mullins. Image via Venture Beat.
Aglet CEO Ryan Mullins. Image via Venture Beat.

Why This Matters

As always, it’s incredibly important to understand why innovations like this are important.

We’ve taken a deep look at tons of different metaverse projects in the last few months. We’ve seen StockX begin selling NFTs and be hit with a lawsuit a few weeks later.

We’ve seen tons of new ideas like MetaKicks, SNKRS Frens, and Phygital Sneakers.

Each project has brought something new, something different to the digital sneaker world, and that doesn’t change now.

Digital sneakers aren’t new, and neither is a digital currency. What’s new about Aglet is their combination of digital sneakers and currency, with the physical activity associated with both.

Another interesting sidebar about what this app will create is a conversation about fitness and activity. Fitness brands like Nike and Adidas may jump on this opportunity as they are always looking for ways to increase their customer base.

Not to mention the positive brand awareness and PR they would get if they inspired people to get digital sneakers through outdoor physical activity.

The partnerships are endless, especially with sneaker stores and other sneaker-related events where Aglet could easily create special locations that incorporate different rewards and prizes for people who visit and compete in different games and whatnot.

In May of 2018, Pokemon Go had a total of 147 million users. Now, we’re not saying this app will gain that type of traction, but it’s certainly modeled after a method that has proven to work.

There is no doubt the idea is a great one and one that will surely gain traction as it begins to rise in popularity. The app, which is currently only on IOS, is in development for Android which will only continue to add to their customer base and downloads.

Another look at the app interface. Image via Forbes.
Another look at the app interface. Image via Forbes.

Why You Need to Get Involved

We have said it time and time and time again, this is the future and it’s here.

Metaverse. NFTs. Digital Assets. It’s all here and it’s time to get involved. It’s going to be really important that at the very least, you take the time to invest in education and do research.

Even if you think that physical sneakers will always be a supreme way of reselling, and that may absolutely be true, you are doing yourself a massive disservice by not taking the time to understand what this movement is.

Reselling is changing and it’s becoming more and more digital every day. StockX and GOAT are venturing into markets in ways we have never seen before. It is only a matter of time before everyone else follows.

The next coming months and years are going to reveal a lot about what works and what doesn’t. A majority of metaverse projects fail, but the ones that don’t, they really work.

Seeing how reselling will evolve will be a roller coaster, but one that you will have to ride in order to truly understand how the game is changing and how you can profit off of it, or simply partake and enjoy your growing collection.

Even if you don’t understand it now, and the idea of digital sneakers makes zero sense to you, at least recognize that the popularity is blowing up and that means something.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital collectibles like photos, videos, music, or art. Purchasing an NFT is kind of like buying an original painting that has a certificate of authenticity.

Can you make money with NFTs?

Some entrepreneurs and investors treat NFTs like stocks, purchasing and selling them to make money. If you currently own a collection of NFTs and no longer require them, you may easily sell them in the same way that you would if you made them yourself. The minting process is the only step you’ll skip.

Is Nike part of the metaverse?

Nike’s first collection of shoes for the metaverse is fetching astronomical sums. The collection, known as CryptoKicks, is being auctioned off as non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the online marketplace OpenSea.

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