Since its debut in 2015, the adidas Ultraboost has been one of the most popular running shoes and all-around sneakers on the market as they provide great comfort while still being moderately light, yet boasting in style.

Today we are looking at the best women̵7;s Ultraboost models on the market and why they might be the right pick for you.

What is so special about the adidas Ultraboost?

They share many similarities with other branded sneakers on the market which might make the Ultraboost seem less appealing since they usually have a hefty price tag attached to them, unlike some of the competition out there.

The big difference lies in the soles, which are one of the best injury-preventing soles out on the market right now, paired with incredible comfort makes these worth every penny.

Something that is very noteworthy as well is that the Ultraboost is made of 50% high-performance recycled materials. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing most sneakers being recycled material, which is something we support.

With that being said, some models out there are being sold for under retail, so it’s worth checking out GOAT and Flight Club to see if you can pick up a steal.

Now let’s get into my top adidas Ultraboost Sneakers for Women.

adidas Ultraboost 21 WMNS Black Blue Oxide

  • Retail Price: $180
  • Average Resell: $155
  • Release Date: Thursday, April 1st, 2021
  • Style Code: FY0405
adidas Ultraboost WMNS 21 black blue oxide running shoe - Image via Flight Club
adidas Ultraboost 21 WMNS black blue oxide Side View – Image via Flight Club

As the famous saying goes, simplicity is key. This pair will without a doubt stand the test of time as the black color will be a breeze to keep clean for years to come.

I can personally vouch for these as I’ve owned the men’s pair myself since release, and they still look like they just came out of the box even after heavy use.

If you are lucky and have the correct size, you can find them for an incredibly cheap price on GOAT or Flight Club.

adidas Ultraboost 21 WMNS Black Violet Tone

  • Retail Price: $180
  • Average Resell: $120
  • Release Date: Tuesday, June 1st, 2021
  • Style Code: S23836
adidas Ultraboost 21 WMNS Black Violet Tone For Resale - Image via Flight Club
adidas Ultraboost 21 WMNS Black Violet Tone Side View – Image via Flight Club

If you thought the black version was a bit bland and did not fit your style, don’t worry as we have this beauty of a shoe as well for an even lower price tag depending on your size.

The visible plastic foam sole is what really separates this shoe from others, both for visual appearance and comfortability.

As always, you can find these under retail prices at GOAT and Flight Club.

Stella McCartney x Ultraboost 21 WMNS White Black

  • Retail Price: $230
  • Average Resell: $80
  • Release Date: Thursday, March 11th, 2021
  • Style Code: FZ3044
Stella Mccartney x Ultraboost 21 WMNS White Black Side View - Image via GOAT
Stella McCartney x Ultraboost 21 WMNS White Black Side View – Image via GOAT

Ultraboost 21 is known for its richness in comfort, to get this sort of comfort you need to compromise in certain departments, in this case make them a bit on the looser side, which also makes your foot prone to slide around inside the shoe when moving side to side.

Whilst this shoe shares the exact same attributes as the past mentioned sneakers, this provides excellent ankle support and makes this particular version a bit better for people who want to move sideways without sliding around as much.

As always, you can purchase them for a cheaper price on the secondary market, check out GOAT and Flight Club to see for yourself.

Stella McCartney x Ultraboost 22 WMNS Scarlet Leopard

  • Retail Price: $190
  • Average Resell: $300
  • Release Date: Tuesday, March 29th, 2022
  • Colorway: Cloud White/Scarlet/Pearl Citrine
  • Style Code: GV9156
Stella Mccartney x WMNS ultraboost 22 scarlet leopard side view - Image via Flight Club
Stella McCartney x WMNS ultraboost 22 scarlet leopard side view – Image via Flight Club

This sneaker takes the Ultraboost to a whole new level with its bold design and updated characteristics from the previous Ultraboost 21.

adidas addressed the concerns from the slippery nature of the Ultraboost 21 and made this iteration much more locked in, while still keeping the comfortability of the previous Ultraboost 21.

Now this does not mean that the 21s are not worth looking at. The choice comes from personal preference. Do you like a tight, snug, and locked-in fit then the 22 is definitively something to consider.

If you like a looser fit and do not need a stable shoe for tight turns, the 21 version might be the perfect shoe for you.

You can find them on GOAT and Flight Club among many other Ultraboost sneakers here.

Now you might have noticed that the resale price is much higher than the retail price and perhaps, this sparked your imagination of how this is possible, and if there are profits to be made?

Check out our educational articles here to learn more, and when you are ready to take the step to become a fully-fledged reseller, check out our flagship Hypemaster Playbook that will take you from a reselling rookie to pro by the end of the book.

FAQ on adidas Ultraboost

How does ultraboost fit?

The adidas Ultraboost 21 has a loose fit compared to some running sneakers, while the Ultraboost 22 has a bit more snug fit to fix the complaints of previous 21 owners.

What is so special about Ultraboost?

Ultraboost’s sole is what makes them so special. It is one of the best injury preventing soles out there right now which is in particular great for long distance runners and overweight people looking to be active and reduce weight whilst still protecting their feet and knees.

Is it ok to wear running shoes for walking?

It is ok to wear running shoes for walking, though some running shoes have a bit of an angle for running as you typically lean a bit more forwards when running compared to walking. For extensive long range walking I’d suggest looking for something else.

Are Ultraboost shoes worth it?

The adidas Ultraboost is worth every single penny if you have previously had a injury or simply want to be on the safe side when it comes to injuries. Not only are they great for protection, they are also one of the most comfortable shoes on the market right now.

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