2019 has had no shortage of two things: hyped Air Jordan 1s and Women’s shoes that guys wanted.

A rare drop is on the horizon that̵7;s a combo of the aforementioned two, meaning that this one will have resale value.

It’s the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Melody Ehsani”, named after the designer herself.

Let’s dig into the hype on this one and see how you can get your hands on (feet in*) this one, and if it’s for the flip, how much profit you can pocket.

Release Details: Air Jordan 1 Mid Fearless “melody Ehsani”

Nike official image

Retail Price: $130

Release date: Friday, November 15th 2019

Colorway: White/Black/Half Blue/Habanero Red

Detailed Look: AJ1 “melody Ehsani”

It’s always good to understand the figure behind the hype, not just to be a more educated sneaker entrepreneur but to pay some respect to the artist.

melody ehsani ig picture jordan designer la
Ehsani and Aleali rocking the latter’s $2000 creations on feet–more on those later.

Melody Ehsani is a Persian-American designer out of Los Angeles.

Ehsani can be credited almost single-handedly to bringing women to Fairfax in LA, which is a historically male dominated fashion world.

She rocks her fits well, as seen in the pic above.


Her website — which is about to get a flood of new visitors who want their hands on this work of art– is known for its uniquely edgy merch for the real and unapologetically bad bitches in the room.

Aleali May and Melody Ehsani, two lady GOATS. Video from Complex.

If there’s anyone to bring to this conversation, it would be Aleali May, who also had her very own hyped Air Jordan 1 which we’ll dig into later.

In the video above, the two greats talk fashion business, and Ehsani alludes to future Jordan collabs.

The future is now though as we’re finally set to see a Melody Ehsani Jordan in real life.


From Melody’s IG, a close up and on foot look.

This shoe, a true work of art, is iconic in so many ways.

A literal time piece is the lacelock/dubrae, with the artist’s initials ME also able to be interpreted as, well, “me”, the wearer, and how valuable your time is.

On the heel, an inscription reads:

“If you knew what you had was rare, you would never waste it.”

This is a quote from the author Julie Burns Walker, who wrote the legendary “The Little Book of the Soul’s Big Journey”.

Encapsulating such powerful words on an eye catching work of art in a way that pop culture resonates with is a hard thing to pull off, but it looks like Ehsani has done it.


Official Nike images

The pictures speak louder than words I can write.

From @melodyehsani, models rocking these kicks on feet.

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These are impossible to ignore, and it’s no wonder that people are willing to pay high aftermarket prices for them.

Resale Value

StockX stats from late October 2019. Check current prices here.

The recipe is all lined up with this one and it’s no wonder that six figure resellers are adding this to their must buy list.

Resale prices for this “ME” Jordan 1 are sky high at the moment, nearing Off-White territory, with current profit numbers allowing for $500-$1000 pocketed per pair depending on size.

From StockX.


The last pair we can compare these to are the Jordan 1 x Aleali May Shadow, which now sells for a solid (up to $2000+ per pair) profit over its $120 retail price as seen above.

Like the “ME1”, Aleali’s was her first of her now four Jordan collaborations.

These are set to go down in history, and although we don’t have a crystal ball, it’s shoes like these that make the sneaker investment world so lucrative.

Sitelist for Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Melody Ehsani

If you’ve read this far, it would be hard not to want to buy these either to keep or to flip.

The reason that these are so hyped and that there is money to be made with these shoes is that the stock is limited, and there aren’t many places to buy them.

You can buy these shoes from these two sites:

Full site list is subject to change.

Members of our cook group will have access to premium monitors that push out live links and release guides for your highest chance of copping.

How to Buy the Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani

@melodyehsani with an on foot look of the ME1 .

Being educated on these (our Hypemaster Playbook was created as the flagship standard of sneaker resale education) gives you an edge not just on the buying side, but on how to build a real sneaker business.

To get these “ME” 1’s, you’ve gotta combine manual and bot methods for a chance at one or even multiple pairs.

Be aware that Nike is set to drop them on the SNKRS app at 10AM on Friday, November 15th–this might be your best chance to get them.

Read our full free guide on the SNKRS app here.

We will also update this article as we find out more news and info about these, especially if the release date changes, which it often does with hype like these.

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Either way, even if you take an L or just don’t care about these kicks, remember:

If you knew what you had was rare, you would never waste it.

And she’s talking about time, and your life…and you.


Thanks guys and take care,


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