Nike Dunk High PRM Dark Russet background, Release Date and estimated resell

To end the month off with a  bang, Nike is set to drop yet another Dunk high in zesty new color tones! The Nike Dunk High PRM “Dark Russet”; Price is $120 for men’s sizes and releases on January 28th according to retailers. Stay tuned to know all about it!

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Before we take a detailed look at the Nike Dunk High PRM Dark Russet, let me walk you through some history!

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Nike Dunk| Background

Nike Dunk High History Infomration lucasitodesign
By lucasitodesign

Peter Moor, who also designed other popular Nike sneakers such as the Air Jordan 1 and the Terminator, took inspiration from those sneakers and came up with the Nike Dunk.

Initially, they only wanted the Dunk to be a basketball sneaker with no idea of an entirely new untapped market with a lot of potentials.

The realization came when they made too many of the Air Jordan 1s which started sitting on shelves collecting dust. Due to lack of demand, it saw various price cuts that attracted a different consumer base. Thus the Nike SB Dunk was born in 2002 with its own history and legacy.

The regular Dunk, however, has an important history of its own which is often overlooked.

The Nike Dunk launched in 1985 with a more advanced design than its predecessors. It came at an ideal time and reinvigorated basketball culture for many. College basketball was on the rise and Nike’s “Be True to Your School” program further added to the hype.

For this program, Nike released various Dunks for each of the 12 schools that came under Nike. This was a great way for students to show support for their respective schools all while looking super-fresh in their brand new Dunks.

2020| The Year of The Dunks

Nike Dunk High Popularity 2020
Via Sneakerjagers

In 2020, two sneakers rose to dominance and were one of the most sought after sneakers anywhere. The first is the regular Nike Dunk while the second is the more popular Nike SB Dunk.

Starting off 2020, Nike treated fans to a Strangelove SB Dunk Low for Valentine’s day which was quite the head-turner. However, Nike didn’t stop there and continued to deliver hit after hit Dunks and SB Dunks throughout the year.

Then came the hyped and super-profitable Nike Dunk Low Syracuse and Kentucky which sold out instantly. Although they feature pretty simple color blocking, the history behind those colorways made people buy them for sky-high resale prices.

There were also some other popular retro colorways such as the Nike Dunk High Michigan.

Close to the tail-end of 2020, Nike dropped huge new collaborations that will perhaps be enshrined in the memories of fans forever. Such as the CPFM Nike Dunk Low and the Kasina x Nike Dunk Low.

It appears that Nike has started 2021 by going all-in with their successful Dunk sneakers. We’ve already seen multiple releases in the first month alone and now at the end of January, a new Dunk High is on the horizon.

To estimate resale for the Nike Dunk High PRM Dark Russet, let’s head over to StockX.

Nike Dunk High Messa Orange

Nike Dunk High Mesa Orange

Retail Price: $70

Peak Resell: $450

Release Date: 09/01/2003

Colorway: Orange/Black-White

The “Messa Orange” Nike Dunk High is a classic colorway that released almost two decades ago.

The upper consists of smooth leather orange underlays which appear on the toe box, side panels, and collars. Dark patent leather with a glossy finish covers the toes, eye stays, and quarter panels.  A white midsole and orange outsole completes the design.

The average selling price on reseller’s websites is around $290 which is an average gross profit of over $200. At peak resale, resellers have even earned profits as high as $380 per pair! I believe the Nike Dunk High Dark Russet will likely have a slightly lower resale value.

Nike Dunk High PRM Tweed Orange Blaze

Nike Dunk High PRM Tweed Orange Blaze

Retail Price: N/A

Peak Resell: $400

Release Date: 02/11/2007


This Dunk high is a slightly tweaked version of the regular Dunk High Tweed and is perhaps the more popular one as well.

Uppers on this sneaker include dark brown and earthy color tones while the checked pattern is reminiscent of an old sweater. Brown leather overlays and laces blend right in while an orange ‘Swoosh’ provides a stark contrast.

The average selling price on reseller websites is around $200 which is likely a gross profit of around $100 per pair. They’ve been sold for profits as high as $300. The Nike Dunk High PRM Dark Russet, However, will likely have a slightly higher resale value.

Nike Dunk High PRM Cassette Playa

Dunk High PRM Casette Playa

Retail Price: $108

Peak Resell: $230


The “Cassette Playa” Dunk High features a black leather upper with white stitching all over.

Red collar lining and bottom laces provide contrast while a shiny ‘Swoosh’ adds another layer of detail including yellow upper laces, yellow heel tabs, and blue markings on the toe boxes. A vibrant orange sole completes the look.

Its average selling price on StockX is around $200 which is a gross profit of $90. The Nike Dunk High PRM Dark Russet will likely have a higher average reselling price.

Nike Dunk High PRM “Dark Russet”| Detailed Look


Retail Price: $120

Estimated Resell: $200-$220

Release Date: January/28/2021


With no official images yet released, only a handful of leaked photos have surfaced giving us a good idea of what to expect.

This Dunk High PRM, as its names suggest, features premium materials the majority of which appears to be suede. A dark suede base appears on the side panels, heel tabs, perforated toe boxes, and throats. The throat leads up to a white tongue with orange Nike branding.

The overlays which appear on the quarter panels, toe regions, and eye stays feature an orange shaggy suede. A dark brown suede swoosh also makes its way onto both lateral sides of the sneakers.

Finally, a Sail midsole and a dark outsole with Nike branding finish off the design.

A few leaked images have surfaced recently, take a closer look.


Via sneakerbardetroit
Nike Dunk High PRM Dark Russet Release Date 3
Via Py_rates

Estimated Resell Value

Although these are no SB Dunks, I still expect them to sell out very fast and be difficult to cop. To significantly improve your chances of copping a pair, I recommend joining our exclusive Winner’s Circle for valuable insider knowledge.

Using my estimated resell value of $220, expect gross profits of around $100 per pair.

Nike Dunk High PRM “Dark Russet”| Where to Buy

You can expect them to release Via select retailers and Nike SNKRS on January 28th. The retail price for men’s sizes is set at $120 per pair.

To buy them today for resale prices, visit StockX.


Nike Dunk High PRM “Dark Russet”

Retail Price: $120

Estimated Resell: $200-$220

Release Date: January/28/2021

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS

                       (Resale) StockX

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In other news, Nike is set to release the SB Dunk Low Court Purple this coming week!

Have a great week everyone!

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