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In most cases, when I’m writing about reselling shoes for high amounts of profit, we’re looking at male-only models.

However, this time we got something special on our hands; a highly anticipated collection that is made for women exclusively.

Nike’s Waffle Racers are a well-known name, both among casual shoewear fans and hardcore sneakerheads reselling expensive models 24/7.  Off-White?

Well, a bit less-known.

Still, earlier this year, Nike has announced a highly-anticipated collaboration with Off-White, which will not be the first time they have worked together on some kicks that managed to impress the whole world.

Last time this happened, you were able to make a 200-300% profit if you had the almighty Hypemaster Playbook on your hands.

While I won’t go into too much detail regarding Nike’s history, I wanna say a word or two about the aforementioned Off-White.

Virgil Abloh is a well-known DJ from Chicago who is also known for being Kanye’s close friend.

In 2017, he started his brand Off-White in Milano and has since collaborated with many popular brands showcasing his artistic prowess. These collabs include Air Jordan 1, Presto, and much more.

Without any more delays, let’s take a peek at Off-White x Nike Waffle Racers which we also mentioned on our list of October 2019’s hottest shoe drops (although, like many other hype shoes, they have suffered a delay.)

Release Details: Off-White x Nike Waffle Racers

Nike official pictures

Since we first found out about this release, a few months ago, there have been numerous changes to the release date. At first, they were supposed to drop November.

We were then told that they would release earlier in October, but we are now confirmed to have a newly accurate release date of Thursday, December 12th, 2019.

The drop will come in 3 eye catching colorways:

  • (Predominantly) Grey — officially Black/White-Fuchsia
  • White –officially White/Electric Green-Black
  • Blue –officially Vivid Sky/Black-Electric Green

This is quite similar to the past Zoom Terra Kigers in many aspects, including the three bright colorways for women only (not stopping men from rocking them).

The resale value is a bit different though, let’s check out why these Off-White Waffles are so hot.

Detailed Photos: Off-White x Nike Waffle Racers

A detailed look from the top, from py_rates.

Compared to the unofficial predecessor of these shoes, the Terra Kiger 5s, the Waffle Racers share more traditional high cost Off-White characteristics, a more attractive look, and thus a higher expected resale value.

A wrapped upper with deconstructed elements welcomes the bright color contrasts and Off-White text branding.

Credit: Hypebeast

When seen on feet, these are not quite as glossy and end up looking like the perfect outfit topper, minus the confusing track-ready-seeming spikes.

Although these aren’t for many people to keep, there are still enough  people that like them to give these some resale value on the sneaker aftermarket.

Resale Value Guide: Off-White x Nike Waffle Racers

Nike Air Jordan Off-White Chicago black red
Nike Air Jordan Off-White “Chicago”, the most profitable shoe of the past year

In today’s resale world, Off-White is one of the most ludicrously profitable brands that is definitely helping to contribute to the growing billion dollar sneaker reselling pie. 

Not all of their shoes are created equal, but are all almost universally as tough to buy.

It’s because of the high demand, hype and difficulty of purchase that anything Off-White x Nike is set to have resale market value.

While it’s hard to have an accurate projection of aftermarket value, we can take a look at two similar releases from 2019:

First we have the similar Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Off-White:

A look at late October 2019 prices of the similar June 2019 Terra Kigers.

Resale profit has been as high as over $400 per pair, but is now down to roughly $20-$50 per pair, super low for the brand.

Next, the Off-White Nike Zoom Fly Tulip/Pink:

From StockX

These were a bit more hyped, and this women’s shoe is selling for a pretty steady $400, which is $200 in profit above its retail price of $170.

The December 2019 Waffles, which will retail at $150, fall somewhere in the middle:

A late October 2019 projection of the Vivid colored Waffle Nike Off White Racer from StockX.

While it’s unclear this early, it looks like a profit of about double, for $100-$150 per pair in your pocket, is the projection.

If anything, these are a good first buy to secure an Off-White win under your belt.

Where to Buy Off-White x Nike Waffle Racers: Sitelist

In addition to Off White’s site, we are expecting these on:

…and more.

We will update this sitelist as the day gets closer.

Members of our private cook group (email for more info) will get live links pushed in real time for highest resale success.

How to Buy Off White Sneakers

Off white jordan 1 chicago stockx price
The Off-White Jordan 1 Chicago had prices over $2,000 for a massive profit over its $190 retail following its release date

A combination of manual and bot techniques will ensure the highest rate of success for this one.

Keep persisting and don’t ever give up, hardly anyone takes a win at their first bat, so losses are basically inevitable but just like in dating this doesn’t mean you should sit this game out–on the contrary, it could change your life for the better in ways you can’t even expect.

Our blog always has the latest info and releases, so be sure to subscribe to our email list for a free preview so you know why the Hypemaster Playbook is so highly reviewed.

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