Dior is known as one of the most hyped brands of all time and has the best looking sneakers. Dior B22 Sneakers can add an edge to any outfit, which combines elegance and sportswear spirit. Dior B22 Sneakers have a retro running style with a chunky low-top and are designed with calfskin and mesh upper and sculpted sole.

Dior is a huge part of the sneaker culture and part of misc resale models. Today, we will look at the best looking Dior B22 Sneakers of all time and find out their resell value on the secondary market!

Here̵7;s the list without any order, so let’s jump right into it!

Dior B22 Blue Black

  • Retail Price: $1,100
  • Average Resell: $1,182
  • Colorway: BLUE/BLACK
  • Style Code: 3SN231YUL_H569
Dior B22 Blue Black

Dior B22 Blue Black Sneaker was released back in 2021. This sneaker features grey and white mesh for the upper, black suede toe, and smooth blue and black calfskin. The toe and ankle loops match the vamp’s lace-up design. The sole is made of thick, white rubber and features blue and black accents along with a subtle ‘Dior’ logo in three dimensions. The lace-up style and suede details completed the look of this sneaker.

The blue-black colorway is one of the best looking Dior B22 sneakers, adding athletic socks and cuffed jeans will make these sneakers stand out as it has a chunky and fashionable shape. On the StockX market, this sneaker is still going up in price and gives you lunch profit as it has an average resell price of $1,182.

Dior B22 Orange Olive Black

  • Retail Price: $1,300
  • Average Resell: $1,362
  • Style Code: 3SN231YKC_H662
Dior B22 Orange Olive Black

Dior B22 in orange, olive, and black colorway is a trainer sneaker. This sneaker features orange and olive technical mesh material, smooth calfskin in orange and black, and has a Dior logo on the side of the shoe. The outsole of the shoe has a brown edge and is sculpted in olive color.

Combining different textures and materials completed the look of this sneaker. You can pair this sneaker with any casual piece to create a sporty and contemporary look. Dior B22 Orange Olive Black is the best Dior B22 sneaker with the best-looking design. This sneaker is profitable on the StockX market and gives you lunch profit with an average sale price of $1,362.

Dior B22 Black Silver

  • Retail Price: $1,300
  • Average Resell: $1,249
  • Style Code: 3SN231ZNG_H969 / 3SN231ZNG969
Dior B22 Black Silver

This Dior B22 in black and silver colorway is a chunkier shoe that a lot of rappers are wearing because of the colors and how it looks. This sneaker features black mesh for the upper, sculpted rubber sole in black, suede details, and a Dior signature on the side of the shoe. The round lace-up style and welded construction of this sneaker finish up the look and make this sneaker won’t go out of style for years to come.

The black and silver colorway of this Dior B22 sneaker also makes it easier to clean once it gets dirty. Check out this article on how to clean sneakers with the best sneaker cleaners!

Dior B22 Black Silver is one of the most popular Dior B22 sneakers on the StockX market as it has sold over 100 pairs in the past year compared to the other Dior B22 sneakers. This sneaker become one of the most popular as it has the best-looking black colorway that suits any of your outfits.

Dior B22 White Red

  • Retail Price: $1,100
  • Average Resell: $1,457
  • Colorway: RED/BLACK/WHITE
  • Style Code: 3SN231YRK_H360
Dior B22 White Red

Dior B22 white and red colorway are one of the top versions with great quality materials as we can see from a closer look at every detail of the 3m material. This sneaker features white mesh on the toe top and black technical mesh on the tongue, heel, and collar. It also features red leather around the lower half, nylon and calfskin lining, and white foam midsole & black sculpted rubber outsole.

Dior B22 white red has a 62% of price premium on the StockX market and yields gross profit as high as $357. This sneaker is not only profitable to resell on the market but also one of the best looking Dior B22 sneakers that are worth purchasing.

Dior B22 Blue Yellow

  • Retail Price: $1,100
  • Average Resell: $1,592
  • Style Code: 3SN231ZCQ_H561
Dior B22 Blue Yellow

Dior B22 Blue Yellow colorway has a retro running style and is the inspiration behind the B22 sneakers. This chunky low-top is designed with blue calfskin, yellow mesh on the tongue, white mesh on the top toe, and a white sculpted sole. The heel counter is accented with nylon ribbons, and the side is adorned with a Dior logo.

Dior B22 Blue Yellow is one of the best Dior B22 sneakers with a good-looking colorway. Try contrasting them with tailored suiting to add a fashionable sportswear touch to your look. On the StockX market, this sneaker has a $492 gross profit and a 35% price premium.

Dior B22 Black Pink

  • Retail Price: $1,100
  • Average Resell: $1,834
  • Colorway: BLACK/WHITE/PINK
  • Style Code: 3SN231YRK_H263
Dior B22 Black Pink

Dior B22 Black Pink Designed by Maison Marques, this Dior B22 sneaker offers a chunky shoe with a retro feel. The black and pink style features different materials and textures, including smooth calfskin, technical fabric, and technical mesh. The thick black and white sculpted rubber sole are complemented by round laces and a raised ‘DIOR‘ signature. An athletic and contemporary silhouette can be achieved by pairing this sneaker with a casual look.

Their chunky style makes this shoe the best looking Dior B22 sneakers. On the StockX market, this sneaker yields gross profit as high as $734 and still goes up in price over time.

How much does Dior B22 cost?

Dior B22 Sneakers cost from $1,100 to $1,300 and if you plan to resell them, some of them will give you lunch profit or as high as $700+ depending on which colorway you have.

Do Dior B22 run true to size?

Dior B22 sneakers run true to size based on what it says on their website. But if you’re looking to purchase them by order, we suggest you take half a size larger than the normal size you usually have. To give you the best alternative, it’s always better to try them on at their store.

How can you tell a fake Dior B22?

You can find out if they’re real or fake from the look of their toe box that should be fatter, not skinny. You also can spot the fake from their 3m materials that are not supposed to be shiny, bad stitches, and low-quality glue.

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