It’s been far too long that I have been away sneakerheads but I return with good news:

The Nike Dunk Low is dropping in a Plum colorway for February 2020.

(for those interested in the release date , where to buy, and resale value, you can skip towards the end)

Yes, I didn’t come back empty handed. I knew I had brought something that was bound to get you excited.

We all love blasts from the past, be it a remastering of a beloved videogame or a recreation of an old movie.

The nostalgia of the past is something we cannot get over. And why should we?

Many would argue, things were better back then but that’s an argument for another website and another day.

All we care about here is how to stay at the forefront of anything and everything that is taking place in our fabulous sneaker community.

The dynamics of this environment are so complex that it becomes almost impossible to stay on top of the latest news.

Luckily, you have me to do your dirty work for you. Now on to the main point guys.

Nike adores its past. The footwear giant is no stranger to re-releasing iconic pairs. And why wouldn’t they?

It brings them all that extra revenue, and allows us to resell them for major profits.

So what does Nike has in store for us?

It is bringing back the fan favorite Dunk Low “Plum”. Here are all the details.

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Release Date: Friday, February 7th 2020

Retail Price: $100

Availability: Nike’s Official Website

The Plum Dunk Low is made from premium Suede as is evident from the pictures. The shoe is covered in shades of purple, with the logos and the Nike swoosh in barn red.

This colorway is the most celebrated amongst us sneakerheads. And it has been almost 19 years since we saw the OG Plums release into the streets.

Although we did see a re-release in a high-top version, this is the first time we will be seeing a reiteration in the dunk low form.

Now you might be wondering “it’s just another SB dunk, what’s the big deal?”. Well to answer that, we have to know the history of “Ugly Ducklings”.

So in 2001, Nike released three pair of sneakers called, the Ugly Ducklings. At that point in time, Nike didn’t have the SB brand, so this was the first ever official skateboard line launched by Nike.

Before the release of the Ugly Ducklings, skateboard enthusiasts would often use the Air Jordan 1 or thee Dunk, as both of these sneakers created a cult hype.

But after the release of the Ugly Ducklings, the game changed forever. The sneakers came with durable material, slightly-fatter laces, and a padded tongue.

Skateboard shops started stocking them as soon as the interest peaked amongst skateboarders. The Ugly Ducklings were the sneakers to own if you were serious about your foot-game.

Three pairs were released under the Ugly Ducklings label in the following colors: “Plum”, “Veneer”, and “Ceramic”. The three shoes were released together because of their eye-catching color schemes, their exclusivity, and lastly the premium quality offered for the first time.

ud3 ud1 ud2

Now as you can see, the color schemes were far from ugly. But I guess the intuition behind the name was that these pairs were the rebels in the era they were launched.

Release Links/Where to Buy:

In addition to Nike’s official site/SNKRS, the SB Dunk Plum is dropping on a couple boutique sites.

Here are a few– although for the best inside scoop, members of our private winner’s circle cook group will get the full site list with direct links updated live.

Resale Value:

Now that we have had a small history lesson, it is time we evaluate the future.

Are these shoes worth reselling?

It’s a tricky situation to be in honestly. The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you would want to buy the re-release of a pair you already own.

Surely Nike isn’t going through the struggle just for the lols, but rather because they know the demand this particular sneaker has. Listen, they understand our buying behavior more than we do.

So in this case, I will have to say, yes the Nike Dunk Low “Plum” is worth reselling.

If you need a little bit of more persuasion, then keep reading.

The original Ugly Ducklings Plum was retailed for $65. Look at the following picture to understand its importance in the community.

stock 2

If you still feel squeamish, then just take a look at this StockX profile of the Plum.

It’s not even out yet and reselling orders are being placed for an average of $290 on the growing resale market.


If that still does not convince you, then you’re in the wrong business. It’s understandable that there is a certain risk involved, but hey if it were easy everyone would do it.

So if you feel that maybe you’re too new into the community, then don’t worry at all. Our Hypemaster Playbook starts from level 0 as an all in one guide.

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Till next time.



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Haider first discovered the sneaker market a few years back by accident and has ever since been intrigued by how the market flows and moves. His favorite sneaker is the Jordan 1.


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