Off-White and Nike are back, this time in a big way, with an all-new version of the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low. This sneaker is set to drop specifically at a special event in Paris, so they will be incredibly limited. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the Off-White Nike Air Force 1 “Grey”.

Image of Off-White graphic via Unsplash.
Image of Off-White graphic via Unsplash.

Before we take a look at the main event of this article, we’re going to take a look at 2 similar Off White Air Forces and analyze how they did in the resell market.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White Brooklyn

  • Retail Price: $160
  • Average Resell Price: $2,701
  • Colorway: Light Green Spark, Metallic Silver
  • Release Date: To release on Thursday, September 15, 2022
  • Style Code: DX1419-300
Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White Brooklyn via StockX.
Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White Brooklyn via StockX.

The sneaker goes by both ‘Brooklyn’ and ‘Light Green Spark’

The Off-White™ x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Light Green Spark” features bright and bold green leather uppers paired with stitched-on metallic Swooshes that switch up the otherwise completely green upper.

Further details on the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White ‘Light Green Spark’ includes exposed stitching, “NIKE AIR” embroidered at the rear, “SHOELACES” marked laces and the customary zip-tie tag.

Finishing up the design of the shoe are matching AF1 sole units containing the “AIR” text.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White

  • Retail Price: $170
  • Average Resell Price: $2,776
  • Colorway: White, Sail
  • Release Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2017
  • Style Code: AO4606-100
Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White via StockX.
Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White via StockX.

This Nike Air Force 1 Low was made in collaboration with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White design. A part of the “Ghosting” Series, the sneakers come in a pristine white and sail colorway. Sporting a reconstructed translucent upper, featuring a somewhat clear fabric to tie in with the theme of the sneaker.

Various materials are found throughout, as well as a red zip-tie and the words “Shoelaces” on the laces and “Air” on the translucent sole. Their release date was November 1st, 2017 when they were available alongside the rest of the Off-White x Nike “Ghosting” Collection.

This is one of the pairs that put Off-White x Nike really on the map. This pair generates an insane amount of profit, as you can see from the resell value above the image.

We don’t expect the Paris-exclusive Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “Grey” to do quite as well as this pair on the resell market because the market has already seen pairs like it.

That doesn’t mean the Paris exclusive will not see a high resell value. In fact, we predict it will still generate hundreds and hundreds of dollars in profit if you are lucky enough to purchase the sneakers for retail.

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Paris-exclusive Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “Grey”

  • Retail Price: $170 (not confirmed)
  • Estimated Resell Price: $1,500
  • Colorway: Grey (official colorway not released)
  • Release Date: Unknown, potentially early 2023
  • Style Code: Unknown
Image of the Paris-exclusive Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “Grey” via Hypebeast.
Image of the Paris-exclusive Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “Grey” via Hypebeast.

And now for the main event. Here we have an incredibly sleek sneaker in a colorway that is definitely going to be a fan favorite. Unlike Spark Green, this colorway can blend into any outfit and doesn’t have to be the eyecatcher.

Identical materials are used throughout as the sneaker takes on an entirely gray theme, with minor white and black scattered accents.

Where to buy Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “Grey” for retail

According to sources, a grey colorway of the Off-White Air Force 1 Low is next in line, set to drop exclusively in Paris. Currently, the Figures Of Speech is viewable at the Brooklyn Museum through January 2023, so it’s not clear if this next grey colorway is due this year or next.

Needless to say, this pair will be next to impossible to purchase for retail if you’re not physically in Paris for the release, which still isn’t confirmed.

Where to buy for resell

We believe this pair will resell for around $1,500.

If you are not able to purchase for retail, which you probably won’t be, definitely check out two of the most trusted reselling sources in the game:

  • GOAT: An online app where sellers can list their sneakers for market prices, and buyers can either place bids or accept the seller’s price. Sellers ship their pairs to the GOAT warehouse, where they are then authenticated and shipped out to the buyers.
  • Flight Club: Both a website and physical store(s) where sellers can give their shoes in to be sold in consignment, where Flight Club will take a percentage off of the sale.


hypemeter hype 1 Off-White x Nike

It’s no secret that these are going to resell for a ton of profit on the resell market. Not only are they Off-White x Nike sneakers, but they are incredibly limited and have a location release.

The perfect ingredients for a high-margin sneaker, be on the lookout!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Off-White start?

The history of OFF-WHITE started with a ‘vision from Virgil’ and soon went on to become a brand on everyone’s mind. Founded by American wunderkind Virgil Abloh, in 2013, the Milan-based label has opened showrooms in 15 locations around the world and retained a star-studded line-up of customers.

How much is Off-White worth?

It has shown collections at Paris Fashion Week shows and is sold in retail stores in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Milan, London, the United Kingdom, and New York. In August 2019, José Neves, owner of Farfetch, purchased New Guards Group, the parent organization of Off-White for US$675 million.

Why are Nikes called Off-White?

Abloh designed each shoe to have a print on the inside of the shoe, reflecting the creative process and location of creation. It was titled “Off-White for Nike” then a line that included the name of the shoe that had been remodeled and then two lines saying “Beaverton, Oregon USA” and “C. 2017”

Do you leave the tag on Off-White?

In fact, Off-White posted a “tutorial” on Instagram on what you’re actually supposed to do with its zip tie tag. The video shows that you’re simply meant to “CUT THE TIE” and “LEAVE IT ALONE”. Whether or not you intend on doing that is entirely up to you.

Will Off-White sneakers go up in value?

Overall, Off-White sneakers may be the hottest on the market right now but streetwear can sometimes lag behind when it comes to resale potential. Even with its high retail price tags, OFF-WHITE remains one of the hottest brands in 2021 because of its appeal to celebrities.

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