Reebok is one of the most popular sportswear brands on earth and it might slowly even be creeping up on Adidas as the best footwear company second only to 072568" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Nike. In light of the brand’s momentum heading into 2023, today we go through the best Reeboks Classic Sneakers For reselling.

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Before we get into the best Reebok Sneakers For Reselling, let’s briefly go over the brand’s history.

Reebok: A Brief History

Reebok's Logo in Red and Blue
Reebok’s Logo in Red and Blue

Neither Nike nor Adidas dominated the majority of the US market in the 1980s. Instead, the sneaker industry drew ideas from Reebok, a brand that now few would consider being a “sneaker war” behemoth.

Reebok’s history has been marked by enormous ascents and crushing falls over the years; the company has alternated between dominating the athletic footwear industry and being a never-ending afterthought, often veering from one extreme to the other in the space of a few years.

In order to continue a family legacy of producing sports footwear, brothers Joe and Jeff Foster launched Reebok in 1958 in England.

In 1895, their great-grandfather Joseph William Foster founded the J.W. Foster Company and invented one of the first track spikes.

Reebok Is Born

After originally having trouble obtaining a copyright for the name “Mercury,” the brothers resorted to the Grey Rhebok, an African antelope species that served as the inspiration for the company name.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Reebok produced running spikes with its headquarters still in England.

When Paul Fireman, an American reseller of outdoor goods, found Reebok in 1979 when it was exhibiting at the Chicago International Sneaker Trade Show, Fireman bought the exclusive license to Reebok in North America.

Fireman’s investment first seemed to be a minor success when Reebok sold for around $1.5 million in 1981.

By the decade’s conclusion, it would develop into a venture that would provide legendary returns.

People only began to really care about keeping (or becoming) in shape around the 1980s. A new focus on sports like tennis, which combined physical exercise with a social lifestyle, was introduced during this decade, as did aerobics.

In such an environment, Reebok prospered and gained a firm foothold in the American market.

Reeboks Classic In 2023

Offical Picture of Reebok's complexcon sneakers
Offical Picture of Reebok’s complexcon sneakers

Reebok is renowned for making some of the most timeless shoes for casual use, making them the ideal holiday gift option for everyone on your shopping list.

It almost seems like watching a slideshow of old acquaintances when you browse the brand’s best-sellers on its own homepage.

 The fact that Reebok sneakers give every ensemble a cozy-chic flare is perhaps their finest feature. Reebok has a tonne of terrific white shoe alternatives that you can always rely on to improve any outfit in addition to vivid hues and entertaining partnerships.

One such classic silhouette is the Club C 85, which has been a real style icon since it first appeared in 1985.

There are many other iterations of this sneaker now available, including joint creations like the limited-edition Eames x Reebok Club C, which was only accessible to friends and family of the two organizations.

It’s easy to see why the shoe has remained a hit; it’s also a favorite of many other celebrities.

Throughout the years, Reebok has also produced a tonne of shoes that have entirely changed fashion.

The influence the brand has had on the sports industry is mainly responsible for this. The label has been able to change the look of several sporting categories via partnerships with tennis pros, elite runners, and basketball players.

But, not only athletes like footwear. A-list celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Ratajkowski, Jay Z, and others have all promoted different Reebok shoes.

We are certain that Reebok will maintain its appeal entering into 2023 by enhancing beloved classics and launching fresh favorites.

These Reebok bestsellers are a great choice whether you need a pair of sneakers for yourself or someone on your list who has always been difficult to buy.

With that, we now look at the best Reeboks Classic sneakers for reselling. Although Reebok is not the most effectively resold sneaker, some models are indeed hyped and valuable.

Reeboks Classic Leather

A spotless pair of Reeboks has long been a staple of daily attire for Europeans. These are pure streetwear and go well with jeans or a complete tracksuit.

The shoes are difficult to maintain spotlessly yet are durable enough to be replaced. Although if youth cultures follow their own paths, influenced by regional conditions, regulations, lingo, and what is sold in stores, they are all driven by the need to seem presentable in challenging situations.

Other underappreciated regions were donning Reeboks on their own terms while everyone’s attention was focused on New York as the core of hip-hop.

In the UK, dance music evolved from hardcore and jungle to a mutant strain of house with soulful choruses in the 1990s.

The UK garage style was created by American producers like Armand Van Helden and Todd Edwards as well as large numbers of British bedroom artists like M.J. Cole. By the late 1990s, the sound had stabilized into an unconventional two-step beat.

The mixed dance floors of the UK garage meant that dressing up in Moschino, Iceberg, and crispy footwear mattered, in contrast to the roughneck gear of earlier scenes.

Notwithstanding the infamous “NO HATS, NO TRAINERS” bar and club laws, Reeboks became a staple of the British uniform that didn’t only exist in London.

Grime would eventually emerge from garage, where printed shirts and slim-fitting jeans were replaced with a tracksuit.

Yet Reebok, which just created its Classics business to satisfy a resurgence in interest in vintage footwear, managed to compete with the best thanks to the chilly Workouts worn by scene pioneer Wiley and Streets vocalist Mike Skinner.

Collaborations in the recent past have mirrored the history of the Classics line. Skater Reese Forbes wore Classics, Stevie Williams wore his mid-2000s DGK Workout trademark model, and the Club C briefly served as the scene’s go-to shoe.

With snobbery defeated, it has been seen that the Classical line’s contribution to underground movements is moving aboveground in a substantial way.

The Classic’s prominence as a status symbol on elder feet was observed by younger siblings and sisters, nephews and nieces, sons and daughters, guaranteeing that the tradition be maintained.

This is shown by a shoe like the Workout, Club C, or Classic, which has a straightforward surface and may convey the zeitgeist. A shoe becomes everlasting in this way.

Reeboks Classic Leather Tabi Maison Margiela Bianchetto

  • Retail Price: $350
  • Average Resell: $470
  • Release Date: 01/30/2021
  • Colorway: White/Black
  • Style Code: H04859
Reeboks Classic Leather Tabi Maison Margiela Bianchetto Quarter View
Reeboks Classic Leather Tabi Maison Margiela Bianchetto Quarter View

With Maison Margiela’s second partnership with Reebok, luxury and sporty continue to converge.

The two companies collaborated to create a unique platform edition of Reebok’s iconic Instapump Fury in 2020 that included a Tabi toe design.

Margiela is taking its reputation for putting Tabis into several of its own distinctive shoes into its collaborations with Reebok. The Traditional Leather silhouette’s Tabi motif is maintained in this edition.

The Tabi toe is one of several distinctive design elements seen in the Reebok Classic Leather Tabi Maison Margiela. The shoe is then completely covered in a quickly painted white layer from the tongue to the midsole.

The distinctive Margiela number tag is included on the tongue of the shoe, and the cracking paint on the shoe is a recurrent element the Parisian label has used in previous collaborations (such as 2013’s Converse Low and Hi).

On the secondary market, these sneakers have been very profitable. Although most Classic Leather sneakers are not, this collaboration fetched prices of almost $500 per pair.

Reebok Instapump Fury

Reebok’s Instapump Fury, which was introduced 25 years ago with the goal of reinventing the aesthetics of a running shoe, became one of the most recognizable products the brand has ever produced. 

The late 1980s and early 1990s were Reebok’s experimental years, and this is when the InstaPump Fury was created. Reebok was aggressively and sometimes dangerously promoting it’s brand-new, though little silly, Pump inventions.

The InstaPump Fury was the most “WTH” of them all; it was a Frankenstein’s monster created by combining numerous technology from some of Reebok’s most ground-breaking goods, stitching and gluing them together, and then jolting them into existence as a deformed, anti-modernist idea.

That went against every rule about running shoes, or even footwear.

The first color scheme was just as odd as the design itself.

It stood out in a crowded market that was overrun with tones of grey, black, and white since it was painted with the traditional blazing red and citron combo.

The team’s choice to go all-in with an outrageous plan to complement the technologically advanced structure was a risky bet.

Fortunately for the development team, the Pump was felt across the sneakersphere.

Reebok InstaPump Fury mita sneakers x Bape Camo

  • Retail Price: $230
  • Average Resell: $430
  • Release Date: 08/20/2014
  • Style Code: V61765
Bape X Reebok InstaPump Fury Camo
Bape X Reebok InstaPump Fury Camo

The 2014 launch of the A Bathing Ape x mita x Reebok Pump Fury furthers the claim that few fashion trends last longer than camouflage.

Since Nigo started A Bathing Ape, or Bape, in 1993, the company has undoubtedly been one of the most well-known Japanese labels, and one of their most distinctive design features has been the use of camouflage.

They collaborated on this Pump Fury with one of the most well-known sneaker industry partners, the Japanese shop mita sneakers,  which produced one of the most well-liked Reebok Pump Fury designs from the 20th-anniversary collection.

It has a camouflage upper made of shades of brown, tan, and olive that rests on top of a white midsole, giving the design an immediate classic feel.

With musicians like Swizz Beatz, Fabolous, and others sporting them, Bape has continued to be well-liked among celebrities.

It should come as no surprise that the A Bathing Ape x mita x Reebok Pump Fury sold out immediately when it was introduced in August 2014 given the popularity of the Reebok Pump Fury in Japan and the pairing of two of the greatest brands in sneakers and streetwear with Bape and mita.

On the secondary market, these have been sold for as high as $430 per pair.

Reebok Kamikaze II Sonics 95

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell: $250
  • Release Date: 08/16/2013
  • Style Code: V61153
Reebok Kamikaze II Sonics 95 Side View
Reebok Kamikaze II Sonics 95 Side View

The distinctive Seattle Sonics jerseys from the 1995–1996 NBA season served as the basis for the Reebok Kamikaze II “Sonics 95.”

During the 1995 season, the Seattle Supersonics altered their usual colors of green and yellow over white or black with the introduction of crimson red and a company logo.

What better way to mark the jersey switch than with a throwback rendition of the Reebok Kamikaze II, the Sonics’ most iconic shoe from that year.

The Kamikaze II, Shawn Kemp’s second trademark shoe, gained notoriety among sneakerheads because of its distinctive, memorable, and unmistakable “wave” side panel design.

Of course, Shawn Kemp also enjoyed one of his greatest seasons, leading the Sonics to 64 victories and a trip to the NBA Finals, which contributed to the Kamikaze II’s status as one of the most significant basketball shoes of the 1990s.

The Kamikaze II was originally made available as a throwback by Reebok in 2013.

An Olive/Crimson Mist-Reebok Gold-Black colorway is included in the “Sonics 95” colorway, and it seems like it might have (or should have) been created around the time when Kemp and the Sonics were on their championship-winning run.

The Reebok Kamikaze II “Sonics 95” is one of those designs that will make fans long for the good ol’ days in Seattle, even if the Sonics fell to MJ and the Bulls in the NBA Finals and the franchise has since moved to OKC.

This silhouette is quite profitable at times and these resell for around $250 per pair on StockX.

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