In this article, we take a look at some of the biggest and most popular reselling sites. We will talk about how they function, their benefits, and their drawbacks. We will also come to a conclusion at the end where we name what is the best sneaker reselling website. Keep reading to learn how you can utilize different platforms in growing your reselling career!


Founded in March of 2015, StockX is widely regarded as one of the best sneaker reselling sites. As of 2021, StockX is worth over $3.8 billion, the biggest sneaker reselling platform in the world.

StockX has a very simple system in which buyers and sellers can places bids and asks for sneakers and clothing. This auction-like system allows for a compromise between both parties, who never actually come in contact with each other.

Selling on StockX

As a seller, you ship your sneakers to the StockX warehouse to get authenticated, and then StockX ships your shoes to the buyer. This method allows buyers and sellers to stay anonymous, and also allows StockX to do their own form of authentication.

For every transaction that occurs there is a 3% payment processing fee. StockX also charges a Transaction Fee that depends on your seller level. Everyone starts at Level 1 which has a 9.5% Transaction Fee. As you sell more and more, you can level up and your fees will decline.

Buying on StockX

There have been a lot of conversations about the legitimacy of StockX as people have questioned whether or not they have received real sneakers from StockX. Despite allegations and legitimate criticism about StockX’s customer service, they do not purposefully sell fake sneakers.

Overall, the buying process on StockX is efficient and great for customers.

Street sign saying no fake shit - Image from toddemaus via Twenty20
A street sign saying no fake sh*t – Image from toddemaus via Twenty20


Also founded in 2015, GOAT is the second biggest reselling site behind StockX. GOAT is an online platform offering sneakers, luxury apparel, and accessories through primary and resale markets. GOAT has 30 million members and 600,000 sellers across 170 countries on its platform.

Selling on GOAT

To start selling on GOAT you must first be authorized. Once you become an authorized seller, you can list your shoes on the GOAT marketplace. Once you complete a sale, you will ship the shoes to GOAT for them to be authenticated. Once everything checks out, the money will be sent to you.

GOAT’s authentication and middleman system are similar to that of StockX’s in the sense that both the buyers and the sellers remain anonymous throughout the entire sale process. This greatly decreases the potential for scams and fraud.

GOAT has a couple of different fees that are explained here:

  • Seller Fee: This is different based on where you are in the world. For the US the fee is $5. You can look for your country here.
  • Commission Fee: Only when an item is purchased, is a commission fee charged. The amount of commission fee is 9.5% + seller fee for a seller in good standing. The commission fee can increase to 15% + seller fee and a maximum of 25% + seller fee depending on the number of seller cancellations and verification issues, as described in more detail below. The commission fee will be deducted from the seller’s listing price.
  • Cash Out Fee: When earnings are deposited through ACH direct deposit or PayPal, a 2.9% cash-out fee will be applied. During promotional campaigns (e.g. free ACH direct deposits), GOAT may elect to reduce the cost of the cash-out fee or waive it altogether. Sellers may cash out if their total earnings are greater than $25.00.

Buying on GOAT

Buying on GOAT is a very simple process. GOAT does not have the same criticisms that StockX does and has been known to be reliable and easy to get a hold of.

I have personally bought and sold on every platform that we are discussing in this article and can most definitely say that GOAT has been the most efficient and the best when problems arise.

Goat logo
Image of GOAT logo


eBay is one of the oldest and most successful e-commerce websites out there. Almost everybody has heard of eBay because they don’t just specialize in sneakers, they sell everything. eBay is worth tens of billions of dollars and is a global leader in online auctions.

Selling on eBay

Unlike StockX or GOAT, eBay does not require the use of an authentication process. Instead, they offer a service that will cost a little bit extra but will attract more buyers.

eBay fees are as follows:

  • 8% if the total amount of the sale is $100 or more
  • 12.9% if the total amount of the sale is less than $100

Buying on eBay

The eBay platform is really simple to locate good deals and place fast bids on auctions. Buying on eBay is incredibly safe. In fact, eBay is safer than someone’s personal website because of the third-party involvement of eBay and Paypal.

eBay logo

Flight Club

Unlike stores like Footlocker or Finish Line, Flight Club is a retail store operating under a consignment system where people can sell their wares at the store, and then Flight Club receives a percentage of the final sale in return.

Selling on Flight Club

As a seller, you will probably get the most money for your sneakers on Flight Club. Their prices are definitely inflated when compared to the rest of the market, but there’s a reason for that. To learn more about Flight Club and its immense benefits, check out our article here.

Buying on Flight Club

Flight Club is incredibly trustworthy as they have physical stores and run a massive operation. There is absolutely no reason to have any doubts about buying on Flight Club, which makes paying the premium easier.

Whether you are buying online or in-store, Flight Club is incredibly efficient and easy to work with.

Logo of Flight Club
Logo of Flight Club

What is the Best Sneaker Reselling Website?

This is totally my personal opinion, but I believe it is the general consensus of the sneaker community.

GOAT is the best reselling site for a couple of different reasons:

  • Efficiency: GOAT’s platform works as efficiently as anyone else’s. They’ve invested in technology and developed their app to make searching/purchasing sneakers and clothing seamless
  • Prices: GOAT’s prices are generally around or below what the market price is, which allows you to get a fair price both as a buyer and a seller
  • Trustworthiness: GOAT does not reach the level of Flight Club but definitely beats our StockX and eBay when it comes to gaining the trust of the sneaker community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is reselling shoes online legal?

Yes, you can sell them online provided that you bought them from a licensed distributor or another licensed source. Otherwise, they are infringing goods and you may not resell them.

Can I make a living reselling?

Reselling is a full-fledged business for plenty of people and despite how crowded the market has become, it can still be a great way to make a bit of money if you know what you’re doing. “The possibilities are endless. I have friends who do similar things to me who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

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