To answer the most asked question, Does eBay sell fake sneakers?

Fake shoes, often labeled as knock-offs, B grades, bootlegs, counterfeits, or replicas, are commonly bought unintentionally online. Despite being a multi-billion dollar platform, eBay is not exempt from this issue. Thousands of fake shoes are sold on eBay monthly, and it̵7;s not unique to the platform—Wish and Amazon also face similar challenges.

Even with collaboration between top brands like Nike, Adidas, and Jordan, customers still receive counterfeit shoes. The responsibility lies with third-party sellers, as monitoring over a million products on eBay is impractical, making it challenging to distinguish genuine items

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Does eBay Sell Fake Sneakers? Is It Legal?

Selling fake shoes on eBay is against the law, as outlined in the company’s counterfeit policy. This policy mandates that items bearing a brand name or logo must be genuine, either produced by the brand or manufactured on their behalf. This prohibition extends to software, music, movies, and other media, emphasizing the illegality of unauthorized copies.

The illegality of selling counterfeit goods is not exclusive to eBay—it applies across the U.S. and globally.

But what if a seller explicitly states that the shoes are fake in the listing?

Does Ebay Sell Fake Sneakers
Does Ebay Sell Fake Sneakers

Even with such a disclaimer, it remains illegal. Despite this, thousands of counterfeit shoes are still sold online, as eBay lacks the expertise to authenticate every listed product.

Encounter a fake item, like a counterfeit Yeezy Boost, on eBay? The recommended course of action is to contact the respective brand, such as Adidas, provide details of the listing, and allow the company and eBay to address the issue.

However, reporting a fake listing takes considerably more time than creating one. In many instances, eBay takes minimal action, placing the burden on buyers to conduct extensive research on identifying counterfeit shoes.

How To Spot Fake Shoes On eBay?

Imagine this, you go to eBay, search for an Air Jordan 1 Retro, and buy it for $300. You get your shoes a few weeks later, you open the box, and then you find out they’re FAKES!

That would definitely make you angry. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can use to spot fake shoes on eBay before you actually buy them.

Do A Background Check Of The Seller

Merely reviewing the seller’s eBay profile isn’t sufficient to confirm legitimacy. For sellers operating as retail companies, perform a Google search of the company name, examining their website and social media channels. Even if a company boasts numerous positive reviews, it’s crucial to seek out any negative feedback.

If possible, attempt to contact the seller’s representatives for additional product details—a more thorough approach. However, it’s unlikely that larger companies will respond to such inquiries. Typically, it’s the smaller individual sellers who invest time in addressing questions and furnishing additional information about the shoes they have for sale.

Does Ebay Sell Fake Sneakers
Does Ebay Sell Fake Sneakers

Are The Shoe Photos Grabbed From The Internet?

Are the Shoe Images Obtained from the Internet?

If so, there’s a high probability that the product being offered is counterfeit. Authentic sellers typically provide original photos of the actual shoes they are selling.

Seek out sellers who invest the time and effort to capture images of the shoes from various angles. This practice enhances your ability to assess the quality of the footwear more comprehensively

Check The Tag

When in communication with the seller, request a photo of the tag, as a simple tag check can swiftly determine the authenticity of a shoe. The tag is commonly found inside the shoe, behind the tongue, or on the sides.

Examine the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) code and perform a brief Google search. If the images align with the shoes you are purchasing, it’s likely an authentic pair.

However, bear in mind that this method isn’t foolproof, as counterfeiters are becoming more adept at creating replicas that are indistinguishable from the originals, down to the finest details.

Check The Box

Examining the shoe box is just as crucial as inspecting the shoes themselves. Genuine footwear is accompanied by a box featuring a distinct design.

For instance, the latest Air Jordan 1 shoes are packaged in a black box adorned with a red Nike swoosh logo, along with a black sticker tag (older releases may have white tags) bearing the SKU number.

Counterfeit products often come in generic box colors such as brown or white. Nevertheless, if the counterfeiters have managed to replicate the box, request a close-up photo for scrutiny. Fake boxes typically exhibit thinner and more budget-conscious aesthetics.

Request For Proof Of Purchase

When dealing with pre-owned shoes, it’s crucial to request a photo of the receipt, as it is the simplest and most reliable method to verify the authenticity of the shoes.

Furthermore, ensure that the seller provides a photo demonstrating they physically possess the receipt. For instance, you might request a selfie where they are holding the receipt, box, and shoes. This precaution is necessary because scammers may resort to using random receipts found online.

Legit Sellers Will Always Accept PayPal Payments

PayPal provides protection for the buyer. It allows refunds if the product sold was damaged upon delivery, if the product went missing, or if the product is fake.

If the seller requests that you send the cash via bank transfer, that’s a red flag.

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How To Get Refunds

If you paid for the shoes using a credit card or PayPal, there’s a 100% chance you’ll get a full refund. Here’s what you can do:

  • Report the listing as a fake product so that eBay will be notified, and they will take action on it.
  • Go to your Purchase History and select the reason for the return (within 30 days of delivery).
  • If the product you received was broken, damaged, faulty, or did not match the product listing, you can upload up to 10 images for proof.
  • Select Send.

Once you’ve sent the request, the seller will have 3 business days to respond to you. These are the refund options that they might offer.

Full refund

The seller will accept your return request and offer you a full refund of the product. You need to send the shoes back, including receipts, packaging, and all items that came with them. The seller will pay for your shipping expenses.

If the shoes got damaged during the return shipping because you didn’t pack it properly, the seller will deduct money from your refund.

Keep The Item And Get A Partial Refund

This is probably the worst option, but if you do want to keep the fake shoes, the seller should refund you a partial amount.


While this is highly unlikely to happen, some sellers might offer the option of replacing the shoes you received with an original one.

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Which Shoes Are The Most Faked Online?

To maximize their profit, counterfeit manufacturers first determine which shoes are the most in demand before they make fakes.

If you’re curious about what these models are, have a look:

Yeezy Boost

Kanye’s Yeezy Boost shoe line is one of the most in-demand sneakers of all time. Following the initial release of the Yeezy Boost 750 in 2015, succeeding versions of the shoe line took the shoe community by storm, and of course, the counterfeit industry wanted a piece of the pie.

Here are the most counterfeited Yeezy models:

  • Yeezy 350 V2 ‘Beluga’
  • Yeezy 350 V1 ‘Turtle Dove’
  • Yeezy 700 ‘Waverunner’

Lebron 8 ‘South Beach’

The LeBron 8 was a fusion of technology and style, featuring flywire, a 360 air unit, and a lockdown control feature. The ‘South Beach’ colorway gained immense popularity as it coincided with LeBron James’ decision to join forces with Wade and Bosh in Miami, creating a formidable Big 3.

Air Force 1’s ‘Triple White’

Originally launched in 1982, the Air Force 1 is a timeless classic. Its popularity surged even further when Nelly dropped his song “Air Force 1″ in 2002. Despite four decades passing, it remains a coveted choice among sneaker enthusiasts, explaining the ongoing appeal for counterfeiters.”

Which Shoes Are The Most Faked Online 
Yeezy Boost
Lebron 8 ‘South Beach'
Air Force 1’s ‘Triple White’
Air Jordan 11 ‘Space Jam’

Air Jordan 11 ‘Space Jam’

The ’90s classic film, “Space Jam,” holds a special place in every ’90s kid’s heart. With everyone wanting to emulate Michael Jordan, the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” became a must-have.

Released in 2000, this shoe caused a sensation in the industry. For those who desired the iconic Air Jordan 11 ‘Space Jam’ but couldn’t afford the authentic version, counterfeit companies flooded the market with high-quality replicas

Solefly x Air Jordan 1 ‘Art Basel’

The release of this sneaker at Art Basel caused a massive stir in the sneaker community. The event reportedly escalated into chaos, leading authorities to shut down the facility.

The intense hype not only drove up the authentic shoe prices but also fueled the market for counterfeits

Tom Sachs NikeCraft 2.0

The cost of this pair has risen, making authentic ones increasingly rare. The Tom Sachs model is particularly challenging to authenticate, emphasizing the importance of purchasing from a knowledgeable and reputable seller.

Travis Scott x SB Dunk ‘Cactus Jack’

These shoes consistently fetch a resale price of over a thousand dollars, leading to a proliferation of counterfeit versions. Identifying these fakes is relatively straightforward, as replica factories struggle to replicate the intricate structure and materials of this particular pair.

Which Shoes Are The Most Faked Online 
Travis Scott x SB Dunk ‘Cactus Jack’
Tom Sachs NikeCraft 2.0
Which Shoes Are The Most Faked Online

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Where To Buy Legit Sneakers?

Fortunately, there are still a few sites that sell legit sneakers, and you can even sell on these sites if you want to. Here are some of our top picks on where to buy legit sneakers.


Founded in March 2015, StockX stands as one of the largest sneaker reselling platforms, boasting a net worth surpassing $3.8 billion as of 2021. Operating as an auction-based system, sellers list their shoes, and the highest bidders secure the purchase.

To ensure authenticity, StockX mandates sellers to ship items to their warehouses for verification. Transaction costs include a 3% payment processing fee and a 9.5% transaction fee, varying based on the seller’s level. Starting at Level 1, increasing successful transactions elevates your level, subsequently reducing fees.


PUSHAS, co-founded by Justin Truong and Sandy Li, originated in Australia and later expanded into the U.S. market. Positioned as a favored destination for acquiring the latest Yeezys, Air Jordans, Off-Whites, and more, PUSHAS emphasizes hand-authenticated sneakers to instill buyer confidence.

Does Pushas Sell Fake Sneakers
Does Pushas Sell Fake Sneakers

Diverging from conventional reselling websites, PUSHAS simplifies the process. Rather than listing and shipping upon sale, users can send their shoes to PUSHAS, and the profit is disbursed after deducting commission fees.


GOAT stands out as another reselling platform akin to StockX but garners more favor from resellers. Established in 2015 by Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano, the platform’s name is derived from the acronym GOAT, denoting ‘Greatest Of All Time,’ a term used to describe the best player in the history of a sport.

GOAT distinguishes itself with a flat $5 shipping fee, a notable advantage over eBay, where shipping costs can vary from $9 to $30. The platform also offers a price calculator tool, allowing resellers to assess their profit after deducting fees.

Flight Club

Flight Club operates as a consignment-based retail store, managing and displaying shoes for sellers while earning a profit through commission fees. Established in 2005, Flight Club is one of the oldest players in the shoe reselling industry. Despite competition from newcomers like StockX and GOAT, Flight Club maintains a loyal following.

Does Flight Club Sell Fake Sneakers
Does Flight Club Sell Fake Sneakers

As a seller on Flight Club, the potential for higher earnings exists due to the platform’s substantial price inflation, resulting in more significant profits. While other popular sites like StockX, GOAT, and eBay have varying reputations within the sneaker community, Flight Club is widely regarded as a pioneer with a reputation for selling only 100% legitimate sneakers.

Notably, Flight Club and GOAT formed a partnership in February 2018

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Why Buy Legit Sneakers?

While fake sneakers are illegal, the counterfeit industry persists alongside the legitimate one. While you’re free to spend your money on replicas, there are several advantages to investing in genuine footwear.

Firstly, authentic sneakers boast superior quality, ensuring longer-lasting wear compared to their fake counterparts.

Moreover, genuine sneakers provide a confidence boost that replicas cannot replicate. Wearing legitimate footwear contributes to a sense of pride and authenticity.

Lastly, authentic kicks, especially limited editions, can be profitable investments with resale values potentially doubling or tripling, contingent on their condition.

Prioritize thorough research before making a purchase, especially specific research on the desired pair. Distinguishing between fake Nike and fake Adidas requires distinct skills.

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