Over the past couple of years, sneaker sandals have gradually increased in popularity and have become a staple of sneaker fashion. With culture giants such as Kanye West and Supreme designing their own version of the open-toed sneaker, we̵7;ve compiled a list of the top 5 sneaker sandals.

Best Sneaker Sandals Out Right Now - Image via Envato
The Popular Sock and Sandal Style – Image via Envato

5. A Bathing Ape College Slide

  • Retail Price: $63
  • Average Resell: $124
  • Release Date: Friday, May 29th, 2020
  • Colorway: Black
  • Style Code: 1G20-191-011
Image of the variety of Bape sneaker sandals. Image via Hypebeast.
Image of the variety of Bape sneaker sandals. Image via Hypebeast.

A Bathing Ape is one of the leading streetwear brands, most closely compared to the likes of Supreme, who also makes this list.

Of all the slides/sandals that we are featuring on this list, these are the top choice for summer. Perfect for by the pool or at the beach, these slides are perfect for the outdoor sneakerhead.

Socks and sandals are a style that while questionable, is popular and exactly what the Bape slides are perfect for.

With a retail price of $63, these Bape slides are absolutely the best deal on this list and beyond. You can easily grab multiple pairs, or settle with one. You’ll be able to wear them easily and won’t have to worry about damaging an expensive pair of slides (check out the next pair on the list!)

They also come in 5 colorways, as shown. The sole remains black across all the colorways, with the A Bathing Ape logo featured on the band and the sole.

4. Balenciaga x Crocs Hardcrocs Sandal

  • Retail Price: $950
  • Average Resell: $1,104
  • Release Date: Thursday, February 24th, 2022
  • Colorway: Black
  • Style Code: 687397W1S8N1081
Image of Balenciaga x Crocs Hardcrocs Sandal. Image via Sportskeeda.
Image of Balenciaga x Crocs Hardcrocs Sandal. Image via Sportskeeda.

With #4 on this list, we take a pretty drastic turn in both style and colorways with these Balenciaga x Crocs collaboration. As to whether or not you can actually consider these sneaker sandals, we’ll leave that up to you.

Jumping straight to the chase, the main feature of these is the massive, chunky sole. Balenciaga is no stranger to interesting and really unusual designs, and this is no exception.

These are not so great for summer, with their huge sole, blackout colorway, and extremely high retail price at $950. With a retail price so high, you can count on solid materials with these sneaker slides.

But if you are looking for something different, something that will definitely catch people’s eyes, these are the “sneaker sandals” for you.

3. The North Face x Supreme Trekking Sandal

  • Retail Price: $88
  • Average Resell: $113
  • Release Date: Thursday, June 9th, 2022
  • Colorway: Black
  • Style Code: Does not apply
Image of the Supreme Trekking Sandal. Image via Supreme New York.
Image of the Supreme Trekking Sandal. Image via Supreme New York.

This next pair is perfectly named the Trekking Sandal, and that’s exactly what you can do with these: trek.

Instead of slip-on slides, these have double fasteners to lock your feet in and allow for, well, trekking. These sneaker slides are also part of a broader collection/collaboration with Supreme and The North Face.

The collection, as you can probably tell from the style of the slides, is geared towards outdoor exploration and creating quality materials that will hold up under tougher conditions.

These aren’t your by-the-pool type of sneaker slides but these are definitely your hiking/beach day summer shoes if that’s what you are looking for.

2. Gucci Web Slide Sandal

  • Retail Price: $210
  • Average Resell: $272
  • Release Date: Tuesday, January 1st, 2019
  • Colorway: Black/Green-Red
  • Style Code: 429469 GIB10 1098
Image of the Gucci Web Slide Sandal. Image via StockX.
Image of the Gucci Web Slide Sandal. Image via StockX.

The Gucci Slide is maybe arguably the most popular sneaker sandals on this list, with the exception of possibly being the next one on this list.

What makes a great sneaker sandal is its simplicity and function. The minimal colors, green, red, and black, create a slide that literally goes with absolutely anything

From the photo, you’ll notice the slide is actually molded for a foot, which maximizes comfortability. The thicker sole means this sneaker sandal can hold up and they’ve proven that with their popularity.

It’s likely you’ve seen these all over during the summer months, and a lot of them are extremely beaten up. You might be confused about why we bring that up, but it highlights the fact that these can withstand all the use in the world.

Gucci’s name and popularity probably drove the interest at first, but the quality and genuine love for the product is what has allowed the Gucci Web Slide Sandal to be a mainstay in both the sneaker world and fashion culture.

1. Adidas Yeezy Slide

  • Retail Price: $60
  • Average Resell: $125
  • Release Date: Monday, December 12th, 2021
  • Colorway: Pure
  • Style Code: GW1934
Image of the Yeezy Slides. Image via High Snobiety.
Image of the Yeezy Slides. Image via High Snobiety.

You always knew we would end up here, and here we are. The Yeezy Slide is one of the biggest icons in the sneakerhead world at the moment, and definitely one of the biggest sneaker sandals.

As we said earlier, what creates a great sneaker sandal is minimalism, and the Yeezy Slide oozes it.

The cushion is what really draws people in, as the slides feature injected EVA foam to provide lightweight durability. The material that makes up the slides is very similar to the Crocs, which have also been sneaker sandals that have taken a popularity jump recently.

We can’t recommend these sneaker sandals enough, or any of the others on this list. Yeezy continues to innovate with materials, designs, and technologies that sneakerheads have yet to imagine.

Why Sneaker Sandals?

It’s a good question, why is there fascination and high interest in sneaker sandals?

People like comfort and they like simplicity, as we’ve said a couple of times already. The fact is, shoes that you can just slip on and off are perfect for the summer months.

The famous, or maybe infamous “socks and sandals” have been a growing trend among fashion culture enthusiasts and a trend that benefits from sneaker sandals.

It’s always good to have versatility and diversity in your collection. Expensive and cheap, chunky and lightweight, beaters and grails, you want to have decisions and sneaker sandals are a cheap (depending on what you go for) way to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Slip-on shoes good for walking?

While there are plenty of slip-on shoes on the market, not all of them are made for walking. When searching for the perfect pair of slip-on sneakers, it’s important to look for options with cushioned insoles, a snug fit, and sufficient shock absorption.

Why are Yeezy Slides so comfortable?

The Yeezy slides owe their comfy feel to lightweight EVA foam. Once you have them on, you will feel your midfoot and wide foot sinking in. These rubber slip-ons are like marshmallows to your feet. Conventional slides flap and become irritating when you move with them.

Are Yeezy Slides legit?

If you buy Yeezy Slides directly from Adidas/Yeezy, you can be guaranteed that your Slides will be legit. You should be aware of secondary markets as some sites are flooded with fakes, you can usually tell by the price they are asking, especially if it’s below retail value. GOAT and Flight Club always legit check their pairs before sending them to the buyer.

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