Bo Jackson is one of the most talented athletes to ever come out of the United States due to being an All-Star in 2 different sports. Today, we commemorate his achievements by going through the most profitable Bo Jackson sneakers for reselling.

Unlike a lot of high-end or super-limited sneakers, Bo Jackson shoes do not retail for a lot and are comparable in price to the 070172" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Nike Dunks. However, they sell out very quickly as his fans from baseball and football alike are highly interested in grabbing a pair.

Bo Jackson

Apart from them, resellers are also aware of the profitability of his shoe line and use all the tools at their disposal to grab a pair. Today, we go through some of the most profitable bo-Jackson sneakers to ever release!

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Before we go into the sneaker releases of Bo Jackson, let me walk you over a bit of history.

Bo Jackson’s History With Nike

Most Popular Bo Jackson sneakers For Sale On The Secondary Market
Most Popular Bo Jackson Shoes For Sale On The Secondary Market

World champions and all-time record breakers in professional sports are among Nike’s illustrious list of brand athletes, but the person widely regarded as the godfather of the brand’s most spectacular category is neither.

Bo Jackson is a two-sport professional athlete who dominated on the football field and baseball pitch. He promoted Nike Training’s focus on balancing speed and power. He was the ideal spokesperson for Nike’s emerging Cross Training emphasis because of his legendary skill and unrelenting training program.

With his assistance, the Training category was elevated to the fore, and in the early 1990s, it came to symbolize the Swoosh brand.

The “Bo Knows” campaign, which featured Auburn alums participating in a variety of sports, quickly became a pop cultural sensation.

The renowned Air Trainer shoe line served as the platform to spread the message to its customers as Nike Training grew with Bo’s ascent in popularity, and together, they forged an enduring partnership.

Who better to represent it than the guy who accomplished the same on a professional level? The shoes were, in fact, designed to meet the demands of the daily athlete who wants personalized assistance for a variety of activities at the gym or outdoors.

However, the Air Trainer series proved very popular with both designers and athletes of all skill levels (aka the early sneakerheads).

The Air Trainer 1 was followed by a number of variants, including the Air Trainer SC High and Air Trainer Max. Although Bo’s name was never formally tied to these shoes, we can all thank him and his unrelenting training routine for the category’s inception and continuation.

Bo Jackson was like a superhero who could do anything he wanted.

 He was so talented at football and baseball that he decided to play both professionally simultaneously. Which, in our opinion, is amazing but not entirely unheard of.  

Consider Bo, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1985 and went on to play in the 1989 MLB All-Star Game as an outfielder, and the 1990 NFL Pro Bowl as a running back.

The only cat in history to have participated in both sports’ All-Star Games. He played another top-tier professional sport during the off-season.

Not only did he beat a lot of players dominantly in every game, but he also performed athletic feats of epic proportions while sitting on the bench.

Overcoming whole defenses to score touchdowns for the Raiders and scaling walls to steal home runs for the Royals.

Jackson often experienced situations that, if the internet had existed, would have shattered the news.

At the height of his fame in 1990, an ABC 20/20 broadcast said that Bo had become “the most recognizable and sought-after athlete ambassador today” as a result of his “extraordinary two-sport career.”.

The kind folks at the Swoosh were also no fools. As absurd as it may appear today, Nike was Reebok’s rival for second place in the mid-1980s shoe market. Additionally, cross-training footwear was nonexistent before Bo.

Jackson was an obvious choice to head Nike’s venture into cross-training, given his crazy work ethic and training routine.

It doesn’t matter that he wouldn’t step foot in these sneakers for even one MLB at-bat or a single NFL down (although he was so good, he could have played in Yeezy Slides and probably still beat everyone).

It was the ideal combination of a great athlete and memorable advertising when Nike produced the renowned “Bo Knows” ads in the late 1980s.

It was appropriate that the first “Bo Knows” commercial debuted during the 1989 MLB All-Star Game, after Bo’s first-inning home run and before he subsequently won the game’s MVP award.

It’s a catchphrase that’s so effective that it entered pop culture and is still used often today.

Nike was the sole innovator of cross-training as a category, with Bo serving as the face of the campaign.

Nike instantly controlled 80% of the cross-training shoe industry as soon as the sneakers reached retailer shelves—we’re talking instant masterpieces like the Air Trainer 1 and Air Trainer SC.

Nike quickly became the dominant force in the sneaker industry, largely due to the contributions of Jackson and a respectable basketball player by the name of Michael Jordan. Sure, Jordan and his shoes had more enduring appeal, but Bo’s shoes made appearances in Spike Lee films and even on The Simpsons.

Nike’s key marketing strategy for the 1990s was cross-training as it seized market share by positioning itself as an all-around athletic performance brand.

With Bo Jackson’s endorsement, marketing an all-purpose shoe to the public was made much simpler. Bo Jackson is still considered a legendary two-sport athlete.

Now that you have an idea of how special of an athlete he was let’s get into some of his best sneakers.

Nike Air Trainer SC High Bo Jackson Raiders

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Average Resell: $600
  • Release Date: Thursday, September 20th, 2012
  • Style Code: 302346-013
Nike Air Trainer SC High Bo Jackson Raiders Side View - Image Via StockX
Nike Air Trainer SC High Bo Jackson Raiders Side View – Image Via StockX

One of Trainer SC High’s most well-liked colors from the year 2012 is this pair of shoes. The Bo Jackson Raiders Nike Air Trainer SC High has a perforated leather top for ventilation, a black outsole that extends all the way to the toe, and a black midsole that encircles the visible air on the heel.

The midsole of this shoe is completely medium grey, and it continues up through the top.

The design is finished off with black leather on the swoosh and metallic silver eyelets. This shoe has a black mesh midsole with black laces extending over the tongue, metallic silver with black embossed Nike branding.

One of the greatest Bo Jackson shoes is the Nike Air Trainer SC High Bo Jackson Raiders, which is still the most popular Trainer SC model. On the StockX market, this shoe is now worth over $500 on average. 

However, when checking recently, there are no more of them on StockX, perhaps due to a shortage or people not wanting to sell them at all, which means they will likely rise in value over the years.

On GOAT, however, these sneakers are worth north of $600 per pair for most sizes which have yielded resellers massive profits.

In 2022, Nike re-released these colorways; however, due to not being original, they do not have the same appeal and resell for close to the retail prices.

Air Trainer Max 91 ‘Bo Jackson’

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Estimated Resell: $600
  • Release Date: Friday, January 1st, 2010
  • Colorway: Grey Stone/Mdm Yllw-Blk-White
  • Style Code: 309748 002
Air Trainer Max 91 Bo Jackson Side View - Image Via Flight Club
Air Trainer Max 91 Bo Jackson Side View – Image Via Flight Club

In 2010, Nike debuted the Nike Air Trainer Max 91. They had a waffle-patterned rubber outsole, an Air Max unit in the heel, and a detachable instep cross strap for support.

The majority of this shoe, including the tongue, top, toe cap, and laces, were coated with grey. The Nike on the collar and Swoosh are coated in yellow to complete the appearance of this shoe.

Air Trainer Max 91 is one of the nicest pairs of Bo Jackson shoes and is featured on GOAT with a minimum resale price of $550 and a maximum resell price of $5,879 for size 9.5. These shoes are a wise choice since they will appreciate in value over time.

Air Trainer SC High Bo Jackson ‘Auburn’

  • Retail Price: $130
  • Estimated Resell: $450
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Colorway: White/Light Zen Grey
  • Style Code: 302346 106
Air Trainer SC Bo Jackson 'Auburn' Side View - Image Via GOAT
Air Trainer SC Bo Jackson ‘Auburn’ Side View – Image Via GOAT

Tinker Hatfield created an Air Trainer in the Auburn color scheme. The Nike Air Trainer SC Bo Jackson is a significant improvement over the earlier designs. You’ll notice straight away that this shoe’s shape is devoid of the strap.

The shoe has a leather top that is perforated for ventilation and a newly designed counter that gives more ankle support. This pair of shoes has a waffle-inspired trainer outsole, a polyurethane midsole, and visible unit air in the heel. This shoe is made of a combination of synthetic and leather materials.

One of the greatest Bo Jackson shoes is this Air Trainer SC High, for sure. It is priced at $150 for size 9 and $750 for size 12 on the GOAT website. The GOAT website also lists a different pair of Air Trainer SC Bo Jackson “Auburn” shoes in the 2009, 2013, and 2017 editions.
The older the edition, the more valuable the sneakers are, and chances are, these will also appreciate with time so although I do not recommend buying them now, if you have a pair, I recommend holding them.

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