Selling sneakers for cash can be a great way to ensure safety and end up pocketing more, but it has its risks. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from selling for cash and stay safe while doing it!

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In this article, we̵7;ll be discussing the best sneaker stores that you can go to to buy and sell your sneakers!

Why Would You Want Cash?

As they say, cash is king. But why? Well, if you’re selling for cash, that means you’re actually meeting up with a buyer. I would very highly NOT recommend ever receiving cash through the mail for sneakers, the risks are endless. If you’re meeting up with a buyer, you get more security. You’re able to make sure you get the full amount you are owed, and they can see the sneakers. Cash gives you security, and that’s extremely important as a reseller. Cash also doesn’t have any extra fees. No shipping fees or cashout fees, the money you receive is the money you can use. This also makes it easier as a seller, because tracking profits have fewer variables to worry about.

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How to Find Buyers for Cash


While many people think of eBay as a buying site (and it very much is), eBay is a great place to find buyers for in-person deals. There is a specific setting in eBay that you can set for “Local Pickup” and that means the buyer will come to a house/a location you choose.

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If you ask me, Instagram is the best way to find local buyers who will pay cash for your kicks. You can find other local resellers and join locational groups to find buyers near you. While cash is becoming more obsolete and online transactions are on the rise, most buyers on Instagram would be totally fine with using cash. If cash is strictly the way you are looking to go, I would recommend using Instagram and your own personal connections. Cash nowadays is an extra hassle, and people who you know well are going to be fine with putting in that extra bit of work.

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Alternatives to Cash

As said before, cash is becoming more and more obsolete. You can lose it, it can get stolen, and it takes up space. Technology such as Venmo, Cashapp, and Zelle is changing the game and making it more efficient to buy and sell sneakers every single day. While cash may be cheaper and provide some security to some people, the reality is the world is shifting and so should your reselling level. Keep tuning in to SFS articles to learn how you can keep up and continue leveling up!

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How Sneaker Flippers Can Help You

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Jimmy McPherson

Jimmy McPherson

Jimmy is the former founder of Midwest Soles, a sneaker and streetwear reselling company. He's a current business student with a continued passion for sneakers and sneaker reselling.


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