Everyone, and even their dog, is familiar with Nike SB and its dominance in sneaker reselling and leisure wear through the Nike SB line and its less popular counterpart, the Nike SB Blazer. Today, we assess the popular releases of Nike SB and Adidas Skate shoes to determine the superior option.

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Before comparing the two, let’s delve into their history, evaluating their cultural significance and exploring some popular models, starting with Adidas Skate shoes.

Adidas Skate Shoes History

Thinking about Adidas Skateboarding may not evoke immediate excitement, as the renowned brand is now more associated with a monopoly in the athleisure industry. Yet, the connection between the skating subgenre and Adidas skateboarding shoes has a substantial history.

Despite not being highly visible, Adidas’ involvement in the counterculture sport dates back to a crucial period. In 1989, Adidas faced a turning point, triggered by the mysterious disappearance of Horst Dassler two years prior. This led to significant financial challenges, and the brand, once a pioneer in athlete-first design, lost its direction, resulting in a decline in overall product quality and sales.

The subculture of skateboarding thrived on challenging the status quo. It was difficult to promote apparel to skateboarders as a large company with a corporate image. Adidas’ responses to this situation underscored the significance of their shift in direction.

A New Era

In 1989, the company dedicated a segment of its brand specifically to skateboarding, marking a notable shift. However, Adidas didn’t initially aim to “enter” the sport; instead, it encouraged influential community members to actively engage.

Recognizable names now linked with the brand include Mark Gonzalez, a legend beyond athletics. Dennis Busenitz has long been a skateboard sensation, known for his elusive pranks captured on video.

Among the recent additions is Nora Vasconcellos, the brand’s first female rider, who has achieved global recognition. An integral part of this initiative is team manager Paul “Skin” Phillips, chosen by Adidas for his expertise and passion, guiding their ongoing expansion in skateboarding projects.

Phillips contributes to the business with his well-known expertise in both skating and photography. Another crucial aspect that supports Adidas Skateboarding’s objective is marketing and storytelling.

As skateboarding became a part of the brand’s refocusing on athlete-centric roots, it aligned with the Three Stripes’ direction. Adidas had already established itself in the sport before seeing the fruition of its persistent efforts.

Today, while the brand is rooted in various sports, it also releases sneakers and apparel for the skating niche, though perhaps not as widely popular as Nike’s SB line. Let’s explore a few intriguing products from Adidas’ SB division.

List of Adidas Skate shoes

Adidas Experiment 2 Triple Black

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Average Resell: $106
  • Release Date: 08/13/2022
  • Style Code: GX4493
Adidas Experiment 2 Triple Black
Adidas Experiment 2 Triple Black

After launching Experiment 1 in “Dust Sand” in 2021, Adidas and Fucking Awesome (FA) have teamed up once again to offer Experiment 2 in “Triple Black.” FA and Adidas Skateboarding have granted Experiment 2 from 2021’s thin, leather-covered design an all-black update as part of their ongoing cooperation.

Creator Jason Dill drew inspiration from old skate shoes for the most current version, fusing the past and present. The “Triple Black” model has a black leather upper, rubber sole, and textile inner with a gold Adidas Originals emblem on the heel branding.

Notably, this pair’s co-branding avoids utilizing foul language on the surface by employing a simple “FA” on the tongue along with other national flags. A maroon, terry-lined sock liner, however, is repeatedly embossed with the word “Fucking Awesome.” The backup laces complement this shade of red if the standard black is too light.

Despite being stylish and valuable, these shoes shouldn’t be resold since they have no market worth and have even been offered at a discount.

Adidas Busenitz Savannah

  • Retail Price: $80
  • Average Resell: $170
  • Style Code: EF8465
Adidas Busenitz Savannah
Adidas Busenitz Savannah

Although the Adidas Busenitz ranks among the top skateboarding shoes, it lacks the widespread recognition of Nike Dunks.

Featuring soft yellow side stripes and ventilations beneath the logo on each side, they boast a light tan suede upper. The tongues bear the “Adidas” brand, and the design is finished with white midsoles and outsoles. On the resale market, they’ve exchanged hands for over double their original cost. Despite this, their overall sales remain low, and they haven’t quite achieved mainstream status.

Adidas Superstar ADV Kader Sylla Dark Purple

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell: $170
  • Release Date: 11/12/2022
  • Style Code: HP8865
Adidas Superstar ADV Kader Sylla Dark Purple
Adidas Superstar ADV Kader Sylla Dark Purple

Superstars, like regular Dunks, find use in skateboarding throughout the USA. Despite the end of Adidas’ collaboration with Ye, the German sportswear corporation remains active in significant projects. The Three Stripes, for new product launches, has partnered with companies like Palace and Pixar. Currently, the company is evaluating its relationship with renowned skater Kader Sylla within its skateboarding branch.

Following a previous collaboration, Sylla and Adidas have reteamed to craft a second hue for the Adidas Superstar ADV. Opting for a bold purple shade on shaggy suede side panels and rubber toe caps, Sylla departs from the concealed concept in his original proposal. “I’m excited about this release since it appears bigger than the last,” says Sylla.

Referring to the launch, Kader notes, “I tried to do a color that others aren’t doing much of—there aren’t many purple shoes on the market.”

Details like tongue banners, the Kader logo next to the stripes, heel Trefoil emblems, and lace dubrae contribute to the shoe’s lavish gold accents. Though not highly profitable on the secondary market, these shoes, initially priced at $100, could have yielded substantial profits if purchased at retail.

Now, let’s explore the rich history of Nike SB!

Nike SB History and Cultural Value

In the 1980s, skateboarding was a new phenomenon, resulting in a shortage of specialized shoes for the sport. Nike basketball sneakers gained popularity among skateboarders for their durability and flat soles.

Nike entered the skateboard industry in 1996 when skateboarding was a small subculture with a negative view of corporate brands. Despite Nike’s less attractive and less functional sneakers at the time, team rider Bam Margera improvised by attaching side Nike logos to és accels.

In 2000, Nike’s second skateboard campaign began with the acquisition of the Savier brand. Members of the squad, including Brad Staba and Stefan Janoski, later joined Nike SB.

Different Era Boxes Of Nike SB Sneakers
nike sb
Different Era Boxes Of Nike SB Sneakers

A third effort by Nike in the skateboarding market was led by Sandy Bodecker in response to the sport’s best interests. Bodecker, known for leaving bold remarks as a shoe tester, emphasized authenticity and drew inspiration from Nike’s skateboarding history.

Bodecker aimed to revive the Dunk, collaborating with prominent skateboard businesses and releasing custom Dunks for athletes in March 2002. Successful collaborations, like the Nike SB x Supreme Dunks in 2002, further established Nike SB’s presence.

While only 500 pairs of the Supreme collaboration were produced, they became highly valuable. Nike continues to dominate with hyped releases, showcasing its competitive position against Adidas SB.

List of Nike SB Dunk Shoes

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low Purple Lobster

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell: $1,000+
  • Release Date: Friday, December 14th, 2018
  • Style Code: BV1310-555
Concepts X Nike SB Dunk Low Purple Lobster
Concepts X Nike SB Dunk Low Purple Lobster

Launched in 2018, these shoes pay tribute to the 2008 debut of the OG Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Lobster, one of the current priciest Nike SB Dunks.

They now command over $2,000 on the secondary market. The Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low Purple Lobster features paler purple speckles on the toes, eye stays, and heel overlays, with deeper leather on perforated toe boxes, collar underlays, and side panels.

White laces adorn matching necks, while purple logos and tags contrast with mesh-crafted cushioned tongues. Picnic print sock liners and white “Nike” embroidery on heel tabs add distinctive touches. Notably, the side swooshes boast a royal plum hue, complemented by jet-black midsoles and purple outsoles.

Anticipatedly, these shoes carry a high secondary market value, with platforms like StockX showing an average selling price exceeding $1,000.

Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Peak Resell: $300+
  • Release Date: 01/23/2021 
  • Style Code: BQ6817-500
Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple
Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple

The Nike SB Dunk Low Court Purple showcases a color palette reminiscent of the Air Jordan 1 Black Toe, combining white, black, and purple elements. Smooth black leather adorns the toes, heels, and eye stays, contrasting with crisp white leather on the toe boxes and side panels.

Adding a touch of uniqueness, black lateral Swooshes and Court Purple quarter panels stand out. The design is finished with white midsoles and purple outsoles. Notably, these shoes proved highly lucrative, boasting an average resale value of $280 and a profit margin of $180.


Although the actual performance may be comparable, it is also pretty subjective, and I believe most people would side with Nike SB simply due to its name.

However, Adidas SB also has its own cult following that would beg to differ.

Overall, it is up to the wearer to decide, but when it comes to general hype, color choices, collaborations, and resale, the three stripes cannot touch Nike SB.

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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